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Front-End Developer Interview Questions and Answers 2018

Front-end development Interview Questions

In today’s technology world, a front-end developer should be tech-savvy and proficient to translate the client needs into the creative & interactive web applications. Now, most of the top MNC companies are looking to hire for front-end developer positions to build elegant, convenient, responsive & interactive interfaces over many devices. In general, most of the candidates get confused about which type of interview questions they have to prepare for a front-end development interview. It is quite simple to discover various practice questions, but it is hard to choose the right ones amongst them. Knowing the right questions is imperative for everyone to crack the front-end developer job interview.
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Top 10 Software Testing Skills In-Demand 2018

Top 10 Software Testing Skills

Software testing is significant to the success of any software product. Efficient testing needs the expertise of talented software testers. Today, with the arrival of software, apps, the demand for experienced software testers has grown rapidly. Software Testing is a highly intellectual work. It also includes aspects of discovery, measurement, persuasion, control, communication, accounting & project management.
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Best Android App Development Courses for Beginners to Learn Android Programming

10 Great Android App Development courses for beginners

Want to learn Android development? Are you ready to develop an android app? There are various benefits of being an android developer in the booming app industry. If you are an absolute beginner, you can learn how to build Android apps from specific android app development courses for beginners.
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What are Some Interesting Non Technical Courses you can Avail after Graduation

non technical courses after graduation

We all like to see some changes for the better. To this end, you can find some non-technical courses that exist apart from the technical ones. Doing these courses will help you to stand out in the job market competition.
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10 Best Cross-Platform Mobile App Development Tools for 2017

10 Best Cross-Platform Mobile App Development Tools for 2017

Mobile Application Development Platforms have become an absolute necessity in the business world, with practically all firms looking to add an application to their existing site, and the entrepreneurs looking to bring their mobile application visions to life. Mobile app development tools will give you the best services with complete solutions. Every platform is unique and presents different features, capabilities, and behavior. One of the biggest difficulties that app developers faced before was building applications that work well on various platforms.
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Earning Your Microsoft Office Specialist Certification with MOS Training

How to get Microsoft Office Specialist Certification

Microsoft Office Certifications are frequently optional credentials that can show particular competence in one or more Microsoft Office programs. Candidates can demonstrate their abilities and proficiency with Microsoft Computer Programs by getting Microsoft Office Specialist Certification. Individuals can choose to get certification in more Microsoft programs, for example, MS Word, MS Excel or MS PowerPoint. Before taking the Microsoft certification exam, peoples have the choice of self-learning or taking an interest in formal computer training courses and workshops. There are no prerequisites to take the MOS certification exam. Let’s we discuss the steps to become a Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS).
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Benefits of Getting Advanced Excel Certification and it’s Career Scope

Benefits and Career Scope of Advanced Excel

Microsoft Excel is a spreadsheet application distributed by Microsoft and the basis of all data entry jobs. It allows the customer to have the ability to use simple spreadsheet capacities like practical tools, equations, diagrams and other critical tools. Every one of us knows all the essential options of Microsoft Excel, but there are many advanced excel functions which very few know. It is one of the major benefits of getting advanced excel training. Advanced Excel today is the need of great importance and taking in the skills of advanced excel can lead you to stand out among a big crowd of people.
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Benefits and Advantages of Microsoft Certifications

Top Benefits of Microsoft Certifications

Microsoft Office is one of the most universally used suites of productivity tools in the business world. It includes Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Word, Microsoft PowerPoint and MS Project, etc. Individuals also use Microsoft Office both in their personal and professional sphere. In the fact that, knowledge of Microsoft office is one of the fundamental needs for most of the job profiles. Microsoft Certification is an industry standard that is recognized around the world. In this way, most of the company’s value Microsoft certification and consider certified specialists over the non-confirmation peers.
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10 Things Students Should Do in College to Get that Career in IT


IT careers are in demand – if they are in the right niches. And if you want a career in the IT field, then there are several things you need to do while you are still in college. These things will guarantee that you are marketable after college.
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