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10 Digital Marketing Skills Every Woman Entrepreneurs at Home Must Have to Grow!

Digital marketing skills

The novel coronavirus pandemic has created many young women entrepreneurs. So, if you’re also one among them, then start doubling your investment in the digital world by gaining the below 10 digital marketing skills.

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Need a Job in Digital Marketing after Lockdown? Add these 8 Interesting Digital Marketing Projects to your Portfolio!

Get a job by these 8 interesting Digital marketing portfolio

The most frequent question that we get from students and professionals restarting a career in the marketing field, is “How to get a job in digital marketing with the highest salary package just as a beginner”? I hope this lockdown would be a perfect time to answer your questions. So, if you need a job in Digital Marketing with high pay? Add these 8 Interesting Digital marketing projects to your portfolio. 

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Make Use of this Quarantine Period to Create a Perfect Digital Marketing Resume that Gets You 100% Job

digital marketing resume in quarantine period

Got bored staying at home in this Coronavirus Quarantine Period? Just wasting your valuable time? Then why don’t you want to make use of this Quarantine Period to Create a Perfect Digital Marketing Resume that Gets You 100% Job Offer with the highest salary?

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Learning Digital Marketing Course is More than You Think – A Deep Ocean to Dive-in!

digital marketing course

If you decide to start your career as a Digital Marketer, the important thing that you need to know is learning a digital marketing course is more than you think-a deep Ocean to dive-in.

Digital Marketing is a vast concept and many of them think it is just marketing a product or service online sitting at a place but it is more than that. It includes different channels like Search Engine Optimization, Search Engine Marketing, Email Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Inbound Marketing, Content Marketing, and Web Analytics.

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5 Steps to Successfully Clear Any Digital Marketing Interview!

5 steps to successfully clear any digital marketing interview

I hope you are a newbie in the need for a digital marketing job. Firstly, I appreciate you for taking a great decision in your life to start a career in digital marketing. You know clearing a digital marketing interview is not rocket science or a 24 hours surgery that will be performed on you. Many have gone through the same process before you and have cracked it. So don’t worry follow these 5 steps to successfully clear any digital Marketing interview.

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Ultimate Guide to Start a Career in Digital Marketing in India- Clear Every Doubt!

Guide to start a career in Digital Marketing

Hi, Freshers out there. Thinking of starting a career in digital marketing in India? You have reached the right place. This article will offer insight into how you can build your career in digital marketing in India as a fresher and things that you must know before building a career in digital marketing, one step at a time. Read it, bookmark it, live it.

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Need Real-World Training in Digital Marketing Course?- Zuan Education is the Best One to Choose from!

real-world training in Digital Marketing course

Hello everyone out there! I hope everyone is staying comfortable in the digital-driven world. Moreover, the digitized world made everything easy for us to access anything at any time online with just a few clicks. Be it service or product everything is readily available on the internet. 

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How Learning Digital Marketing Course gave me a great career start- Zuan Education Review!

How learning Digital Marketing course gave me a great career start

Hi there! First of all, I would like to thank you for making the move to come to this blog post to learn something ! Am Adheena Mohamed came to Chennai to learn digital Marketing. Becoming a digital marketer was something entirely new to me when I joined Zuan Education back in December 2019.

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How Learning Digital Marketing Course Changed My Life- Zuan Education Review!

Digital Marketing is going to be the future for every business and it is among the top 5 highly paid skills in India according to a TOI report. My name is Ganesh and I have been in the marketing field for almost 3 years. Knowing the demand of digital marketers, I decided to upgrade my knowledge to pursue for a longer period in the field. So, I started to research Google and its recommendation for the best digital marketing Training Institutes in Chennai to learn. Thereby, I came to Know Zuan Education. 

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Perks of learning Digital Marketing course for Engineers

What Marketing for Engineering students? Sounds weird, isn’t it? But not really. Because, In India, more number of students are more likely attracted to Engineering career as an option.

Perhaps you would accept this statement; once after completing your schooling, you get into an Engineering college, where an average seat costs  around 10-12 Lacs. But what after striving hard and completing it? To be honest, you would earn an annual salary packages starts at around 3 – 4 Lacs which is much lower than your engineering admission seat.

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