What are the Recent Trends in Web Development?

Recent Trends in Web Development

There has been an upsurge in the trends in web development during recent years. Advancements are made in the basic functional programming. Equally important, virtual reality has become the order of the day.

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What are the Best WordPress Hosting Sites?

Best WordPress Hosting Sites

Now well, you are ready to choose from WordPress hosting sites. But, what criteria you have to compulsorily look for in choosing a WordPress site?

Go for these 6 inspections while selecting web hosting companies.

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What Are The Best UX Design Tools?

Best UX Design Tools

You have many multi-platform UX and UI design tools. That especially works both on Mac and PC. These tools prove to be more helpful for web designers who want to create a good digital design.

This article has an explanatory note on various UX tools listed under different purpose categories. There are 6 categories in all, namely,

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What Are The Skills Required To Become A Full-Stack Developer?

Full Stack Developer

So, you want to know the full stack developer skills. On the other hand, businesses too love to hire full stack developers. Moreover, you know, that any trade has its own skills. Therefore, you cannot master the trade unless you master the skills.
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What Will Be The Upcoming Trends In Artificial Intelligence?

Trends in Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence (AI) is creating an impact on our everyday lives. Moreover, future artificial intelligence trends will make our personal lives much easier. However, it doesn’t stop in our homes.
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Key Benefits Of AngularJS You Should Know

Key Benefits Of AngularJS

First, just to brush you up on what is AngularJS and then we shall move on to the benefits of AngularJS.

AngularJS is an open source framework maintained by Google. It is used to address the challenges faced by developers while developing and testing code. It was originally developed in 2009 by Misko Hevery and Adam Abrons.
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What Is Software Testing Life Cycle

Let us begin by answering two questions. What is Software Testing? and Why do we need Software Testing?


Let’s see the answer for the first question- What is Software Testing? To put it simply, Software Testing is the process of running a program or application in order to detect software bugs.
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The Essential Benefits of Social Media Marketing You Should Know

benefits of social media marketing

Nowadays, Social media marketing is one of the most significant parts of marketing strategy. Businesses all over the world have realized that social media can contribute to their overall success and growth. Without a proper social media strategy, your time and efforts will face some lagging in your business goals. Furthermore, social media platforms are ideal for businesses as it needs the smallest financial investment.
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The Essential AngularJS Interview Questions and Answers You Need to Prepare

Nowadays, AngularJS developer role becomes one of the highest paid jobs. Also, the new AngularJS job opportunities are coming up in the industry. AngularJS is an open-source JavaScript framework which was built by Google. It is a structural framework for dynamic websites and web apps.
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Essential Content Marketing Skills That Every Marketer Need to Have

Top Content Marketing Skills That Every Marketer Need to Have

Nowadays, content marketing is one of the most in-demand skills and it consists of many different parts. According to the research, 91% of B2B companies and 86% of B2C companies using content marketing as a strategy. So, this is a clear example that there is a great demand for skilled content marketers.
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Front-End Developer Interview Questions and Answers 2018

Front-end development Interview Questions

In today’s technology world, a front-end developer should be tech-savvy and proficient to translate the client needs into the creative & interactive web applications. Now, most of the top MNC companies are looking to hire for front-end developer positions to build elegant, convenient, responsive & interactive interfaces over many devices. In general, most of the candidates get confused about which type of interview questions they have to prepare for a front-end development interview. It is quite simple to discover various practice questions, but it is hard to choose the right ones amongst them. Knowing the right questions is imperative for everyone to crack the front-end developer job interview.
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7 Steps to Become a UX Designer – The Essential Guide

How to Become a UX Designer

Are you interested in the world of UX design and pondering about how to become a UX designer but are doubtful how to get there? Don’t worry; In this article, we explained clearly about UX designing and what are the steps required to become a successful UX designer.
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How to Become a Full Stack Developer

full stack developer skills

Nowadays, Full stack developers are considered the jack of all trades of the tech world. They are the ones who have specific knowledge of each & every layer of software development. They are proficient in working with both front-end and back-end technologies and can become a prototype into a fully-functioning product. Besides, desired by employers everywhere, full-stack developers own a variety of both front-end & back-end skills.
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The Key Difference Between SEO and SEM


Are you getting confused in SEO and SEM, or baffling in choosing them for your business? Don’t worry; You are in the right place.

