Can I be a full-stack developer in 1 month?

Learning web development skills to become a Full-stack developer is an ideal choice. So you will need to master both front end and back end development skills.

You will have a long way to go as a Fullstack developer, but learning is possible within 1 month. With all your heart and interest, you can become a successful Fullstack developer in just 45days.

You can apply to software engineering jobs and also web development jobs with the knowledge in both front end and back end.

Are you ready to become a Fullstack developer? Just read this article. You can definitely achieve your dream in (1 month) by following this roadmap.

Here are our 7 steps to becoming a Fullstack developer in 1 month

1. Know about Full-stack

The first step is to know what Fullstack is. A Fullstack developer works in both frontend and back end development of the website. They are termed as Fullstack because of knowledge in HTML, JavaScript, and CSS. As they can work from end to end process in building an app or website.

The students most of the time question the way to crack a nutshell of the Fullstack developer course in 1 month. Here are some of our student’s questions,

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The “full-stack developer” is a programmer who has knowledge in front end (related to things that users view on screen) and then back end (the terms behind the screen) in apps or websites.

The term is simple, full-stack developers work on both programming roles so he can be related to software engineering. But not all software engineers who work on creating apps were called Fullstack developers.

2. Decide your goal

You may hear people saying Fullstack developer is not a fascinating job and tech companies don’t need Fullstack developers all the time. So you might be thinking about whether or not to choose the career. Here are the pros and cons of full-stack.

Pros of Full Stack developer

  • You get easily hired in a startup or small company that has few developers.
  • Full-stack developers can handle both front end developers and back end developers job hassle-free.
  • They can work on all the development needs from end to end.

Cons of Full Stack developer

  • Some companies think that full-stack developers should have specialized everything.
  • Proper prioritization of projects
  • The difficulty of the role, as you will be dealing with front end and back end. The companies will be engaging you with work.

3. Front end and Back end developers skills

If you are a beginner and want to start learning, learn these web development skills for a Fullstack developer job. They are:

  • JavaScript libraries and frameworks (jQuery, React JS)
  • Version control/Git
  • Responsive/Mobile

Programming language to learn are,

  • HTML
  • CSS
  • JavaScript

If you’re already a front-end developer and want to kickstart your career as a Fullstack developer then it’s easy for you by learning Backend development and it’s vice versa.

4. Learn programming languages and web development skills

So from the above points, you know what skills you need to become a Fullstack developer. Then you will get a question of whether it’s possible to learn in 45 days? Yes, it’s possible and you can even get a job right after the course completion.

We have designed the course structure ideal for beginners and anyone can learn without prior knowledge in just 1 month (2 hours per day classes is more than enough) with our practical course.

You will get your first client in the course period itself, and you can use this project as a portfolio in your job applications.

Our expert mentors can guide you with the web development course by using practical projects.

Our Fullstack developer course is set to learn all the skills in 1 month. We assure you that you can become a Fullstack developer within this season.

5. Build your Portfolio

Every web developer (front end, back end, or full-stack) should create an online portfolio that exhibits their potential designing skills.

As a beginner, this will help you to develop more development skills and also you can get more offers. At Zuan Education, we help students working on the demo site and you can use this as your project portfolio.

Our teaching is more practical and you will learn by mock projects that help you to handle all your client needs beforehand. Mock or real, your portfolio will make you stand out in the crowd and get placements as you wish.

6. Full stack developer jobs

There are various platforms for applying to Fullstack developer jobs. We also offer 100% placements in our Fullstack developer training institute in Chennai. Also, you can even become a freelancer or Fulltime Fullstack developer by applying in online job portals like,

  • PlacementIndia
  • TimesJobs
  • Naukri
  • LinkedIn
  • Indeed
  • Glassdoor

Full Stack developer job titles

Keep note of this while searching for a full-stack developer job, usually, you will have openings with these titles. Sometimes you have to read job descriptions clearly because titles will not be related to Fullstack.

But all the requirements and work will need development skills. To find the perfect role for you, here is the list of job titles.

  • Junior Full Stack Developer
  • Full-Stack Developer
  • Full Stack Engineer
  • Software Development Engineer
  • Full-Stack Software Engineer
  • API Engineer

The Full-Stack Developer salary in India is INR 3,75,000 (per annum) on an average for entry-level jobs. The pay scale increases with years of experience and expert knowledge in the industry.

7. Full Stack developer Interview

Whether you’re attending a job interview for a full-time Fullstack developer job or freelance job for land clients. You need to prepare for your interview with the following practices,

1. Prepare for Technical Interview questions

For any technical related job interview, prepare, or do a mock interview with mostly asked questions from the employer. You can find technical questions and answers on the internet.

Here’s our article related to technical questions for web development Job Interviews.

2. Talk about your specialties

As a Fullstack developer, you should handle all the web development process, but you can surely showcase your interest and specialties.

Your interviewer might check you whether you got interested in the Front end or back end. Don’t hesitate to share your strength or favorite elements in both or either one. You can always showcase your interest and proof of how you excel in your role.

Bottom line

Full Stack Developers are getting hired in large and startup companies and you are in a place of high-performance projects. With ample jobs and high salary opportunities. 

At Zuan Education, we have efficient training by industry experts. Our trainers have 8+ years of real-time experience in software development.

We provide placement assistance and certification in Full Stack Development to boost your career in the IT industry. 

Enroll today, best wishes.

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