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Top Google Algorithm Updates [Infographic]

Do you know Google uses its algorithm to decide the ranking of sites? Google has a huge history of algorithm updates to refresh its search index and every year Google algorithm updates. Some updates are correctly announced, while some are suddenly updated without prior notice, and the SERP was shake up.
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How To Make The Most of Hashtags in Social Media Marketing

You might have heard the news about social media websites are now allowing the use of hash tags that are preceded by the #sign which helps in matching various posts together and relating it to the top most topics or category! Topics can be of any type like event, show, brand, category or any other happening around the world. Basically hashtags was created by Twitter, but today almost every social networking sites like Facebook, Pinterest, Google+, LinkedIn, Instagram, Tumblr, Vine, etc., has now implemented its use to a greater extent.
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