How to Write Famous and Awesome Blog Post

Famous article stated that nearly 80% of the internet users read blogs, 7 million people having own blogs and 13 million people blog via their social networks. As a marketer we have to know how to write great and unique blog post for our blogs. We have to give unique and best content to our readers then only we can able to survive in the blogging world.

Here the simple steps to make your post as best in quality:

Know your audience

When you going to start writing before that you should clearly understand your audience, exactly what they want from you and what will differentiate yourself with your competitors. This is what creating your customer engaged topics and always get their presence to read your post.

Start with topic and working for best title

Choosing the best topic is always important one for every bloggers. Topic can be more general in nature, but it cope with niche of your blogging. When you decided the topic you should choose the best eye catching title for your topic. Because these title only get your readers to read your post.

Write your best intro

Most of us having the habit of reading intro part of the article, if the intro is satisfied then only entering into the full post. So it is very essential one to best intro to our blog article. If the intro is worst and content of the post is best means we lost valuable audience at the starting stage.

Arrange your content

Most of the time we are having lengthy of information about our post and it will make the readers getting bored, so we have to organize our content in the form of list, sections, tips and whatever is suite at the topic. When blogs having proper organized content will actually grab the attention from the customer.

Fix your format according to on page SEO

It is also essential one to write the post according to on page SEO technique. If you fix your post according to that then it will helps you to get more visitors from search engine itself. Using proper images, positioning the Meta tags at the right places and, connecting your old post with most appropriate links also important one to grab the customer.

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