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Recently Addicted to Youtube! and Shine as Professional Youtuber – Read This

YouTube evolution since 2005 is remarkable, from a simple video hosting to social media. YouTube has 30 million daily active users and 300 hours of videos get uploaded every minute.

The statistics won’t be shocking if you know that 5 billion videos people on an average watch on YouTube.

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5 Women Centric Courses That Offer Great Career Opportunities

Thinking of Becoming a Professional Youtuber during Lockdown? Here Are Some Smart Tips!

Become a Professional YouTuber

YouTube is becoming a leading social platform that has given wings to various artists in different genres.  Additionally, in 2020, there is an increase in video blogging culture, which has enticed many tech-savvy millennials or young adults to start a youtube channel and become a professional Youtuber. 

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