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Potentially Powerful Technical Jobs in AI and Robotics for 2021

Outstanding Data Science Firms in Indian Cities to Work as Fresher!

Outstanding data science firms in Indian cities to work as fresher

A career in data science is gratifying and has seen fast growth. Did you know? Currently, data science is being leveraged by several top companies in India that are continuously looking for professionals and experts in this field.  Moreover, the advancements in data science and business analytics have been increasing rapidly- Data science roles to see over one lakh job openings this year which is an increase of about 62% from last year, according to a report prepared by an edtech firm for fresh graduates.

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Thought of Starting Your Career in Data Science? Here are the 10 Best Data Science Certification Courses to Get a Job Easily!

10 best data science certification course to get a job easily

The demand for data science is huge and umpteen employees, newbies are investing significant time and money to become Data Scientists to get high pay. Are you the one among them? Thought of starting your career in Data Science? But struggling how and where to start? Here are the 10 Best Data Science Certification Courses that boosts your career and will pay off.

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5 Different Types of Data Science Jobs for Freshers (In-Demand in 2021)

Benefits of learning Data Science for students in the 21st century!

Benefits of learning data Science

Do you Know? Data Science- hailed as the “sexiest job of 21st Century” in 2012 by Harvard Business Review. But what makes Data Science so important today? what are the benefits of learning data science? And most importantly, is there scope for Data Scientist? Yes, there is a huge.

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Projects on Data Science that will Get You Hired Easily in 2021

Are you a Data Science aspirant, constantly gaining knowledge by taking number of online courses and reading a bunch of books?

So, what’s next? Am sure, you would be looking forward in starting your challenging career in Data Science. But we all know that getting a job in Data science is intimidating. Therefore, the best way of showcasing your skills to your hiring manager with a portfolio of data science projects will help you to hire easily in 2019.

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Data Science Scope in India for Aspiring Professionals

Data Science Scope in India for Aspiring Professionals

A report by The Economic Times dated February 28, 2019, says that almost 97,000 jobs in analytics and data science are vacant in India. Why are those job positions not yet filled? Lack of skilled workers is the reason for vacancies. Therefore, there is a good data science scope in India.

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Who Is This For? Data Science Using Python

Who Is This For? Data Science Using Python Workshop

Data Science is used to study lots of information or data. The study results are then converted into useful social and economical resources.

In order to arrive at more appropriate results with lots of data, a programming language called Python is used.

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Data Science Jobs after doing a Course in Data Science

Data Science Jobs after doing a Course in Data Science

Landing in data science jobs can be really exciting. But what is Data Science anyway?

What is Data Science?

You use Google Search if you want to know about anything under the sun. Say for example you type, “cats that sing” in Google. Immediately as you type these words Google collects for you the best search results.

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What Skills Do You need to Develop to Become a Data Scientist?

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