How to learn software testing? – Simple Guide

Learn Software Testing

Software Testing is one of the essential factors of IT Industry. The scope of testing would be great nowadays. Testing has produced various levels and standards and specialization. Multiple types of testing have raised the natural value of a software tester.

Software testing is the process of finding errors and bugs to give stakeholders with the report about the state of the software. Software testing can produce an objective, independent view of the software to enable the industry to understand and appreciate the hazards of software development. Test techniques involve the process of executing a software program with the purpose of discovering software defects.

Why Important Software Testing?

Software Testing is essential because everyone makes faults. Some of the mistakes are not important, but some of those are dangerous. We must check everything we produce because things can always go wrong

There are various causes which tell us as to why Software Testing is necessary and what are the main elements that we should think while testing of any software.

  • Software testing is essential because of the following purposes
  • Software testing is creating error-free software products.
  • It’s necessary because it makes some of the Customer’s loyalty and their comfort with the products.
  • It is very required to secure the state of the software. Quality software intended for the consumer’s benefits in growing their confidence.
  • Testing is required to give the solution to the consumers like the delivery of the high-quality software products which needs lower maintenance expense and hence appears in more reliable, steady and good returns.
  • Testing is needed for the effective execution of software product.
  • It’s needed to wait in the business.

Career Scope in Software Testing

Testing has built various levels and types of specialization. In these many types of testing has raised the natural value of a software tester. Several career opportunities have evolved in front of the testing industry.

In Nowadays, testing is viewed as a great professional career for various. About a test engineer, one can develop a senior test engineer, from a test lead to a test manager. More than that, the choices open in the testing tools side are enormous.

The average salary for a Tester is Rs 330,857 per year. Experience enough influences pay for this job. The abilities that raise pay for this work the most are Planning, Manual Testing, Java, Automated Testing, and Selenium Automated Test Tool.
Software Testing PayScale
Most software testers are searching for a job in the career area of software development. This place is usually entry level but may still need coding knowledge and certifications. Many software developers obtain the report from software testers that know the development processes to be very useful, and thus testers with certifications and expertise in this field are required out within the sector

The functionality of Software Tester

  • Evaluate software products for bugs and stability.
  • Debug function and recognize system defects.
  • Execute both manual and automated testing tactics.
  • Expand testing plans and analysis for software applications.

The way of Learning Software Testing


One of the best things about self-learning is that you will have an opportunity to discover and learn software testing from various sources. As a conclusion, you have a broader aspect of software testing. It will bring you time to study stuff out, and if you are fresh, you may be diverted and get lost control. But, if you can handle the effort and schedule your learning well, this is not a difficulty at all.

Here we listing below resources of learning software testing

  • Testingwhiz (
  • Guru99 – Software Testing Tutorial (
  • Software Testing Help (
  • Testingwhiz (
  • uTest (
  • Software Testing Club (
  • Automation Beyond (

Join Some Online Software Testing Courses

Based on what you need to learn, there are several software testing courses available on online you can join. Since you have not defined which field of software testing are you thinking to explore

  • ToolsQA – Focused on test automation
  • Testing Diaries
  • Udemy – Software Testing Online Courses
  • Alison – Free Online Software Testing Certification Courses

One-on-one coaching:

If you have buddies or someone you know has several years of expertise in software testing, you can request them for one-on-one coaching. You will be shocked that there are several excellent testers out where ready to support and distribute their testing experience. It would be excellent if you have knowledge that they require, you can return with them. If not, you can offer anything.

Participate workshop or local Meetups

Explore for your local seminars or Meetups and join them. This is the precise chance for you to participate with different testers and prepare your software testing skills.

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