What are the Skills Required for Cloud Computing Job in the Present IT Industry?

What are the Skills Required for Cloud Computing Job in the Present IT Industry?

Of course, we all know that the internet enjoys a powerful position in contemporary society. In addition to making our life easy, it has also opened doors to a whole lot of job opportunities. Cloud computing is one such field. There is an increase in the demand for the professionals who possess the necessary skills required for cloud computing job.

Want to learn more about the Cloud computing skills trending in the job market? It is a piece of cake; all you have to do is spare a few minutes by going through our following list!

Top 8 Skills Required for Cloud Computing Job

-> Programming Languages and Coding Skills

If you want to create cloud services, you need to master some essential programming languages.

You are, of course, aware of the face that there are a whole lot of programming languages available around us.

Although Java and C languages are two of the most popular languages, they don’t come handy where cloud computing is concerned.

So what should you learn?

Go for the data-oriented programming languages like SQL, XML data language, and R Math Language, in addition to Python and Ruby.

Every cloud professional who aiming to get ahead in their career should possess exceptional coding skills. And for that, these programming languages are a must.

-> Cloud Security

Security is a question that comes to a user’s mind where cloud storage is concerned.

The Internet has got a reputation for being unsafe. Although it used to be true, it is not the case anymore. Security is one of the primary aspect developers are looking into.

Although cloud security is the concern of cloud providers, it is important that IT professionals have an in-depth knowledge of cloud security.

To secure the data of their organisations, professionals can use various security tools in the market.

CCSP (Certified Cloud Security Professional) training can help you gain an adequate and professional understanding of Cloud Security.

Professionals who can guarantee the safety of the data stored online, and moreover, those who can handle the big data are high in demand.

-> Linux

This is yet another skill required for cloud computing job. Linux is a family of free and an open source operating system that can serve a lot of different purposes.

As of today, about a fourth of the servers is powered by Linux based Microsoft Azure. Moreover, this is likely to increase as days go by.

So trust me when I say that this skill is becoming more of a necessity in several major cloud-based jobs.

-> Database Management Skills

Cloud is almost synonymous to the word data.

From the perspective of the common public Cloud is used to store their data such as photos, videos, documents, and such.

Collecting, storing, maintaining, and accessing data stored in the cloud is crucial to cloud systems.

Hence, data management becomes one of the key skills required for cloud computing job!

As mentioned earlier, Data-oriented languages like SQL and Hadoop will help you out with this skill.

-> Artificial  Intelligence (AI)

Artificial Intelligence and Machine learning are accumulating a lot of interest in the field of cloud-based technology.

You could easily give the credit to those new technologies that can perform exemplary actions at data integration, aggregation, and analysis without human assistance.

As a result, Cloud providers are trying to integrate AI and ML into Cloud to improve the user experience.

Hence, a professional who has got the skills is likely to be in great demand.

-> Cloud Platforms

With cloud computing jobs, you need to be well versed in some of the commonly used cloud platforms.

There is no doubt that Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Microsoft Azure are two of the largest cloud platforms.

So go and get enough training in these. You can also try your hand at the Google cloud platform.

-> Business and Analytical Skills

Apart from the technical skills, business and analytical skills are also some of the important skills required for cloud computing job.

As a cloud computing professional, you should be able to manage, communicate, and negotiate business within your organization and also with cloud providers.

-> DevOps

It is a popular framework where cloud computing is concerned.

DevOps is a process of software development. DevOps works when you combine Dev (software development) and Ops (information technology operations) to shorten the application development life circle.

There are various tools such as Monit, Jenkins, or ELK that can aid you to attain your goals.

Final Thoughts

These Top 8 Skills Required for Cloud Computing Job is just what you need to give a lift to your career.

In fact, the majority of the skills mentioned here are part of the top technological skills sought by the IT companies in 2019!

So, go ahead and get yourself equipped. You have got to utilize the opportunities around you!

Besides, you can also get yourself qualified by attending certified training from a reputed institution. That, along with these skills, will help you secure the job.

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