In this article, we are going to explain clearly what is the difference between SEO and SEM, which will suit your business, etc.
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The Ultimate Guide to WhatsApp Marketing

WhatsApp Marketing

Social media networks & messaging apps have switched the way of our communication. For businesses, it helps to reach their customers easily by using these technologies. WhatsApp is a cross-platform mobile app that empowers message exchange across various mobility platforms. It also offers a huge opportunity for marketers, letting instant customer service and highly targeted marketing. Besides, it has earned commercial importance amongst businesses mainly after its takeover by Facebook for a whopping $19 billion.
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The Essential Front-Developer Skills You Should Have

front-end developer skills

Nowadays, Front-End Developers are in great demand and they are holding a specific place in web development segment. As a front-end developer, there are some essential skills you require to well-trained & specialize on in order to land in a great job and be expert in your field.
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The 10 WordPress Developer Skills You Need to Know

WordPress Developer Skills

WordPress is an open source website development technology. It is written in PHP and MySQL languages. WordPress is used by many small and big enterprises to develop websites. WordPress makes it easy for entrepreneurs to modify, change, edit or update the contents of their site in an effective way. Let’s we discuss WordPress developer key skills and how to become an expert WordPress developer.
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Ten Benefits Of Web Designing That May Change Your Perspective

web designing benefits

Having a professionally developed internet site is not only helpful yet needed if you wish to stand apart among your competitors. In today’s technology age, people are not searching for you in phone books any longer. Potential clients are Googling you, searching your internet site for contact info, as well as comparing your site to competitors in order to establish who suits their demands the very best. Sadly not every entrepreneur sees the value in spending money to have a website professionally developed to show their business as well as individuality. Right here are a couple of factors on why it is beneficial to have a website built for you by an expert media company.
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Best Websites to Learn Software Testing Online

Best Websites to Learn Software Testing Online

In an age of software development, testing the software for their supreme quality and standards is of prime importance. While skilled professionals do this job, in order to fulfill the mandate of excellence in quality assurance of the software, companies drive huge resources to create a benchmark. Let’s us see about software testing and the best websites to learn software testing online.
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15 Essential Social Media Marketing Skills You Must Have to Be a Great Social Media Pro

Top 15 Social Media Marketing Skills You Must Know

Social media marketing caters to your marketing and branding targets through online social platforms by crafting persuasive and marketing-based contents. Many companies increasingly rely on social platforms to accelerate their business aspirations. Nowadays, it’s mandated to have social media marketing skills to succeed in this social media career.
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Oracle Interview Questions and Answers for Freshers & Experienced Candidates

Interview Questions and Answers

Oracle is a secured database that is broadly used in Indian & multinational companies. Although, the demand for Oracle developer is increasing and SQL-expertise is highly considered in the market. If you are looking for Oracle Interview Questions, this is the right place for you. We gathered some Oracle Interview Questions and answers for Freshers & Experienced candidates that will help you to crack the interview & get a dream career as Oracle Developer.
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Top 10 Software Testing Skills In-Demand 2018

Top 10 Software Testing Skills

Software testing is significant to the success of any software product. Efficient testing needs the expertise of talented software testers. Today, with the arrival of software, apps, the demand for experienced software testers has grown rapidly. Software Testing is a highly intellectual work. It also includes aspects of discovery, measurement, persuasion, control, communication, accounting & project management.
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Summer Courses 2018 – Registrations are Open at Zuan Education

summer course 2018 zuan education

Summer courses are the way to build up your academic qualifications and add extra skills to bridge the gap between difference phases of your professional career. By understanding the needs of the current IT sector, Zuan Education has come up with special summer courses for those who are looking for exciting learning opportunities to get ahead of their career.
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Top 20 Web Designer Interview Questions and Answers for 2018

Web Designer Interview Question & Answers

Here are some of the best web designer interview questions and answers for freshers and job seekers. Hope these questions and answers will help you crack your web designing interviews like never before. The main aim of this post is to make you aware of some latest web designing interview questions and answers that will update yourself with the latest trends and help you learn new things happening around today’s market.
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How to Build a Career in Software Testing

How to Start a Career in Software Testing

Software Testing is an extremely sought-after position in the tech industry. If you are an IT professional seeking for a role change, a recent graduate looking to kick-start your career in a rapidly evolving industry, working in Software Testing can be a life-changing and fulfilling experience.
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How to learn software testing? – Simple Guide

Learn Software Testing

Software Testing is one of the essential factors of IT Industry. The scope of testing would be great nowadays. Testing has produced various levels and standards and specialization. Multiple types of testing have raised the natural value of a software tester.
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4 Digital Marketing Skills in High Demand Right Now [2018]

Digital Marketing Skills 2018

Today we live in a digitalized world, So the growth of digital marketing is increased day by day. So Industries needs a Digital marketing Experts to improve marketing strategies for the business.  Particularly, Digital Marketing skills are technology-based skills. Present days few digital marketing skills are high demand.
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Why Choose AngularJS Developer as Your Career

