9 Digital Marketing Fields For Successful Career

The digital economy is set to rise to $1 trillion by 2022 in India. This conveys that more Indian companies will be shifting to online businesses to reach customers. This is the best time to kickstart your career in the digital marketing field.

Additionally, the digital marketing field offers a wide range of high paying jobs. This is why digital marketing is considered as an attractive career fields available.

What is Digital Marketing?

Digital marketing is responsible to connect with potential customers using online channels. The aim of digital marketing is to promote more sales and engage in creating brand awareness.

Few important online channels of Digital marketing include email, social media (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter), and other search engines. You can find many lucrative jobs in the digital marketing field. Here’s an article which outlines the key skills of digital marketers.

Why should you seek for jobs in Digital Marketing?

The digital economy is evolving to great numbers in India. Which predicts digital marketers will be in huge demand in near future. For helping brands to,

  • generate brand awareness
  • drive traffic to their websites
  • create lead generation
  • promote sales

“The opportunities for digital marketers is reported to be 20 lakh in India currently”

The digital marketing field is new, companies look for experience and the right skills in a candidate over a fancy degree. You can learn these digital skills by doing a Digital Marketing course and gain experience with internships.

To become successful in the digital marketing field, your experience, and progression matter a lot. Ensure to set a benchmark for future digital marketers with the right skills.

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9 Digital Marketing Fields that offer High-Salary

We have compiled a list of the highest-paying fields in digital marketing. Though not every job is applicable to start as a fresher, you will get an idea to get started. Which can help you to reach these top positions with well-paying salaries.
Here are the top 9 digital marketing fields.

1. Content Strategy

Content marketing is one of the widely used marketing techniques. Many companies have realized the need for inbound marketers to generate organic traffic on their websites. That’s how the demand for content strategists became popular in India.

The goal of a content strategist is to plan and execute a succesful content marketing campaign. Which involves the needs of your target audience and search engine algorithms. The responsibilities of a content strategist are,

  • create content calendars
  • conduct content audits
  • curate informative content

Most content strategist’s work is to manage content-creating teams and create content themselves. The top-notch skill of a content strategist is creativity for compelling content.

As a fresher, it’s not easy to obtain this position. But you can start your career as a content creator, content writer, copywriter, or video producer to achieve in this field.

By learning the prospects of content creation and SEO, you can become a successful content strategist. This transition is possible by doing a digital marketing course to gain knowledge in this field.

The content strategists can earn between Rs. 4 to 16 lakhs per year. Content strategy is considered as one of the popular digital marketing fields. In recent times, you can find many digital marketing jobs available in this field.

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2. Digital Planning

The digital marketing field has become more specialized with Content writers, graphic designers, Google Ads managers in their own specific role.

Along with that, you will need someone to lead your digital marketing team. That’s the main work of digital planners or project managers to coordinate with the team.

Digital planners must have the requisite marketing skills which will come with their experience. They must have the ability to manage different campaigns or teams with the right skillset.

The major responsibilities of a digital planner are to establish,

  • vision
  • goals
  • project objectives
  • plan timelines
  • manage budgets

Candidates with good organization and communication skills can achieve more heights in this field.

The digital planner will not have much work in handling marketing tools. But you can learn a few important tools especially content management and social media tools.

You must have good knowledge of the project management tool that your company uses. For example, Trello, Asana, or Basecamp, etc. Most of the expert digital planners are making between 10 lakh annually in India.

Freshers can’t jump right away into this, but can surely crack with years of experience in the digital marketing field.

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3. Brand Marketing

In this digital space, you have huge competition and it’s not easy to communicate product features to prospective customers.

For this, companies must create brand awareness more than just selling products. This brand awareness helps to generate brand identity and trust which helps businesses to sustain in the long-run.

The brand-building strategy comprises real and relatable narratives for communicating the brand’s story. Brand marketers are responsible for creating innovative narratives to communicate actively with clients.

The key role of a brand marketer includes:

  • Understanding a variety of content formats (both written and visual).
  • Utilizing these content formats to build brand recognition.
  • Producing creative content that matches the brand story and overall goals.
  • Analyzing data to find strategies to build brand opportunities.

The average salary of a brand marketer is nearly Rs. 9.2 lakhs per year in India. The more experienced and specialized brand marketers can earn more, as the sky is the only limit. You can find many freelance opportunities in this digital marketing field.

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4. Demand Generation

A demand generation professional is responsible for managing leads to his company. This includes tasks right from email marketing to data intelligence both online and offline.

Demand generation managers are the ones who have expertise in various tools. For example, content marketing tools, outreach tools, and search options to generate qualified leads.

They must have knowledge of generating high conversion rates. Using the right strategies to communicate with potential customers.

These professionals have high opportunities in advertising, marketing, and sales fields. As cross-functional communication is the basic skill to succeed in this popular field.

Additionally, if you have an understanding of B2B marketing tools then it’s an added value. Demand generation manager’s average salary ranges between Rs. 10 lakh per annum in India.

5. Product Marketing

A product marketing manager is responsible for communicating the product values to prospective customers.

This job role includes responsibilities like training your sales team for selling the product and communicating product features.

Product marketing managers must have knowledge about important marketing tools and analytics software.

