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Software Testing

After This Pandemic End, What Is The Best Careers For Freshers So Famous?

3 Must-Have Software Testing Skills to Become a Professional QA Engineer!

Software Testing Skills

Software Testing is not what you have thought a decade ago. In the last few years, it has evolved completely and has opened a gate to face new challenges. Therefore, it is essential to have the below Software testing skills to name yourself as a professional QA engineer.

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How Learning Software Testing Course Changed My Life- Zuan Education Review!

How learning software testing course changed my life

Nowadays a lot of people who pass out of engineering and science colleges are interested in taking Software Testing as their career and I am one of them. My Name is Saradha Routh and I am from Chennai. Becoming a manual tester was something entirely new to me when I joined Zuan Education back in May 2019.

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Software Testing Interview Questions and Answers 2020

Why to choose Zuan Education to Learn Software Testing course in Chennai!

How To Choose The Best Software Testing Training Institute? (8+ Ultimate Tips that actually workout)

How to choose the best software testing training institute

Hello! I hope you decided to start your career as a Software Tester– which is an extremely sought-after position in the tech industry. But confused about selecting a good software testing institute to learn? which is always a tough task for new beginners like you. Don’t get stressed, excitingly I am here to provide you some ultimate 8+ tips on how to choose the Best Software Testing Training Institute, not only here but anywhere in India.

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What Is Software Testing Life Cycle

Let us begin by answering two questions. What is Software Testing? and Why do we need Software Testing?


Let’s see the answer for the first question- What is Software Testing? To put it simply, Software Testing is the process of running a program or application in order to detect software bugs.
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Best Websites to Learn Software Testing Online

Best Websites to Learn Software Testing Online

In an age of software development, testing the software for their supreme quality and standards is of prime importance. While skilled professionals do this job, in order to fulfill the mandate of excellence in quality assurance of the software, companies drive huge resources to create a benchmark. Let’s us see about software testing and the best websites to learn software testing online.
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How to Build a Career in Software Testing

How to Start a Career in Software Testing

Software Testing is an extremely sought-after position in the tech industry. If you are an IT professional seeking for a role change, a recent graduate looking to kick-start your career in a rapidly evolving industry, working in Software Testing can be a life-changing and fulfilling experience.
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