Why Choose AngularJS Developer as Your Career

AngularJS is a modern JavaScript Framework which is used to build highly interactive Single Page Applications. It was developed by Google to simplify front-end development. It is a structural framework for building dynamic web applications by extending HTML capabilities. AngularJS is an open source JS framework that performs the DOM manipulation. And it integrates all the essential features offered by the directive. The resource comes with various frameworks and plugins for web developers. It’s difficult to believe the development of a modern single page application without AngularJS. It also assists web developers to build most architecture and maintainable web applications. Therefore AngularJS is also termed as a next big thing for the web applications.
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5 Ways to Improve Site Structure to Improve Your Page Rankings

Top Google Algorithm Updates [Infographic]

Do you know Google uses its algorithm to decide the ranking of sites? Google has a huge history of algorithm updates to refresh its search index and every year Google algorithm updates. Some updates are correctly announced, while some are suddenly updated without prior notice, and the SERP was shake up.
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Best Android App Development Courses for Beginners to Learn Android Programming

10 Great Android App Development courses for beginners

Want to learn Android development? Are you ready to develop an android app? There are various benefits of being an android developer in the booming app industry. If you are an absolute beginner, you can learn how to build Android apps from specific android app development courses for beginners.
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10 Best Programming Languages to Learn Web Development in 2018

Best Programming Languages to Learn

Which is the best programming languages should I learn for web development ” is one of the most popular topics these days.

It’s difficult. There are several programming languages to pick these days. Whenever you have a lot of options, it is more difficult to decide to learn programming languages. We love choices and options, but more alternatives make it harder to pick. That’s why I desire to cut it down for you and make it very simple. Read More

What are Some Interesting Non Technical Courses you can Avail after Graduation

non technical courses after graduation

We all like to see some changes for the better. To this end, you can find some non-technical courses that exist apart from the technical ones. Doing these courses will help you to stand out in the job market competition.
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Reason for Why Zuan Education is the best PHP training institute in Chennai

best php training institute in chennai - zuan education

Knowing about PHP Language

PHP is a broadly used and open source scripting language that is especially suited for web development and can be embedded into HTML. It is an acronym for “PHP: Hypertext Preprocessor,” and it is most simple and quickly understanding programming languages. PHP generally runs on a web server, and it is a well-known programming language that is powerful enough to be at the core of the most significant blogging system on the web. Deep enough to run the most extensive social network, PHP is sufficiently simple to be a beginner’s first server-side language. Hence, a website can be built efficiently using PHP languages.
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How to Learn Web Design for Beginners : Ways to Start your Career

Learn Web Design

Web design is an excellent knowledge to have, especially in the current Internet world. If you have better skills in web designing, you can get more job opportunities, and pursue more freelancing projects. If you need to understand how to learn web design and way to start the career, you’re in the correct place.
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How to Pass the Google AdWords Certification Exam – A Complete Guide

So you want to get AdWords certified? This article aims to give you with information on everything you need know about how to become Google AdWords Certified Professional.

In the beginning, Google initiated Google Advertising Professionals but then changed to Google AdWords Certification. They keep changing the program names, and the latest was Google AdWords Partners. The Google AdWords Partners Program can be taken by any individual or agency. In order to get certified as a Google AdWords Professional, one needs to complete Fundamentals exam and another additional exam.
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Top Advanced Excel Skills You Should Know

Top Advanced Excel Skills You Should Know

Whether you are just beginning in your Excel learning, or you have some skills and consider yourself as the expertise in Excel, there are a some advanced excel skills that you should think about Excel. Nowadays, many jobs require the advanced Excel skills. Besides, you might wonder if you will be sufficiently performing the Excel tasks the company expects from you.
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Best Websites To Learn Java For Beginners

Java for beginners

There are some websites that not only improve your Java programming skills but are the responsible for improving skills in you that you will never have before. If you’re searching to find best platforms that can enhance your programming skills, these websites will definitely support you reach the top of Java programming tower. The best way to make that chance to you is to make sure you are on the best website.
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12 Things to consider before joining a Digital Marketing Institute

joining digital marketing institute

The digital marketing industry is getting evolved, and this is apparently the start of the race! It certainly has opened an array of possibilities and opportunities in the job market. Digital marketing training institutes have come up with a booming speed, and taking a digital marketing certification course has grown to be almost a new trend among students.
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10 Best Cross-Platform Mobile App Development Tools for 2017

10 Best Cross-Platform Mobile App Development Tools for 2017

Mobile Application Development Platforms have become an absolute necessity in the business world, with practically all firms looking to add an application to their existing site, and the entrepreneurs looking to bring their mobile application visions to life. Mobile app development tools will give you the best services with complete solutions. Every platform is unique and presents different features, capabilities, and behavior. One of the biggest difficulties that app developers faced before was building applications that work well on various platforms.
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5 Most Popular Javascript Frameworks to Learn in 2018

