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HTML5 Training Course

HTML5 Training Course

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HTML5 Training

The core of the web is HTML and CSS. HTML 5 is an advanced field. So, if you want to become an experienced web developer or designer, learn HTML (Hypertext Markup Language). This language is the most common, and it is used to build regular web pages. Therefore, it is easy and quick to make it work on cross browsers. That is on the desktop and mobile devices.

The essentials of HTML5 and CSS3 are not hard to learn. Our HTML5 training course restores both HTML4 and XHTML. This language helps to develop an entire structured layout. It is an open source, so, anyone can create anything for the web and begin their project without examining on the license. Also, it is an independent language. Hence, it works with any browser and any OS. Join our web design course for an in-depth understanding of HTML5 responsive design technologies right from the scratch.

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Key Features

Course Duration - 60 hours
Live Project Training
100% Job Oriented Training
Industry Expert Faculties
Customized Syllabus
Individual Approach for Every Student
All Payment Mode Option
Doubt Clarification Session
Free Demo Class Available
Completed 400+ Batches

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HTML5 Course Syllabus

Understanding Web Concepts & Terminologies
  • Introduction to Web Technology & Web Editors
  • HTML5 / CSS3 / JavaScript - Introduction to the Core Concepts
  • Bootstrap / jQuery - Introduction to Frameworks
  • Whats New in HTML5?
  • HTML5 Doctype / HTML5 Document Structure
  • UTF-8 Character Encoding
  • HTML Character Entities
  • Head Tag and Elements inside the Head Tag
  • Meta Tags & What are they used for?
HTML Content / Media Tags
  • Creating a Website Project in HTML Editor
  • Introduction to CSS3 / Types of CSS and Significance
  • Paragraph Tags & Multiple Columns
  • Adding Basic Styles using HTML Attributes and CSS Styles
  • Importing External Fonts
  • Inserting Images & Image Attributes
  • Working with Image Sprites
  • Working with Links & Link Attributes / Link States using Pseudo Classes
HTML5 Semantic Tags
  • Understanding Document Outline in HTML5
  • HTML5 Semantic Tags
  • Semantic Elements for Document Outlining
  • Keypoints about Document Outlining
Media Queries
  • Media Queries Common Device Breakpoints
  • Meta Viewport Tag
  • Better Understanding the Grid System to Design Responsive Websites
  • Apply Media Queries Based on Viewport Sizes
  • Adjusting Layout Based on Orientation
CSS3 Flexbox
  • Flex Display Type
  • Order
  • Flex Direction
  • Flex Grow
  • Flex Wrap
  • Flex Shrink
  • Align Flex Content
CSS3 Animations
  • Keyframes & Animation Property
  • Animation Timing Functions
  • Animation Delay
  • Multi Step Transitions
  • Animation Iteration Count
  • Animation Direction
  • Cross Browser Animation Support
CSS3 Transforms
  • 2D Transforms
  • 3D Transforms
  • Perspective
  • 3D Transform Functions
  • Filp Cards
  • Backface Visibility
  • HTML5 Form Elements
  • HTML5 Form Attributes
  • HTML5 Form Validation Attributes
  • Patterns for Form Validation in HTML5
iFrames & Media Tags
  • Embedding Google Maps
  • Audio / Video Elements
  • Audio & Video Attributes
Mobile Framework
  • Introduction to Bootstrap
  • Working with CDN Links & Advantages
  • Bootstrap Grid Systems & Terminologies
  • Glyphicons & Font Awesome
  • Bootstrap Classes
  • Bootstrap Image Classes
Bootstrap Interactive Elements
  • Bootstrap Forms & Modals
  • Bootstrap Scrollspy
  • Bootstrap Navigation
  • Bootstrap Carousel

