Job Roles & Essential Skills Required for PHP Developers


“PHP is used by 82.1% of all the websites around the web!
A PHP Developer in India earns an average salary of Rs 206,763 per year.”

“Currently there are 5 Million PHP developers available in our country and the count is expected to increase in is expected to increase in upcoming years by 40%.”

The demand for a PHP developer keeps on increasing, but the required skill set seeking by every company is also increasing day by day. Nowadays Companies are not only looking for PHP experts; but also expect the candidate to have good experience in User Interface and Photoshop Designing.

Below are few Essential Skills set required by every PHP Developers:

  • PHP
  • Mysql
  • HTML
  • Photoshop
  • Javascript/Jquery

Job Roles Available for PHP Developers

Web Developers:

An Umbrella term denoted those who are expert in developing Dynamic websites with full functionality. This is the common term which helps to denote all type of developers who is developing dynamic websites. The developer need to have good experience in any one of the programming language like PHP, Java, or .Net.

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WordPress Developers:

WordPress Developer don’t want much of experience in PHP, he/ she want to have good experience customizing WordPress themes and Converting HTML websites to WordPress websites.

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Web Application Developers:

The developer need to have good experience in any one of the web application development concepts like PHP, Java or Asp.Net. Compared to any other web application developer will create web based applications using MVC controller concepts.

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How to Start a Career in PHP in India?
Start a Career in PHP in India