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How to SETUP New Site with WordPress – FULL PROCESS

Learn to build your new site with WordPress and explore the tricks to boost user experience and conversions.

It’s possible to create your own website with WordPress, it’s easy if you follow the guidelines in this article. You may think that only skilled web designers can do the job for you. 

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Is WordPress Developer Certifications Needed? |10 Facts & Benefits

The fact is developers don’t have certifications often and they will be working with their experience and knowledge in the desired field. But if you are a beginner and enthusiast to make a career, you need certifications.

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5 Women Centric Courses That Offer Great Career Opportunities

What are the Best WordPress Hosting Sites?

Best WordPress Hosting Sites

Now well, you are ready to choose from WordPress hosting sites. But, what criteria you have to compulsorily look for in choosing a WordPress site?

Go for these 6 inspections while selecting web hosting companies.

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The 10 WordPress Developer Skills You Need to Know

WordPress Developer Skills

WordPress is an open source website development technology. It is written in PHP and MySQL languages. WordPress is used by many small and big enterprises to develop websites. WordPress makes it easy for entrepreneurs to modify, change, edit or update the contents of their site in an effective way. Let’s we discuss WordPress developer key skills and how to become an expert WordPress developer.
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