How to Build a Career in Software Testing

How to Start a Career in Software Testing

Software Testing is an extremely sought-after position in the tech industry. If you are an IT professional seeking for a role change, a recent graduate looking to kick-start your career in a rapidly evolving industry, working in Software Testing can be a life-changing and fulfilling experience.

Software testers are the unsung heroes of software/app development. Because software testing is significant to the usability and quality of the specific/final product, the software testers are delivered in at the planning and design stage, and frequently remain associated with the post-release support completely.

Let’s we discuss what you should follow and how to start a career in software testing.

What is Software Testing?

Software Testing is a process of authenticating a computer system/program to choose whether it meets the specific needs and produces the anticipated results. As an outcome, you detect bugs or defects in software product/project. Software Testing is essential to provide an excellent product deprived of any issues or bugs.

Essential Skills to Get a Career in Software Testing

The following skills are required to becoming a reputable software tester.

Communication skill: To get a career in software testing, it is essential to have adequate communication skills. The testing objects (bug reports, test strategies) determined by the tester should be easy to read and understand.

Logical skills: A decent software tester should have excellent analytical skills. This will help the breakdown of a complex software system into subordinate units to get a better understanding and generate test cases.

Exceptional attitude: To be an excellent software tester you require to have a great attitude. A boldness to ‘test to break,’ aspect orientation, willingness to learn and advance process enhancements. In the software business, technologies raise with a captivating speed, and a sufficient software tester should promote their technical skills with the changing technologies.

Time management & Planning skills: Testing at times could be a difficult job mainly over the release of code. A software tester needs to handle workload efficiently, and they need to have high efficiency, display optimal time management.

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Technical Skills for QA testing

Basic understanding of Linux commands: Most of the products like Web-Services, Application Servers, and Records, are organized on Linux machines. So, it is important for testers to have a piece of knowledge about Linux commands.

Basic knowledge of SQL/Database is a must: Software Systems have a significant quantity of data in the background. This information is stored in different types of databases like MySQL, Oracle behind the code. So, there will be conditions when this data needs to be authenticated. In that case, simple/composite SQL queries can be utilized to check whether appropriate data/information is stored in the back-end databases.

Hands-on Experience with Automation tool: Following mentioned tools can be utilized for Automate testing of applications –

  • Selenium
  • Tools like Abinitio, Informatica, etc. for ETL testing
  • Performance testing tools like LoadRunner, JMeter, etc.

This list is simply to give you needs an idea of the general tools utilized in the business, but there are many tools are exists.

Why is Software Testing an Excellent Career Move?

If you have regularly used a part of the software, with apps, and have been incredibly frustrated by the number of errors (and genuinely, this is one of the most common complaints users make about new software), you by now know the significance of the job. Having a certificate in computers is not needed.

All you actually need is to be very well-informed about working with different types of software and an element oriented mind. The job requires an enormous pile of certification, which can be unique for people deprived of an engineering background. Finally, it is a huge starting point if you need to look for a job and besides don’t have time for the university.

The entire thing you do is followed in a database for engineers to examine and fix the defect. There are times when the position can look dull, but the emphasis of your work will frequently change to different aspects of the program, easing some of the recurrences. You also get a fundamental aspect at the latest knowledge and have a hand in making sure that a software program is as fault-free as possible. Finally, with software being a part that will regularly grow, the software testers have one of the essential safe jobs in the tech company.

Career Levels

Software testing is simply as old an occupation as development, and it has an entirely comparable career path to that of the software developer.

Entry Level

It is also known as Junior Level Software Testers; most people begin at the entry level together there are some new exclusions. Experienced training or degree can give individuals a benefit if other candidates do not have much in the form of higher teaching. Although, knowledge tends to be as crucial as any degree. It is not completely limited for technical writers to be cast-off in a software testing capacity as documents are robust to both positions.

Those with a degree are possible to develop to the next level meaningfully faster as the foremost objective for them at the junior level position is to introduce them to the procedure.

Test Analyst and Senior Test Analyst

To be consistent as a test analyst, businesses look chiefly at the experience and then teaching. Recognition may benefit for some of the more practical testing areas, such as ASP.NET, but are not needed for the position. Many businesses do not create a difference between these two designations, and there is not a standard for who is proficient as a senior or advanced test analyst. There are also many designations for people in this position, such as QA tester and QA analyst. Whatever the position is named, they are all comparatively similar. The main difference between a tester and a senior level tester is classically experience and specialism.

The quantity of experience that distinguishes one from the other varies by company and dissection. A software tester who understands the code and can benefit problem resolve is more likely to be measured on a senior level. Also, there characteristically is not a clear meaning for the position. Analysts work on more composite, less recognized programs, and functionality.

Software Test Lead and Manager

Experience is basically the only thing businesses look at for, for this position. For instance, roughly two-thirds of all software QA managers in the US were only employed after they had attained ten years of experience. This is mainly because of how much a boss want to know to run the department appropriately. Some companies have Test Lead positions, which can be a pacing stone to becoming the head manager.

They offer the same services for a separate group as an alternative to a complete department. In many corporations, there is only a manager, so the two are joint for ease’s sake. While other software testers may specify, bosses need to have working information on all necessary testing to deploy the product:

  • Unit testing
  • System testing
  • Integration testing
  • Acceptance testing

Most analysts will know the majority of these, but a boss must be able to understand each testing type to meet constricted release limits. Managers are responsible not only for guaranteeing their teams have the time essential to thoroughly test software, but also have to ensure their teams have the necessary equipment and hardware necessities to test the software efficiently.

Way to Learn Software Testing


It’s not hard to start a career in software testing, but having the appropriate skill set is more significant which can be accomplished by certification. Currently, most of the software testing jobs demand you to have some certifications in testing. So, you can join & learn software testing courses to take a certification in software testing, and get into the enormous software testing field.

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