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Data Science Training

Most Demanding Data Science Course In Chennai Through Hands-On Practice In Real-Life Projects By Professionals

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Data Science Course

Zuan Education is a prominent provider of Data Science Training in Chennai, imparted by industry experts who are currently working professionals with hands-on real-time expertise. The experts give you direct industry examples of data science and analytics. Our Data Science course will help you to understand and analyze data from multiple sources.

Our Data Science course content and syllabus is set in cognizance with the present industrial requirements. You can avail a Data Science course certification. Data Science Training in Chennai is provided to make the learning individual an efficient Data Scientist. Data Science course is offered through both classroom and data science online training.

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Key Features

Course Duration
100% Job-Oriented Training
Customized Training and Syllabus
Affordable Fees Structure and Packages
One-to-One Training
Free Live Demo
Flexible Timings
Doubt Clear Sessions
Dedicated Mentoring From Industry Experts
Live Project Training
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About Data Science Training


Zuan Education offers the best Data Science training in Chennai with guidance for job placements. Our Data Science Course concentrates on 4 core delivery of training.

First, you get a broad training in the Fundamentals of Data Science. You learn the Data Science Concept, how to use R programming on Data Science, Statistics, Hypothesis, Predictive Models, Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Artificial Intelligence and Learning Algorithm Concepts.

Secondly, you are exposed to the Practical Knowledge in Data Science. You are taught on the In-depth Knowledge on the Roles and Responsibilities of a Data Scientist, you learn the Importance of Data Transformation Tools and Techniques, you learn how to Deploy Machine Language for Analyzing Data, Implement a Wide Range of Data Mining Techniques and get a thorough Knowledge on How To Visualize and Optimize Data.

Thirdly, Zuan Education offers the best Data Science Course in Chennai with the sole motive of upskilling students through a Multi-Disciplinary Approach that includes a combination of Mathematics, Statistics and Programming, to make you a certified Data Scientist.

Fourthly and Last, by the end of the training you gain proficiency and will get a 360-degree overview of business analytics and R by mastering concepts like Data Exploration, Data Visualization, Predictive Analysis etc..

In-depth Learning of Data Science Course from Zuan Education

Zuan Education prioritizes on imparting core training in Data Science. Some of the essentials taught in the course are,

  • You learn essential features of machine learning algorithm through our Data Science course in Chennai.
  • Through our Data Science course, you will learn the techniques of experiments and application deployment. You are also taught the fundamentals of business analytics.
  • Two main skills, namely, linear and logic aggression that are needed for the workings of data science are taught through our Data Science training in Chennai.
  • Through our best Data Science courses, you learn mathematical expertise, data extraction, data manipulation and data processing that in turn takes you into the core components of data science.
  • Our Data Science course will help you master the advanced statistical elements with techniques like regression analysis, positive application override and data visualization.
  • Our data science training in Chennai orients you in hypothesis testing and its application in data science.
  • Our data analytics courses in Chennai gives paramount importance to learning out of practical classes.
  • You get ample analytical exposure by learning data analytics through data clustering, page rank, text mining and exploratory data analysis.
  • You gain proficient technical knowledge by learning pre-processing, evaluation and deployment of data through our Data Science course.

Why Should You Choose Us

Zuan Education offers the best Data Science training in Chennai. Our Data Science Course is designed for optimal learning through exclusive hands-on projects. Our exclusivity lies in the following factors.

  • You analyze real time live data than just learning theoretically.
  • Our Data Science Course syllabus comprises of standard and unique R Programming training and machine learning algorithm.
  • Achieving in the IT field requires immense practical knowledge. So our Data Science training in Chennai gives more emphasis to practical workouts.
  • Our data analytics courses in Chennai gives you an opportunity to work through a data science project end-to-end and communicating your data analysis.
  • Our data science syllabus will enable you to build models based on new data types, experimental design and statistical inference.
  • Our Data Science training in Chennai is industry competent.
  • We guide students into appropriate job placements after the completion of Data Science Course.
  • Our Data Science training in Chennai is proffered through a state-of-the-art infrastructure to mould you as an efficient data scientist.
  • Our able industry expert trainers create a very positive and impactful experience for students that motivates you to further learn and develop your knowledge in Data Science.

What To Expect?

Zuan Education has got Four Policies when it comes to imparting Data Science learning and training. With our Data Science training in Chennai we diligently mentor you through these Four Processes to help you attain your dream job as a Data Scientist. The processes are 4 “Ps” namely, Procure, Practise, Prove and Plunge.

Procure: We help you procure or gain theoretical knowledge of the Data Science essentials.

Practice: We believe in “Practice Makes Perfect”. So we practice or train and exercise your brain in the theoretical elements through customized and current hands-on training methods. We make this process a thrilling experience.

Prove: We just don’t leave it at the practice level. Rather we train and assess you repeatedly until you prove your perfection in the Data Science skills.

Plunge: After you gain confidence in the taught Data Science skills, we also guide you into appropriate careerplunge by assisting you in job placement and make you industry-ready. We eventually take pride in seeing our candidates plunging into covetous Data Science careers.

Why Should You Do A Data Science Course And Its Future Job Prospects

The Value Of Doing A Data Science Course

In the present scenario, in any sector or field there is a need for data analysis. The importance of data is being widely understood. Large companies churn out voluminous data. Therefore the demand for data science and data analytics has reached a peak in the market.

There is an increasing need to analyze data that emerges out of mobile sensors and sophisticated storage devices. Hence, there is a demand for data analysts who would be able to coordinate and analyze varied levels of data. Moreover, in Chennai and other well-planned metropolises, Data Science is emerging as a crucial tool in the transformation of these cities into Smart Cities. Data Science training in Chennai has become a dire requirement thus factoring on the need for data scientists in huge corporations like, Microsoft, IBM, Oracle, Infosys, Dell, HCL, Reliance, Citibank, Compaq and Cisco.

