How to Do SEO Audit for Your Website

It is an essential one to do the regular audition for every website.Here’s the list of technology that helps to make your website more search engine friendly as well as user-friendly. Here’s the list of consecutive methods that involved in site audition.

  1. Content audit,
  2. Technical SEO audit,
  3. Link audit,
  4. On-Page audit

Content audit:

The content audit is nothing but auditing the website content according to the search engine friendly.

  •  Ensure that your website has only unique content
  • If your website has someone works then add credits to them
  • Check your website has too many shuffled keywords if it means then take unnecessary keywords
  • Make your website content as easy to read by means of adding better fonts and color scheme to the content
  • Engage your customer with full of fresh and updated content

Technical SEO audit:

  • Make sure your website has hierarchical URL structure
  • Create sitemap for your website, this will helps to crawl the web page in search engines
  • Check whether your website has any broken links (error pages) and remove them all.
  • Check the loading time of your website, maximum size for home page must be 130k for and 180kb for all the rest of pages

Link audit:

  • Always keep eye on website links
  • If it is unrelated and going to harm your website then don’t forget to remove that kind of links
  • Remove all spammy links, for this you can use Google disavow tool
  • Maintain all the good links to your website

On page audit:

  • Make sure your title tag is unique and user friendly
  • Cut short your meta tags length, maximum length will be 200 words
  • Make sure that your image has proper alt tags

These are all the important points to be remembered at the time of site auditing. Join our SEO training in Chennai learn in-depth about the search engine optimization techniques and best practices to become an expert SEO analyst.

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