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Six Sigma Training In Chennai

Six Sigma Training

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The benefits of a Six Sigma certification are numerous. Zuan lets you reap most of it.

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Six Sigma Training

Six Sigma training for graduates and professionals by Zuan Education is well designed to meet the industry standards. We offer the best Six Sigma training in Chennai, imparting knowledge which is both accurate and relevant to all candidates. Our experienced trainers maintain quality coaching and deliver positive guidance. Undergo our Six Sigma training to gain career growth.

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Key Features

100% Job-Oriented Training
Industry Expert Faculty
Customized Six Sigma Syllabus
One-On-One Coaching
Best Fees Structure and Packages
Doubt Clear Sessions
Free Demo Classes
Completed 500+ Batches
Placement Assistance
Certified Faculty with hands-on experience

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About Six Sigma Course

Six Sigma Training

Six Sigma training is for those professionals who wish to master various processes such as design, control, measure, and analysis in the field of management. The primary goal of the Six Sigma certification course is to validate individuals who possess the skills to identify errors or defects in a business process and eliminate them. To get a six sigma certification, one has to get trained in six sigma principles, methods, and fundamentals from a reliable institution and pass the certification test.

In-depth Learning Of Six Sigma Course From Zuan Education

  • Project selection
  • Steps and roles in Six Sigma implementation
  • Defect measuring/defect prevention
  • OPE
  • Minitab Software
  • Six Sigma Methodology of DMAIC-- Define, Measure, Analyze, Improve and Control

Why Choose Zuan Education?

  • Six Sigma training at Zuan teaches you the techniques to cut costs, increase revenue, and improve the efficiency of the business process.
  • Zuan instills in you a clear understanding of measuring financial advantages from executing any of the Six Sigma projects.
  • At Zuan, you will be taught the different methods to streamline business processes, improve employee acceptance, reduce costs, and increase revenue.
  • Zuan offers the Six Sigma training in various skill levels. The Six Sigma belts are as follows: Yellow Belt, Green Belt, Black Belt, and Master Black Belt.
  • Certifications obtained through accreditation body of American Society for Quality (ASQ).

What To Expect?

  • In-depth learning of Six Sigma
  • Job-oriented training
  • Given a platform to interact with Industry experts
  • A professional approach to the course
  • A well-designed Six Sigma Course syllabus that keeps up with the current trends in the field.
  • Trainers with good teaching record
  • A practical approach and interactive sessions
  • Zuan lets you gain sufficient exposure in the field through several projects and case studies
  • You will gain both the Six Sigma training and placement assistance
  • Rare textual materials exclusively for our candidates

Why Should You Do A Six Sigma Course?

As Six Sigma is a methodology used to improve business processes by utilizing statistical analysis rather than guesswork, a number of industries have implemented it to achieve profitability while increasing customer satisfaction. Doing Six Sigma course can make your business more profitable. According to a survey carried out by indeed.com, Six Sigma certified professionals are among the highest-paid professionals globally. Because financial management and risk assessment are highly desirable skills for middle and top-level management, certified Six Sigma professionals stand a very good chance of rising to senior managerial positions.

What is Six Sigma?

Six Sigma is one of the important methods of IT service management. It is a set of techniques and tools to improve the quality of the output of a process by identifying and removing the causes of defects and minimizing variability in manufacturing and business processes. Six Sigma's focus is on eliminating defects and reducing variability. It is also a customer-driven quality-control program. From retaining customers, helping employees effectively in time management, reducing cycle time in processes, to effective strategic planning and supply chain management, Six Sigma is beneficial in several ways.

Jobs You Will Land In After Doing The Six Sigma Course

  • Reliability engineer
  • Operating system specialist
  • Lead manufacturing engineer
  • Warehouse operations manager
  • Project engineer
  • Compliance structural engineer
  • Quality Managers
  • Project PMO
  • Professionals in Project Roles
  • Professionals in the Operation process
  • And more...

The Career Options and the Future Of Six Sigma

  • Six Sigma techniques are applied in several fields ranging from aerospace, electronics, telecom, banking and financial services, IT, HR, and marketing. Hence, the opportunities are more.
  • Several top organizations like Amazon.com, Boeing, Dell, and Wipro use Six Sigma tools to help them complete projects successfully, improve productivity, and also to reduce waste and unnecessary cost in businesses.
  • Having realized the enormous role Six Sigma can play in their organization, many organizations have started incorporating this practice in their processes.
  • Statistics show that the demand for qualified and certified professionals have increased and that it is likely to do so in the future.
  • According to an article on Simplilearn, “it is estimated that certified Six Sigma professionals have an advantage of more than $ 15,000 hike in their salary when compared to their non-certified peers. On an annual basis, this amounts to over $ 165,000!”
  • As the benefits of Six Sigma are immense and as the organizations adopting Six Sigma are on the rise, the demand for certified professionals is on the rise too.

Who Can Attend Our Six Sigma training in Chennai?

Six Sigma Certification can be done by anyone with the basic knowledge of Computers and English.

  • Any Graduate / Diploma / ITI Course
  • Computer Skills and Internet Knowledge
  • Basic Communication Skills
  • Freshers and College students - irrespective of educational background
  • Entrepreneurs and business people
  • IT Professionals
  • And those who are passionate about learning Six Sigma
  • Well-Structured and Industry-Relevant Course Curriculum
  • Qualified Faculty Members
  • Exposure to Live Projects
  • Periodic Evaluation and Feedback
  • Placement Assistance on Successful Completion
  • We conduct classes both on weekdays and weekends with flexible timings.
Contact Office:
  • Phone : 044 43 53 4999
  • Mobile : 9025 500 600
  • Email : admission@zuaneducation.com
  • Location: New No. 61, 2nd Floor, Arcot Road, Kodambakkam, Chennai


Zuan has a good placement cell committed to assisting our candidates. At the successful completion of the course, we will help you to get placed in top firms. Experience a career-growth by undergoing Zuan’s Six Sigma training in Chennai.

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