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80% Salary Hike: Learning Magento 2021 [Stat Reports]


Are you a beginner and enthusiastic to enter into the vast world of Magento but don’t know how to start?

We know that the platform can be complex from outside, whether you’re a developer, merchant, or a marketer who needs a salary hike or huge returns.

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The Growing E-Commerce Career Opportunities for Students after Lockdown!

ecommerce career opportunities

We all know, in recent times, the e-commerce industry in India is riding the wave of popularity. However, after the novel coronavirus outbreak, the e-commerce industry has instantly increased the economy of the world by leaps and bounds. As many of them started to purchase from online platforms and place their orders online to avoid crowds. On top of all this, the E-commerce sector has opened many doors in terms of career and job opportunities for students after lockdown. That’s why I have written an article for students to make a successful career in E-commerce which is now booming and expanding at a larger rate.

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5 Fast and Easy Ways to Learn Magento Development for Freshers!

easy ways to learn magento development for Freshers to become an Expert Magento Developer

Do you have a passion to build user-friendly e-commerce websites with Magento? At the same time, are you new to learn Magento?  Don’t panic, because I have developed the 5 Fast and easy ways to learn Magento Development for freshers like you to become an expert Magento developer. This helps you quit your 9-5 job and entice you to start a potential Magento Developer career.

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