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There are skills that conjure up people in the beginning, but eventually, it will be easy while learning. The best example for it says “coding”. Actually writing computer code is not just a genius hack, even a young age coder learns it easily.

The truth is different, as coding is fun and easy than what everyone scares you. We should always appreciate the work of brilliant programmers but at the same time learning basic coding is fairly easy.

There are young students who are facing difficulties in learning programming still, I’m not mocking you here. I’m just trying to justify that one can learn to program and do basic coding with proper guidance.

Why Coding Feels Hard for young students?

Learning to code is difficult in real life for various reasons like,

  • Installing new languages can be frustrating. This is the first activity for a programmer and most of the young coders hate this in programming. This will make you think that programming is hard and especially coding for beginners is a little difficult in learning programming skills.
  • There are many languages, tools, libraries, and plug-ins. Starting programming is a little frustrating because it has several new things to learn. So decide from where to start learning smartly.
  • Early comparison with people who know the program before. This is not only applicable to programming, but also to all levels of courses. We tend to think that we’re poor in programming looking at the level of young age coder. Nowadays people start learning coding from a very young age. 

What Language/Tool Should You Start With?

This is an interesting question to answer, but it’s a wrong way to get started with learning programming. This is equally important but scripting vs compiling is often boosted by programmers. As many languages, the programmers may know, but it’s superficially different in coding languages.

The programming language and tools are the same. The concepts like Variables. Loops. Functions. Pointers. Stack. Trees. Hashing. Recursion is the same in every language. You will learn all this irrespective of the language you learn such as. Ruby, PHP, Python, C++, Java, HTML, and CSS.

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GitHub is an open-source platform that helps programmers to create great designs. This provides access and several collaboration features, such as the basic task management tools for your project.

The languages are so important to concentrate on while writing for iPhone apps, what to choose? Either swift or objective C language. Whereas in creating a webpage, Javascript is the best choice for the web developer.

You can choose almost every language as few are very easy to start with certain projects. Consider the right plugin and learn the right language for the right projects in the real world.

What Should Be Your First Project?

I recommend you to choose the programming project even before you complete your programming courses. Learning coding and writing code is super cool.

This may serve your purpose:

  • It narrows down the language/tool choices considerably. So you have decided to build a website, you will be learning the tools and language designed to create your goal.
  • Everything you learn is connected to a destination. Learning with practical projects will do the task for you. I don’t find any use in just learning programming theory. So I recommend you to join an institute that offers practical classes and hands-on projects.
  • You can work on something you think is cool. If you love to create an interactive website, just do it. If you prefer the game then work on it. It’s always good to start from your interest and that helps to achieve your goals.

Which Resources Should You Use?

Here are three strategies to find good resources:

  • Learn the language. You can pick a book to get started with a computer section of the bookstore. I suggest you read 0’Reilly for data science, you can also look for some better books that teach you programming. You can also find related books for specific projects. You can also do online coding courses to learn free coding skills as a beginner.
  • Join an Institute. To learn computer science programming and mastering the skill. The best option out of all is joining in a reputed Institute and learn computer programming language easily. Our team of professional mentors can teach you the language/project domain more in a practical and interesting way.
  • Take a free demo of the program/website. To learn python, you will need the ease of demo projects, so working with your demo website is the best choice for a young age coder. At Zuan Education, we provide demo projects for every student who enrolls in our courses.

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Do What Real Programmers Do

After you learn to code, you will face situations to face something. Try to follow what real programmers do, for knowing this “Ask Google”.

Google can help different projects with a programming language and computer language theories free online.

1: Don’t Copy-and-Paste

As a programmer, don’t just copy and paste, it’s easy but you will never understand the code.

When you transcribe, you will get questions like “why this” and “why not”. This will help you to better understand each code and achieve your goal. The coding is not only for software engineering, anyone can master the skill.

2: Try it Yourself Before Looking for a Solution

As a part of learning coding, you can learn yourself and test the coding to find solutions for problems than just blindly following programmers.

Every problem will have many solutions, an expert programmer does this to solve problems.

Why should kids learn to code?

  • Coders are in high demand
  • Coding provides a competitive advantage
  • Coding knowledge allows students to better understand the world
  • Coding is fun and satisfying
  • Coding improves creativity
  • Coding improves problem-solving
  • Coding improves persistence
  • Coding improves collaboration
  • Coding improves communication

Meet the Indian young age coders


Hirranya Rajani, is a 6-year-old student in Oberoi International School, Mumbai. She has developed a sign language app that helps people who have hearing-impaired problems.

Venkat Raman Patnaik, a 6.5-year-old boy from Odisha. He has created a Reward management system, an app that can shape behavior that we desire.

Shaurya Sharma is a 13-year-old school student at Bombay International School, has developed a stunning Artificial Intelligent (AI chatbot).

Shrey Shah, a 10-year-old who created the Slackio, app inspired by the slack app for his own school.

Final thoughts

Learning to code is fun and interactive with right mentors who know the tricks to handle classes for young aspiring learners. All you have to do is choose the expert educators for coding classes.

If you overcome all the frustrations as a young student, you can learn to program easily. I believe anyone can learn to code irrespective of their prior knowledge.

Learning to code is a skill that can help you throughout life. If you are serious about becoming a full-time professional programmer. You will need industry experts guidance, enroll today at the best Coding institute in Chennaiand turn your career into a successful programmer.

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