Best JavaScript Platforms 2018

Demand for JavaScript continues its growth. It has become an essential platform outside web browsers as well. Lately, JS framework was called with one of the top web programming languages to learn in 2018. At this time it is applied to both client and server-sides and assists to design awesome interfaces, improve web applications with numerous functions and features, transform web pages in real time and additional.
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Earning Your Microsoft Office Specialist Certification with MOS Training

How to get Microsoft Office Specialist Certification

Microsoft Office Certifications are frequently optional credentials that can show particular competence in one or more Microsoft Office programs. Candidates can demonstrate their abilities and proficiency with Microsoft Computer Programs by getting Microsoft Office Specialist Certification. Individuals can choose to get certification in more Microsoft programs, for example, MS Word, MS Excel or MS PowerPoint. Before taking the Microsoft certification exam, peoples have the choice of self-learning or taking an interest in formal computer training courses and workshops. There are no prerequisites to take the MOS certification exam. Let’s we discuss the steps to become a Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS).
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PHP Interview Questions and Answers

PHP Interview Questions for Freshers

In this article, we have provided the significant PHP interview questions and answers for freshers who will be going for a job interview as a PHP developer. These PHP interview questions have been designed uniquely to get you familiar with the nature of questions you may face during your interview for the subject of PHP Programming Language.
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How to Prepare Yourself for Magento Developer Certification Exam?

magento developer certification exam

Wanting to know how to prepare for the Magento Developer Certification Exam? Check out this Magento Certification study guide; it would be one of the most useful blog posts you will find!

Becoming a Magento Certified Developer will be an excellent chance for you to make your mark inside the Magento Community. Along with good hands-on experience with several varieties of Magento applications, working on eCommerce with expertise in coding and debugging using Magento will make you stand out from the crowd. Having a good passion for building eCommerce websites with Magento along with a tag of a Magento Certified Developer will help you reach great heights.
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Top 5 Certifications to Boost your Web Designer Skills

Web Designer Certification

Website designing is an essential part of website and it is a form of art. While majority of the job is to power on design and coding element know-how, the remaining of the work is having an intuitive knowledge of something seems right and something doesn’t. Any website designer worth his smartness will develop a solid core of fundamentals to make himself reach out for the rest of the pack.
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Top 30 Web Designer Interview Questions and Answers for 2017

Web Designer Interview Question & Answers

Here are some of the best web designer interview questions and answers for job seekers. We are sure these questions and answers will help you out in your web designing interviews. The main intention to create this post is to make you aware of some latest web designing interview questions and answers. So that, you will update yourself with latest trends and can learn new things which happen in the market.
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Benefits of Getting Advanced Excel Certification and it’s Career Scope

Benefits and Career Scope of Advanced Excel

Microsoft Excel is a spreadsheet application distributed by Microsoft and the basis of all data entry jobs. It allows the customer to have the ability to use simple spreadsheet capacities like practical tools, equations, diagrams and other critical tools. Every one of us knows all the essential options of Microsoft Excel, but there are many advanced excel functions which very few know. It is one of the major benefits of getting advanced excel training. Advanced Excel today is the need of great importance and taking in the skills of advanced excel can lead you to stand out among a big crowd of people.
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How to Prepare for the Google Certified Associate Android Developer Certification Exam

How to Prepare for the Google Certified Associate Android Developer Certification Exam

In this article, you will learn about Associate Android Developer Certification and how to apply for this certification and how to clear the exam. If you are a skilled Android application developer or searching for a job opportunity in android development, the Associate Android Developer Certification will be the best choice to enhance your career. This certification will validate your Android development skills, and it will assist you to achieve goals in your career. Moreover, this certification adds value to your resume. Particularly for the people who are in beginner level of Android.
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How to become an Expert Front end Developer

How to Become a Front end Developer

In this article, you will learn to know how to become Front end developer and what are the best ways to grow your Front-end Developer Skills.

What is Front end Development?

Front end web development is the tactic of building HTML, JavaScript, and CSS, for a Web Application or Website or Mobile App so that a user can see and communicate with them directly. The challenge connected with front end development would be that the techniques and tools used to build the front end of a website or app to update continually. Thus the web developer always to be aware of how the field is developing.
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Top Benefits and Importance of PHP Language

Benefits of Learning PHP

PHP is a popular programming language which is utilized to build dynamic web applications with MySQL database connections. For a programming language to be successful, it must be comfortable and widely accepted by a large number of web developers. PHP is outfitted with many open sources integrated development environments. Moreover, there are a lot of benefits of learning PHP language.
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