Who Is This For? Data Science Using Python

Who Is This For? Data Science Using Python Workshop

Data Science is used to study lots of information or data. The study results are then converted into useful social and economical resources.

In order to arrive at more appropriate results with lots of data, a programming language called Python is used.

Therefore, this workshop will help you to,

  • Know how this Python Language is used in Data Science
  • Learn the new Python programming skill
  • Get ideas of starting a new career in Data Science
  • Know what data analysts are actually doing in your company

Moreover, you will also learn how to code, analyze data and make predictions with Data Science.

Who Is This Workshop For?

This Career in Data Science Workshop is generally for all who want to know what Data Science is all about. Specifically, it is for,

  • HR
  • College Professors
  • College Students
  • CEOs and CTOs
  • IT Professionals in the field of Web, Analytics, and Python
  • Freshers
  • Unemployed Freshers
  • Business persons and
  • Active Social Media Engagers.

More Practical Visuals

Yes. This workshop will be a practical visualization of the use of Python in Data Science.

Agenda For The Data Science Workshop Using Python

  • Data Science Introduction using Python
  • Why Python & Python IDE, SettingUp Working, Python Programming & Data Types
  • Descriptive Statistics using Python
  • Correlation using Python
  • Linear Regression using Python

At the end of the Workshop, you will

  • Know the applied science of Python
  • Learn about coding from scratch
  • Continue to explore data science after the workshop is over.


Mr. Dinesh Babu holds a doctoral degree in analytics from BITS, Pilani. He is a senior data scientist in a MNC company and also a CBAP professional and a data science expert.

Register Now

You will get a Participant Certificate by attending this workshop. You have free access to WiFi, you will get a writing kit and refreshing lunch and snacks.

The last date for registration is 3rd April 2019. For further registration details, you can call at 9025500600 .

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