Scope of Web Development Careers for Students in India

Scope of Web Development Careers for Students in India

The scope of web development is finding new meanings of implementation in various fields. As a web developer, you will create websites.

That is, you will be responsible for behind-the-scenes coding and programming of websites.

On the other hand, you will have to maintain a website’s speed, capacity in terms of traffic and overall performance.

So don’t worry. Your chances of getting a job in the field of web development are evergreen in all types of industries.

What to Do to Get a Job in Web Development?

You may start off by asking what qualification should I have to start a career in web designing?

Moreover, you may worry that you don’t have a proper educational qualification to get job opportunities in web design and development.

The international business and financial news channel, CNBC debates that colleges degrees will be valued less in getting future jobs. Instead, more importance will be given to skills needed to do a job.

Most of the web designing courses taught in the private professional institutes start from the basic of web designing. On the other hand, you will find it a bit easier if you have degrees like BCA, MCA, BSc Computer Science or any other computer related diploma courses.

But bear in mind, that no particular educational qualification is needed to join for a web development training course. The scope of web development carrers is huge for those interested in modern designing and development.

Is Web Development Course Easy to Learn?

Just imagine the feeling you’ll get when you build a wonderful looking website. All the credit and appreciation will go to you.

Development designing of a web page is taught to you from scratch. What will you learn in developing web pages?

In web development there is something known as front-end and back-end development. To do this you need to acquire the following programming skills to start your career in website designing and development.

  • SharePoint
  • Virtualization
  • Web Services
  • C#
  • LAMP
  • .NET
  • PHP
  • Content management system
  • Java
  • Ruby on Rails
  • Java EE/J2EE
  • Python
  • ASP
  • AJAX
  • CSS
  • Cold Fusion
  • DCOM/COM/ActiveX
  • Search Engine Optimization

To start with, all the above might sound Greek and Latin for you. But believe me the application part of all this is really interesting.

All these practical aspects of website designing techniques will improve your innovative and creativity skills.

Furthermore, these skills will help you to get better career opportunities. And increase your scope of web development creativity.

What Jobs and Salary will you Get after finishing a Web Development Training Course?

Which Industrial Line has More Scope of Web Development?

The fields in which the scope of web designing is huge for you are,

  • Mobile Application Development
  • Entertainment Industry
  • Digital Marketing
  • Medicine and Healthcare Industry
  • Manufacturing Industry
  • Advertisement Agency
  • Web Designing Company
  • Banking Industry
  • Software Industry
  • Insurance Field etc..

Jobs that you will Get after completing a Web Development Course

After you complete short-term certificate courses in web development you will get the following jobs,

  • Front End Web Developer – You get an average yearly pay of Rs.360,000.
  • Back End Web Developer – Your monthly average is Rs.17,498.
  • Web Application Developer – Rs.339,464 is your yearly average.
  • Design and Layout Analyst – Your average is Rs.749K – 820K.
  • UI Designer – Your yearly average is Rs.416,586.
  • Senior Web Analyst – You get an average yearly pay of Rs.362,052.
  • Web Marketing Analyst – Rs.209K – 269K is your average salary.
  • UX Principal
  • UX Consultant

You also have the option to work as a freelancer.

What is the Future Scope of Web Development?

Let me make the point strongly that the future of web development is evolving to make a strong online presence.

Furthermore, website is the face and an integral component of your business. Moreover, the future and scope of web development is dynamically changing.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) in Websites

You have gird in AI. You can instruct the gird what you want and it uses AI to make a table made content. Moreover, in the future it is expected that AI web developer will ask for colors, layouts needed to develop a beautiful website.

Progressive Web Applications (PWA)

Using PWAs has several advantages, namely,

  • To work offline
  • Reliability
  • Instant Loading
  • Ability to Receive Push Notifications
  • Extraordinary UX

Moreover, websites using PWAs are built faster. Furthermore, they are easier to maintain.


Chatbots will play a greater role in web development. They will aid in optimal engagement and conversion rates. Significantly, chatbots are applicable to any websites across all industries.

Voice Search Integration

I am sure you will do much of your search on the internet using “voice search”. Furthermore, you will also have used Google Assistant or Siri.

Website development are increasingly adopting voice search in website design and development. Moreover, it is one of the key aspects in software development.

Have a Rewarding Career with Web Development

You have job security with Web Development. The Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts 15% growth in employment rate for Web Developers between 2016 – 2026.

Let me end with a final Bonus round up of:

How to Start your Out-Of-The-Box Journey as a Web Developer?

  • Try building your own website
  • Apply for an internship
  • Practice
  • Participate in hackathons
  • Do freelance projects
  • Contribute to an open source project
  • Put your code on GitHub
  • Keep yourself updated.

Please let know in the comment section, when you become a Web Developer. And others too will follow your footsteps!

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