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Quick 10 ways to Build a Resume for Non-Technical Job


Creating a powerful resume has never been easy. But in today’s tech-driven employment landscape, especially for Non Technical jobs, it’s challenging.

Your resume may look good, or it may look even great, but still, there are several ways to fine-tune your resume to grab the attention of recruiters and hiring managers.

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10 Massive Tips To Set Up LinkedIn For Job Seekers

As per the statistics, estimation shows that 90% of recruiters are using LinkedIn for hiring professionals, so it’s essential to showcase your talent on that site for effective job search.

If you’re ignoring LinkedIn, then you’re more likely losing the amazing job opportunities and contacts available. You can even start exploring LinkedIn from school, it’s never too late or early to optimize your LinkedIn profile and reap benefits from such a gold mine. 

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How To Choose The Best Software Testing Training Institute? (8+ Ultimate Tips that actually workout)

How to choose the best software testing training institute

Hello! I hope you decided to start your career as a Software Tester– which is an extremely sought-after position in the tech industry. But confused about selecting a good software testing institute to learn? which is always a tough task for new beginners like you. Don’t get stressed, excitingly I am here to provide you some ultimate 8+ tips on how to choose the Best Software Testing Training Institute, not only here but anywhere in India.

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How to Build a Career in Software Testing

How to Start a Career in Software Testing

Software Testing is an extremely sought-after position in the tech industry. If you are an IT professional seeking for a role change, a recent graduate looking to kick-start your career in a rapidly evolving industry, working in Software Testing can be a life-changing and fulfilling experience.
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How to learn software testing? – Simple Guide

Learn Software Testing

Software Testing is one of the essential factors of IT Industry. The scope of testing would be great nowadays. Testing has produced various levels and standards and specialization. Multiple types of testing have raised the natural value of a software tester.
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How to Learn Web Design for Beginners : Ways to Start your Career

Learn Web Design

Web design is an excellent knowledge to have, especially in the current Internet world. If you have better skills in web designing, you can get more job opportunities, and pursue more freelancing projects. If you need to understand how to learn web design and way to start the career, you’re in the correct place. Read More

How to Pass the Google AdWords Certification Exam – A Complete Guide

So you want to get AdWords certified? This article aims to give you with information on everything you need know about how to become Google AdWords Certified Professional.

In the beginning, Google initiated Google Advertising Professionals but then changed to Google AdWords Certification. They keep changing the program names, and the latest was Google AdWords Partners. The Google AdWords Partners Program can be taken by any individual or agency. In order to get certified as a Google AdWords Professional, one needs to complete Fundamentals exam and another additional exam.
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How to Prepare Yourself for Magento Developer Certification Exam?

magento developer certification exam

Wanting to know how to prepare for the Magento Developer Certification Exam? Check out this Magento Certification study guide; it would be one of the most useful blog posts you will find!

Becoming a Magento Certified Developer will be an excellent chance for you to make your mark inside the Magento Community. Along with good hands-on experience with several varieties of Magento applications, working on eCommerce with expertise in coding and debugging using Magento will make you stand out from the crowd. Having a good passion for building eCommerce websites with Magento along with a tag of a Magento Certified Developer will help you reach great heights. Read More

How to Prepare for the Google Certified Associate Android Developer Certification Exam

How to Prepare for the Google Certified Associate Android Developer Certification Exam

In this article, you will learn about Associate Android Developer Certification and how to apply for this certification and how to clear the exam. If you are a skilled Android application developer or searching for a job opportunity in android development, the Associate Android Developer Certification will be the best choice to enhance your career. This certification will validate your Android development skills, and it will assist you to achieve goals in your career. Moreover, this certification adds value to your resume. Particularly for the people who are in beginner level of Android.
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How to become an Expert Front end Developer

How to Become a Front end Developer

In this article, you will learn to know how to become Front end developer and what are the best ways to grow your Front-end Developer Skills.

What is Front end Development?

Front end web development is the tactic of building HTML, JavaScript, and CSS, for a Web Application or Website or Mobile App so that a user can see and communicate with them directly. The challenge connected with front end development would be that the techniques and tools used to build the front end of a website or app to update continually. Thus the web developer always to be aware of how the field is developing.
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