Virtual Classroom Training for All Career Oriented Courses

Virutal Class Training Batches for Zuan Education

It’s time to upgrade your skills & build your career with high paying IT jobs!!

Zuan Education proudly launches Virtual Classroom Training batches for all Career-Oriented Courses!

Now, learn from anywhere at your own pace and at your own comfort with our flexible learning sessions. Get certified from industry experts!!

Why Virtual Classroom Training is required?

In a daily busy schedule, few professionals don’t have proper timings to spend for learning; few others are busy in traveling one place to other for the sake of their work nature; and few others are located in outstation and they cannot come in person to have a classroom study.

Hence, Zuan Education introduces virtual classroom training sessions for those who are unable to upgrade their skills through direct classroom training.

What are the courses available for Virtual Classroom Training?

As of now we have opened virtual online classroom training for the following courses and we are planning to bring more courses in the future.

  • Digital Marketing
  • PHP
  • Magento
  • WordPress

Digital Marketing

Why learn Digital Marketing?

Digital Marketing Courses in Chennai

“Around 1.5 Lakh Digital Marketing Jobs to be created in 2020” according to a survey by Times of India.

To become a certified digital marketer, enroll digital marketing training course from our Zuan Education.

Topics to be covered under our Digital Marketing Training:

–  Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

–  Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

–  Social Media Optimization (SMO)

–  Social Media Marketing (SMM)

–  Email Marketing

–  Affiliate Marketing

–  and more

Digital Marketing Course Duration: 30 to 45 Days – 2 hours/ Day

For complete course details, Visit our Digital Marketing course Page


Why learn PHP?

PHP Training in Chennai

“PHP is used by 82.1% of all the websites around the web!”

To become a professional PHP Developer, enroll our PHP Courses

Topics to be covered under our PHP Training:

– Basics of PHP

– Complete Core PHP modules

– MySQL Database Connectivity

– and more

PHP Course Duration: 30 Days – 2 hours/ Day

For Complete course details, Visit our PHP Training Course Page


Why learn Magento?

Magento Training in Chennai

Recent stats shows, “Magento currently holds 14% of the market share for ecommerce platforms” and this will increase further with the release of the latest Magento 2.0 platform.

Topics to be covered under our Magento Training:

– Magento Installation

– Home Page Creation and Management

– Order Management

– Shopping Cart Integration

– and more

Magento Course Duration: 30 Days – 2 hours/ Day

For Complete course details, Visit our Magento Training Page


Why learn WordPress?

WordPress Training in chennai

Recent Survey states that, “An average WordPress Developer earns 50$ per hour!”

Join our WordPress courses & upskill your career in WordPress!

Topics to be covered on our WordPress Training:

– WordPress Installation

– WordPress Theme Customization

-Database Connectivity

– HTML to WordPress Conversion

– and more

WordPress Course Duration: 30 Days – 2 hours/ Day

For Complete course details, Visit our WordPress Training Course Page

Features of our Virtual Classroom Training:

  • Live instructor-led session
  • Hands-on lab
  • Polling
  • Unlimited whiteboard
  • Video recordings
  • Live chats b/w participants
  • Easy play back recording

Available batches For above Courses:

Morning Batch: 9.30 AM – 11.30 AM, 11.00 AM – 1 PM

Afternoon Batch: 2.00 PM – 4.00 PM

Evening Batch: 4.00 PM – 6.00 PM, 6.00 PM – 8.00 PM

Join now, get an instant job, and take your career to next level!
To enroll, call: +91 9025500600 or drop your requirements to info(at)

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