Few essential skills if product marketing managers to get a handful salary includes business analysis, competitive intelligence, and strategic marketing.

The average salary for a product marketing manager in metropolitan cities like Bangalore and Mumbai is Rs. 17 lakh annually. It’s one of the most holistic digital marketing fields out there.

6. E-commerce Specialist

Most traditional companies have turned online to sell their products and services. This means there is a huge demand for professionals who have extraordinary e-commerce skills. With the ability to create the right e-commerce strategy.

The e-commerce specialist’s role has become the most common digital marketing job. An e-commerce specialist needs to be proficient with every aspect of online sales.

Which includes optimizing product pages, implementing the right CTAs, and crafting ideal product descriptions.

To become a successful e-commerce expert. You need to understand the target audience and segment with the right tools to create personalized messages.

E-commerce experts will work with marketing and sales teams closely to integrate strategies.

Plus, it’s essential for professionals to have good communication skills to excel in this field. The average salary of an e-commerce specialist is Rs. 11 lakh per annum in India.

You can find many well paid full time as well as freelance jobs in the field of e-commerce specialists. The main advantage of this field is, even freshers can find openings and get placed successfully.

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7. Digital Media Management

A digital media manager must be able to manage the overall digital strategy of a company using online advertising. This popular digital marketing job includes managing channels like social, display, and retargeting.

Digital media managers are responsible for managing high-level tasks like driving online sales, maximizing revenue, and building new sales.

The digital media manager must have knowledge in online advertising such as PPC campaigns, Google Ads (both search and display network), and Bing Ads.

It’s challenging for professionals to deal with data and derive insights for making decisions. But it’s simple if you have good knowledge of Google Analytics, social media analytics platforms, and various other analytics tools.

The salary of an experienced digital media manager is between Rs. 4 lakh to Rs. 12 lakh per year in India.

8. Creative Director

A creative director role digital marketing agency or the in-house marketing department is to lead creative teams. The creative teams include professionals such as graphic designers, videos, music, and blog creators, etc.

The creative director should have expertise in such creative domains too. This can help to become a successful Creative Director in the digital marketing field.

There are multiple job openings in this creative domain. You need to have communication and leadership skills to excel in this job. The average salary of a Creative Director is between Rs. 11 lakh to 29 lakh in India.

9. Channel Marketing

Most B2C companies find it convenient to sell in digital marketing channels like affiliates and retailers. The role of a channel marketer is to maintain such partners using both online and offline tools.

The marketer must be aware of product branding and marketing strategies to remain consistent. The annual salary of channel marketing managers is between Rs. 6.5 lakh to Rs. 17 lakh per annum in India.

How to Start a Career in Digital Marketing?

In this digital world, people use the internet for almost everything. Which helps businesses to take advantage of this option and reach customers worldwide. Businesses can make huge profits by reaching more customers in just a few clicks.

With these digital marketing trends, there is a huge demand for digital marketers in every field. If you have expertise in current digital marketing trends ensure to utilize this skill.

You can learn about many other digital marketing strategies and help businesses to reach customers better.

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Enroll for a Digital Marketing Certification

You need to understand what digital marketing is, component, tools, techniques, etc. by joining a course or training program. You can join in online Digital Marketing courses or pursue a Diploma in Digital Marketing, BBA in Digital Marketing, or even Masters in Digital Marketing.

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Strengthen your Online Presence

Once you have the required skills and knowledge, it’s time to build a strong online presence for you. Stay up to date with the latest digital marketing trends. The most effective platforms for Digital Marketing professionals are LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter.

Search for the Right Digital Marketing Jobs

Explore all the openings in Digital Marketing across the top job portals. And apply to the positions that best fit your expertise. You need to create the best portfolio and resume to stand ahead of the crowd.

We can help you to land your dream career by providing a good portfolio in our digital marketing institute. You can highlight achievements, education details, and skills in your resume to get hired easily.

Sign up for Freelancing Platforms

While looking for job opportunities, you can take up freelancing jobs and get prior knowledge. There are so many freelance positions available in the Digital Marketing field.

You can also find many full-time jobs for freshers in this field. Start expanding your networks with a strong resume and portfolio today.

Wrapping up

Digital marketing is a great career for students or professionals with an interest in online marketing strategies and analytics tools.

Learning digital marketing courses from the best digital marketing training institute is favorable for you. As you can get working experience with professionals on live projects and gain certifications.

To survive in this competitive field, it’s essential to be self motivated for learning new skills. As digital marketing trends keep evolving with new strategies and technologies every day.

A successful digital marketer should make use of all available resources like social media, advertising campaigns, etc.


Why choose a career in Digital Marketing?

The digital marketing field is blooming with more opportunities every day. The number of online users in India is 640 million and it will raise 635 million by the end of 2021.

Therefore, Digital Marketing has become one of the most in-demand careers in the industry. 

How do I get a job in Digital Marketing?

There are various options available to find a job in the Digital Marketing field. You can join for an internship or do a short-term course to build a promising career in digital marketing.

How can I grow my career in Digital Marketing? 

As the Digital Marketing field keeps changing with many new resources. There is a huge demand for industry professionals.

You can follow top digital marketers, online blogs, and websites to stay up with the latest trends in this field. You can also take up courses to grow your career in Digital Marketing.

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