Javascript/jQuery Add-ons

30 hours 6,999
Understanding JavaScript
  • JavaScript Introduction & Role as Client Scripting Language
  • Variables, Loops & Control Statements
  • Arrays / Array Sorting Methods
  • Creating Functions / Working with JavaScript Inbuilt Functions
  • Scope
  • Closures
Document Object Model in JavaScript
  • Regular Expression
  • Form Validation
  • Events
  • DOM Methods
  • Manipulating HTML Elements using DOM
  • DOM Styling
  • Creating HTML Elements using DOM
  • Google Maps
  • Geolocation
  • Drag & Drop
Understanding jQuery Framework
  • jQuery Introduction
  • jQuery Effects
  • jQuery Animate Function
  • jQuery Chaining
  • jQuery Callback Functions
jQuery DOM Manipulation
  • Add Elements
  • Insert Elements
  • Remove Elements
  • Append Elements
  • Add Class
  • Toggle Class
  • Events Types & Event Handlers
  • Window Events
  • Form Events
  • Mouse Events
  • Keyboard Events

About HTML5 Course

HTML5 Training Course

This HTML5 course includes CSS3 and all the best practices of responsive web design. Since it is flexible to a broad range of devices, HTML 5 version has become a common markup language.

During this course, You can learn all the basic HTML & HTML5 tags which are the best practices for developing web pages and will help you build a responsive website design. If you complete our HTML5 Training course with projects and hands-on workouts, you will become an expert HTML5 designer.

Completing this course, we assure you that you'll do simple styling with CSS and be happy writing HTML. We created this HTML5 training from Basic to Expert level. Therefore if you are interested in learning HTML5, you can join one of the HTML5 training institutes in Chennai.

Our HTML 5 Trainers have

  • 8+ years of experience in HTML5 technologies
  • worked on various real-time HTML5 projects
  • worked with the top MNC companies in Chennai
  • completed 70+ batches
  • sound theoretical & practical knowledge of core concepts

Job openings in HTML 5

HTML5 training courses will guide you to get the job in a short period. All companies utilize HTML5 for developing own websites.

Since 2013, Responsive Web Design is one of the most sensitive issues in IT market. And, it is assumed to remain in need even for years to come. This thing could assist you to get your dream career with comfort.

What do we do at Zuan?

  • We offer the best HTML5 training in Chennai. And we take a full focus on real-time working samples on each session.
  • Our HTML5 training center provides a certification oriented HTML5 course in Chennai. And we make our trainees face all kind of interviews at the end of the course.
  • We give importance to industry needs.
  • We offer the availability of HTML5 training course in the classroom, online courses, and corporate training services.
  • Our HTML5 training institute will allow trainees to know all the new features. Those features will support site designers to build great websites in an apparent but strong way.

What can I Learn?

  • Completing the course, you can create developed HTML5 websites.
  • You can utilize features like drag and drop, geolocation and web storage to build the immiscible user experience.
  • You can learn to understand both HTML and CSS.
  • You can learn to produce web applications for mobile phones.

HTML5 Course Certification

A certification in HTML 5 and CSS 3 is the most important phase for beginners to show their expertise. HTML developers can earn this certificate to prove their skills in advanced HTML 5 technologies. Holding the certification of Zuan Education helps you to prove your success and boost your job opportunities as well.

Microsoft Certified Microsoft Certified
Zuan Education Certification Zuan Education Certification
W3school Certification W3school Certification
  • Must have HTML & CSS skills
  • programming knowledge
  • Web Designer, UI Developer
  • Web Developer
  • Well-Structured and Industry-Relevant Course Curriculum
  • Experienced and Dedicated Faculty Members
  • Exposure to Live Projects from Day One
  • Periodic Evaluation and Feedback
  • Placement Assistance on Successful Completion
  • 30 Days with Flexible Timing
  • 2 Hours/Day for Weekdays Batch
  • 4 Hours/Day for Weekend Batch
  • Live Instructor-led Online Training also available via Skype and Teamviewer
Contact Office:
  • Phone : 044 43 53 4999
  • Mobile : 9025 500 600
  • Email : admission@zuaneducation.com
  • Location: New No. 61, 2nd Floor, Arcot Road, Kodambakkam, Chennai

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We are the best HTML5 training institute to provide practical based training. We also offer 100% job assistance for trained candidates to get jobs in IT companies.