How Sales People can Sell More with Inbound Marketing Strategies

How Sales People can Sell More with Inbound Marketing Strategies

In a company the marketing team and sales team works together in collaboration to deliver projects on-time and find amazing results. But, at times, sales people are more concerned about driving sales and they cannot always wait for the leads coming from the marketing team. How sales people can sell more without being dependent on marketing? It is through effective inbound marketing strategy.

Inbound marketing is not only the best method to boost brand awareness, build trust and loyalty and to generate leads, it is also one of the best ways to help your sales people sell more!! Be it email communication or connecting through social media, sales

Following are some ways how inbound marketing can help salespeople convert customers:


Take Advantage of Content Creation:

Inbound marketing team spends majority of time creating content that may include blog articles, eBook, social media posts, etc., which is actually formed with a goal of targeting prospective customers to educate them on their buying journey and to move closer towards the purchasing funnel.

content creation tips

Sales team shall make use of this content to progress their conversion of sale. Marketing content gives seller a confidence and a variety of options and ideas to convert the customer to the next stage and follow-ups. It also delights the existing customers with valuable information about the company and their progress in turn building strong relationship which can give hands when it comes to renewal or up-sell to retain the business.

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Working as Efficient Follow Up:


Instead of annoying customers with frequent follow-ups and cold calls, inbound marketing workflows can be deployed to nurture leads in an automated way! Send them helpful resources, reviews, discounts and stuffs to make them think about you for a second. You can find a lot of emails that are not opened up, and find those are not ready yet to hear from you. So by this way you can avoid convincing and annoying those who are not interested in your sale.

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Better Coordination with Marketing Team:

Inbound marketing creates a bridge between sales and marketing teams. Sales professionals can share about the most frequently asked questions by the marketers and common obstacles they are facing when they are selling to clients. With this, marketers will help to produce valuable content that address the customer queries which not only help you increase more leads, but also will become one step closer to close the deals.

Coordination with Marketing Team


Collecting Sales Data with Inbound in Mind:

It is quite important that marketers are a/b testing new campaign ideas to know which clicks better. They used to set the metrics based on data streaming in, whereas sales reps can be more spontaneous with their actions and strategies. As the job of a sales person require good interaction with the prospects and dealing with them having all necessities in mind.

Fortunately, salespeople can adopt analytics on their daily task by tracking day-to-day activities in CRM or even spreadsheets like Google sheets. By looking at the numbers and data you will get a clear-cut idea on what’s going how to determine what works and what’s not.

Sales Data

The numbers meant here includes: time to research prospects, fix appointments, status, average sales taken across a period, email responses, open rates, and the ratios between how the metrics affects each other. Being aware of these numbers will help you stay informed and make proper decisions on what should be tweaked to boost the sales and conversions.

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