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31 fantastic jobs for arrears students to (Get Shine)

Are you seeking a high-paying job, but still have standing arrears? There are jobs that need skill over the educational background. No more worries, you can build the most promising careers by doing short term professional courses and land in your desired position.

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Top 5 New Technology Trends in 2020 and the Jobs that Will Create for Millennials!

New technology trends

Today Technology is evolving at such a rapid rate. This creates exciting developments in the future for millennials. Hence, understanding this, we picked up the top 5 new technology trends in 2020 that everyone must get ready for.

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Keep your Career Safer & Better with Zuan’s Free Online Marketing Courses

Free online marketing courses

Zuan Education is back with other exciting offers for students to uplift their career. As we understand the emergence of COVID-19, it’s really a tough time for every fresh graduate to get a job. Hence, to help them achieve a successful career, Zuan Education offers the Most Advanced Digital Marketing and Web Designing Courses worth Rs. 15,000/- for FREE to 2019, 2020 fresh graduates of India, Tamil Nadu.

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It’s very important to consider during the novel coronavirus lockdown period- upgrading your skills. This is not only for growing in your IT career but also to keep your current job secure. 

According to the recent report, it is stated that about 1.5 lakh employees in India’s IT industry might lose their jobs over the next three-to-six months. Majority of these layoffs will happen in small IT firms, said HR experts

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7 High-Salary IT Jobs that are Hot Right Now to Start from Home!

7 High salary IT jobs to start from home

IT Jobs are on the rise.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), computer and information technology (IT) occupations are expected to grow by about 12% from 2018 to 2028, much faster than the average for all occupations. Some specific IT jobs will see even greater growth, as high as 32%.

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High-Paying 21 Online Courses To Upgrade Your Skills During The 21-Day Lockdown!

high paying 21 online courses

This unprecedented 21-day lockdown staring at you? Don’t put you down, take each of those days as an opportunity to upgrade the skills for the future you’ve always wanted to. But never let quarantine stop you from learning. Here are 21 high paying online courses to upgrade your skills during the 21-day lockdown, so you emerge smarter in the post-coronavirus world.

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3 Effective Online Learning Tactics to Follow During the Coronavirus Outbreak!

effective online learning tactics

As the COVID-19 coronavirus continues to spread quickly, schools, colleges around the globe are shifting to online learning in an effort to slow the spread of the disease and to save many lives.

Currently, in this circumstance, it’s impossible to find a country that has not been affected by Coronavirus. 

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5 Tips to Prepare Yourself in this Lockdown to Get High Paying Jobs for Future!

top 5 tips to prepare yourself to get high paying jobs

Are you aiming to get a high paying job in the future? But accidentally stuck in this lockdown. Don’t worry, you can get it for sure. Moreover, there’s nothing wrong with wanting to get a job where you can make money—lots of it. In fact, 63% of workers said compensation was “very important” to their overall job satisfaction, a recent Society for Human Resource Management survey found.

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10 Reasons Why to Consider Online Learning at Home Right Now!

reason to consider online learning at home

Due to the recent Covid-19 pandemic, there is a sudden closure of educational institutions, Universities, and schools worldwide. As a result, every staff, trainers or instructors are quickly moving classes online for their student career advancement. But, the key question is whether students will have the same ability to learn online as much as they would in physical classrooms? Hence to answer your question, here are the 10 Reasons Why to Consider Online Learning at Home – the article is all about.

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Effective Do’s and Don’ts Work-at-Home Tips From Experts Who Do It Regularly!

do's and don'ts work at home tips

As a result of the coronavirus (Covid-19) outbreak, starting from small to big companies across a wide range of industries have employees working from home (WFH). Hence to make this new process easier, here are some effective do’s and don’ts work-at-home tips from experts who do it successfully every day.

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