How to Start Learning Big Data to Upgrade your Career?

How to Start Learning Big Data to Upgrade your Career?

In your world of digitization, Data is an essential source. Businesses in various fields use this Data to get important ideas for their growth. Eventually, this creates a sense of urgency to start learning Big Data. By doing so, you can stay productive and solve real world problems.

Big Data helps to derive important business decisions. Furthermore, successful Big Data processing in huge industrial sectors has taught important lessons on various Big Data concepts.

Big Data training with various Big Data Analytics courses will help you master Data Analysis. In the present world, you have ample scope of becoming a Big Data Scientist. And also getting other Big Data job roles.

Dust Off Your Old Higher Secondary and College Books To Start Learning Big Data

To start learning big data, it will do good if you complete a basic degree. A degree in Statistics, Computer Science, Maths, Information Management, Finance or Economics will be excellent.

Or else, if you already have knowledge in any of these and have forgotten. Don’t worry. Just dust off the books and spruce your knowledge a little bit.

Doing so will come a long way in aiding you during big data and analytics training.

Moreover, your learning path defines your placement and job opportunities in Big Data. Evidences claim the following level of education obtained by Data Scientists,

  • 92% have an advanced degree
  • 44% have a Master’s Degree and
  • 48% have a PhD.

Don’t turn away and run if you don’t have a master’s or doctorate. A certificate from a reputed Big Data institute through a best big data training will help you start a career.

Most of the large cities in India have private professional institutes giving Big Data training. If you are a Chennaite, you are all the more lucky. Big Data Training in Chennai is offered by several private technology institutes.

Significantly, you are a lucky Chennaite because these institutes offer both Big Data training and placement in Chennai. Furthermore, they also offer Big Data training and certification online.

The Significance of Getting Big Data Training in Private Technology Institutes

Here we shall discuss the significance of learning a Big Data course in Chennai in a private institute.

  • To begin, private institutions in Chennai offer both Big Data training and Certification training.
  • You will get both excellent Big Data and Hadoop training too.
  • Furthermore, they offer Big Data Hadoop training and placement.
  • Their Big Data Hadoop courses are industry relevant.
  • Markedly, most of their Big Data classes are hands-on and project oriented.
  • These institutes also offer Big Data Analytics training online.
  • Particularly, the Big Data Analytics courses offered by these institutes simplify concepts in easy step by step teaching methodology.
  • By the end of these short-term courses, you will learn the methods of working with Big Data.
  • Significantly, Big Data Analytics training mentors and guides are working professionals in reputed companies.

Technical Skills You Can Easily Master To Start Learning Big Data

By learning a short term certificate course in Big Data you can gain knowledge in the following technical skills,

  • You will learn Hadoop
  • Pig and Hive
  • Apache Hadoop
  • Data Science with R fundamentals
  • Apache Spark
  • MapReduce
  • Data Science with SAS basics
  • Real Time Processing
  • NoSQL Databases
  • GTA Support
  • Excel
  • Velocity variety
  • File system
  • Management systems
  • Data Science with Python fundamentals
  • Data Visualization- Tableau
  • Machine Learning fundamentals and
  • Cloudlabs for R and Python.

Moreover, you can even easily start to learn Big Data from a course offered by the University of California through Coursera. Significantly, you get financial aid for the course which starts from April 03, 2019.

Particularly, this course from the University of California is taught at a beginner level and you can complete it in 5 months. It is a 100% online course. Hurry now to register.

Business Skills You Can Develop To Start Learning Big Data

You will learn few business skills while you start learning Big Data from from private institutes.

They are,

  • Business Acumen
  • Inquisitiveness in Problem Identification
  • Approach and Solution
  • Creativity and
  • Importantly, Communication Skills

Lot to learn, you may say. But here is what happens after you get a short term certificate course in Big Data. Importantly, your learning will never go in vain. Read further.

Job Roles You Can Snatch With A Short-Term Certificate Course in Big Data

Particularly, Big Data Hadoop training in Chennai, will lead you into the following jobs,

Database Administrator – You get an average salary in this job role of Rs.959,626 per year.

Database Developer – The average salary you get per year is Rs. 1,033,150.

Data Analyst – As a Data Analyst you draw a salary of Rs.370,000 per year.

Data Scientist – Rs.620,244 per year is the average salary you will draw as a Data Scientist.

Big Data Engineer – You will get a salary of Rs.784,713 per year as a Big Data Engineer.

Data Modeler – As a Data Modeler you draw a salary of Rs.1,320,000 per year.


You now know how important it is to get certified in Big Data. Furthermore, apart from giving you Big Data Hadoop training, these institutes offer you training for certification in Big Data.

You will be lucky to hurry up and register for a Big Data course right away. Because around 1.4 lakh jobs are still vacant for Big Data Analytics in India.

This statistics is revealed by Nasscom. Moreover, this vacancy will increase to 2.3 lakhs by 2021.

This much of jobs are lying vacant because companies don’t get trained Big Data people. Why don’t you be one among the many who race up to fill the vacancies?

Without giving a second thought you can hurry up to register for a Big Data short term course and easily get employed.

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