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8 Oracle DBA Skills on Resume To Get a Job in 2020!

oracle skills on resume to get a Job

Of course, without any doubt, we all know today Oracle DBA job is growing one of the hottest tech jobs. Further, the Database administrators are considered as the backbone of many companies and services, there is an increase in the demand for oracle professionals who possess the necessary oracle DBA skills required for Oracle jobs. But, many of you are confused about what Oracle Skills do the employers are actually looking for? Hence, to help you all to get a job in hand, I came up with the essential 8 Oracle DBA Skills on resume that aids every beginner and experienced to get a job in 2020.

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Benefits of Oracle Certification in Today’s 2020 Fresher’s Career Resume!

Benefits of Oracle Certification in 2020

Oracle is almost a buzz word in today’s IT field. Moreover, the implementation of Oracle technology is a highly profitable one and it forms the lucrative career option for every modern IT professionals. So, it’s mandatory for every fresher to know the benefits of Oracle Certification in 2020.

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My OCM Journey – from Beginner to Becoming an Oracle Certified Master

Oracle Certified Master

Oracle is almost a buzz word in the IT field. There are so much happening around Oracle training and Oracle certification that the best professionals often tag this as a reliable pick.  Personally, I have gone from the hard work of beginner courses in Oracle to become an Oracle certified master finally. Once I went ahead of OCA, and I turned into Oracle Certified Professional, I developed the best range of skills that such a pro requires. Of course, I have had my bad days too, but then the Oracle certification gave me wings in the IT market of today.
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