6 Simple Steps to Become a Social Media trainee


As a result of the revolution in social media technology, there are job opportunities for marketing and public relations specialists who help companies to communicate their brand awareness or business goals in new media channels. 

Social media trainees can create and implement digital communications plans, public relations initiatives, and online marketing campaigns. 

Their growth and success in a career depend on creating good personal rapport and a very strong online presence with social networking sites users in LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook to reach potential customers or target audience for small businesses.

These professionals work either full-time or part-time according to their preferences.

Career Requirements

Degree levelAny degree or relevant courses
Degree Fields Marketing, communications, public relations,
journalism, or similar field
Certification certification courses available
Experience No prior experience needed
Key Skills Interpersonal and organizational skills,
content marketing, social media
management problem-solving skills,
research skills, and writing skills;
expertise in the use of social
networking sites; knowledge of web page
editing and platform development;
graphic and video editing software proficiency
Salary (2020) 3.3 lakh per annum

Career Steps

Step 1: Academic qualifications 

Recruiters most often look for graduates in entry-level jobs. If you have undergraduate degrees in the field including journalism, communications, marketing, and public relations is an added advantage to showcase your communication skills with a mass number of customers. 

There are also universities offering digital communication courses, it includes digital media writing and communication technology as the core subjects. 

All these courses can help you to master Google analytics, digital graphics, e-commerce, digital media writing, and web authoring. 

You can also take Internships in public relations firms or industry organizations to get professional development and knowledge in networking. 

You can even take up classroom training in well-established institutes to learn social media marketing strategies without any prior degrees and excel in the field. 

Success Tip:

  • You must learn social media marketing in top digital marketing institutes to get experience in social media and digital communications. Which is needed for most of the social media job positions. 
  • These short term courses can get you the relevant knowledge and hands-on experience in the field. It’s also helpful if you attend conferences and seminars about social media channels for businesses to promote their products and services.

Step 2: Create an established Online Presence

As a trainee, you get the skill set through demonstration and social media understanding to create an established online presence on social networking sites. 

Top employers have the right skills in a specific field and they are actively recognizable on several sites such as social media posts. 

The online presence helps professionals to create a polished image and to develop this online presence one needs to take these steps such as, fill out an engaging personal profile, contribute content regularly, and stay up to date with current trends to post the relevant content in social media.

Success Tip:

  • Make connections to be an effective social media communicator, as your main goal is to build personal connections with online users. 
  • An expert social media marketer will visit sites often to engage with the audience and promote relevant content for people to read it.

Step 3: Obtain Entry-Level Employment

There is a wide range of opportunities to become employed as a social media trainee in organizations with the right skills. 

You can easily find job openings for social media trainees on employment sites such as Indeed,, Naukri, and

All these sites advertise social media trainee jobs under different job titles, such as marketing strategist or digital content strategist. 

The companies hire social media marketers in full time or part-time mostly and in some cases, you can also get contract-based jobs. Which is good for entry-level and by engaging with recruiters online one can get job opportunities. 

The corporate recruiters will be hunting for potential professionals in social media networking sites too. To build your portfolio to stand ahead in the crowd and land in your desired job profile.

Step 4: Pursue Certification

You can become a social media trainee by earning a bachelor’s degree and learning social media marketing. 

Create a strong online presence with users to obtain entry-level employment, and enroll for certification courses to gain industry knowledge.

Step 5: Learn Advanced Marketing Skills

To meet the client’s requirements, it’s essential to have advanced knowledge to achieve greater positions. However, clients can understand the differences between professionals and bad social media strategists.

You can learn advanced social media techniques including,

  • Optimizing YouTube live videos with descriptions, tags, titles, annotations, etc.
  • Custom Facebook ads and share different types of content.
  • Custom Twitter and YouTube headers
  • Knowledge of hashtag marketing and analytics tool
  • Knowledge of webcasts, Google+ Hangouts, email capture forms, etc.

Step 6: Manage Your Time

This step is most important for social media trainees to handle the multiple accounts on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, YouTube, Pinterest, and various social media platforms. 

You should be able to manage the time properly. Don’t waste your time scrolling aimlessly, have proper planning during working hours. 

The Expert professional Andrea suggests, to have your tasks organized beforehand to meet the schedule of your client at the right time. With proper planning, you can easily find the right way that works for you.

It’s advisable to create an extraordinary social media calendar for sharing content or blog posts to reach a user base. 

This calendar can save you time and will help you to plan everything organized. There are a lot of sources available online to create a perfect social media calendar. 

You can create one for you based on those examples and find the one which works for you.

Bottom line 

Looking for help in becoming a social media trainee? Our Specialist in Social Media Marketing can help you to achieve your Digital Marketing career goals.

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