What Job Oriented Short Term Courses are Selected by Students in India to Get a Job?

What Job Oriented Short Term Courses are Selected by Students in India to Get a Job?

Looking for some job oriented short term courses to do in order to get a job in India? Want to spend your valuable time upgrading yourself with the right courses? I have prepared a list of trending courses that will come handy when you are looking for a job.

You can get the necessary training in some of these sought-after fields while doing your higher studies. Or, are you waiting for your college admissions? No worries. These certificate courses, unlike diploma courses, are conveniently short; you can even get a course done while waiting for your entrance exams’ results.

Job Oriented Short Term Courses


The students of Commerce and the ones in the Business field would find Tally highly useful. If you are planning to find employment in the accounting field, Tally is a must!

Learn Tally as it is a complete business management software product that opens up a whole new world of employment opportunities for students and professionals.

Digital marketing

Digital marketing refers to the form of promoting products, brands and services digitally. There is a huge demand for digital marketers. Moreover, the course helps you find space in multiple fields like SEO, SEM, Email marketing, and so on. Hence, wider job opportunities.

The course is open to all. So, if you are someone who is not sure about your career, you are likely to find a course on Digital marketing useful.


Of course, I need not tell you how Java is considered as the most popular and widely used programming language. So if you are looking for a career in software, Java training is a must!

This short term job oriented course will help you achieve a good pay right from the beginning. Moreover, Java is seen as a backbone of the IT industry. So make sure to move up the corporate ladder by learning java.

Web development

This is the best course to do if you imagine a career creating all those fabulous websites that could be seen by millions of people online.

This job-oriented short term course had been ruling the IT world for quite some time. Unlike digital marketing, it is not a new field.

However, there is a good demand for trained and skilled web developers across the globe.

So learn Web development now and start your career.

Mobile Apps Development Training

Every new day is born with a new mobile application. Smartphones are enjoying such a prominent role in peoples’ lives today, and not surprisingly, all businesses want to have their own apps.

So you can easily imagine what kind of scope this field offers to the trained professionals. In this course, you would learn how to build successful mobile apps for all development platforms.

So what are you waiting for? Go ahead and get the training.

Final Thoughts

We are living in a digital age where even the seemingly traditional and noncomputerised fields are getting digitalised. This paradigm shift promises new opportunities in the employment sector.

You have digital marketing, digitalised business analytics, and digitalised stock market course. While these courses are trending, the other course like Tally and Java are important because proficiency in them is quite mandatory for some of the white collar jobs.

However, the paradigm shift also requires professionals who are well equipped. The above-mentioned courses enable you to become qualified for some of the well-paid and in-demand jobs.

Nonetheless, you should look for the right institute! There are numerous good training institutes offering these courses in Delhi and other parts of the country. So go through their websites and see what they offer. When trained well, you can become a certified professional in a matter of days!

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