Future Job Scope In Data Science

Every industry has its perennial big data profile for a data scientist to analyze. Listed below are some of the more common form of big data in each industry and the kinds of analysis you as a data scientist will likely be required to perform.

  • Business
  • Your data analysis of business data can inform decisions around factors like, efficiency, inventory, production errors, customer loyalty etc..

  • E-Commerce
  • You will help e-commerce businesses to improve their customer service, find trends and develop services or products.

  • Finance
  • As a data scientist you will look into compliance, including fraud detections.

  • Government
  • You will help governments to form decisions, support constituents and monitor overall satisfaction. You will also be looking into security and compliance.

  • Science
  • Data Scientists can help scientists to better their collection, sharing and analysis of data from experiments.

  • Social Networking
  • You as a data scientist can help in the ongoing analysis of posts, tweets, blogs and other social media to help businesses constantly improve their services.

  • Healthcare
  • Data scientists can help with the electronic medical records that requires dedication to big data, security and compliance.

  • Telecommunications
  • All electronics collect data. This data has to be stored, managed, maintained and analyzed. Hence you can help companies squash bugs and improve products.

India has seen more than 400% rise in the demand for data science professionals across various industry sectors. According to IBM, by 2020 the number of Data Science and Analytics job listings is set to soar by nearly, 364,000 listings to approximately 2,720,000.

Job Roles in Data Science and their Salary

Learning Data Science systematically will fetch you lucrative careers in the future. Let us see some of the job roles and their salaries.

  • Big-Data Engineer
  • The role of a Big-Data Engineer is to use AI and machine learning tools to gather and evaluate internal and customer data and develop recommendations or automated systems. The pay scale of a Big-Data Engineer is INR 784,713 per year.

  • Business Intelligence Analyst
  • As a Business Intelligence Analyst you gather and analyze internal and external data to identify trends related to business operations and recommend plans to increase revenue or reduce costs. The average pay scale of a Business Intelligence Analyst is INR 533,292 per year.

  • Database Administrator
  • As a Database Administrator you design, develop, implement and maintain new and existing organizational databases. You also follow or create processes and procedures to enhance performance, quality and data integrity. You get an average salary of INR 457,562 per year.

  • Healthcare Data Scientist
  • You as a Healthcare Data Scientist will gather and analyze healthcare data from multiple sources like, insurance processing, clinical operations and patient behavior. You get an average salary of INR 650,000 per year.

  • Ethical Hacker
  • As an Ethical Hacker you have to devise and perform security assessments of products and organizations, compile and analyze results, and make recommendations about security fixes. As an Ethical Hacker you will earn an average salary of INR 367,249 per year.

  • Machine Learning Engineer
  • As a Machine Learning Engineer you will develop, test and improve models and algorithms to sort and automatically analyze datasets and extract organizational insights. As a Machine Learning Engineer you will earn a minimum of 849,821 per year.

Social Science Data Analyst

As a Social Science Data Analyst you gather, sort, and analyze data confined to initiatives of improving human health and make recommendations based on conclusions. You earn a yearly average of $61,930 as a Social Science Data Analyst.


As a Statistician you collect, evaluate and interpret the overall data of an organization to provide insight and recommendations about organizational needs. The average salary of a Statistician per year is INR 368,671.

What is Data Science?

The world is largely been taken over by big data. Therefore, understandably, the need to store enormous data has begun to emerge. Data Science is nothing but a combination of technology, algorithm and data inference that results in great business value for the users.

In simple words, it is the science of understanding the behaviour pattern of data sets and drawing an inference about business trends which helps in better business decisions.

Who Can Attend Our Data Science Training In Chennai?

Our Data Science Course in Chennai is offered to those who are keen in expanding their knowledge in Data Science.

  • Our Data Science course can be taken by IT professionals looking for a career switch into data science and analytics.
  • Software developers looking for a career switch into data science and analytics can take up the Data Science course.
  • We also offer the Data Science course for professionals working in data and business analytics.
  • Graduates looking to build a career in analytics and data science can do our best analytics courses in Chennai.
  • Anyone with a genuine interest in the data science field can take up our Data Science Course.
  • Experienced professionals who would like to harness data science in their fields can opt for our Data Science course in Chennai.

However, there are no prerequisites for doing this Data Science course. If you are new in the field of data science, this is the best course to start with.

  • Students or Graduates
  • Basic knowledge in using Computer and Internet
  • Freshers, Job Seekers, Career Switchers
  • Web Developers, IT Professionals
  • Business Owners/Freelancers
  • Work from Home Professionals
  • Well-Structured and Industry-Relevant Course Curriculum
  • Experienced and Dedicated Faculty Members
  • Exposure to Live Projects from Day One
  • Periodic Evaluation and Feedback
  • Placement Assistance on Successful Completion
  • 120 Days with Flexible Timing
  • 2 Hours/Day for Weekdays Batch
  • 4 Hours/Day for Weekend Batch
  • Live Instructor-led Online Training also available via Skype and Teamviewer
Contact Office:
  • Phone : 044 43 53 4999
  • Mobile : 9025 500 600
  • Email : admission@zuaneducation.com
  • Location: New No. 61, 2nd Floor, Arcot Road, Kodambakkam, Chennai

Get Placement by Zuan

After you complete the course, we are always ready to walk an extra mile with you by assisting you in getting a job. Our current industry-oriented Data Science course will help you to successfully kick-start a career. We will assist you in getting placed in top IT companies in Chennai.

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