Prospects of an Android Developer Career in 2021

Are you more passionate about developing mobile apps? I mean creating an app that is more likely user-friendly with polished design and having a great navigation. Then, why don’t you want to become a great mobile app developer in 2019?

Today, the mobile phone market is surging at the moment. The population growth, which in turn, increasing the demand for mobile application developers, who currently having a  lots of opportunities for employment.

Moreover, there is a big debate when it comes to iOS over Android apps. But, do you know? Android application developer is being the great career choice than iOS.  This is because Android is easier to use, download and install android apps from google play store. To be noticed, the  survey report of Business Insider, states Google’s Android has shown a market share of 75.8%, while Apple’s iOS has a market share of 22.9%.

These statistical figures are enough proof to showcase the importance of  android. This what makes many dominating brands to switch over to android apps even after having an active website and the iOS version of it.

Reasons to become an Android Developer in 2019

Before starting your career as an android developer, you must know how android is going to change your career trajectory.

#1. There is a huge demand for the skill:

As Employers are now hiring Android developers much faster and more in numbers compared to other professionals in mobile technology.  This is due to the increasing number of mobile phone and android users.

Presently, India alone contributes over 220 million smartphone users . In which, majority of 80% are Android users. It also claims that by 2020,  the number of smartphone users can increase up to 810 million.

Job trends, according to Indeed, also confirm that Android app development skills are now being in-demand hot and progressive.  So, I think there is no better time for you to improve your Android skills and look for a job.

#2. Android is an open-source platform:

Being an open-source platform, Android offers flexibility and great freedom to developers. That is, it allows developers to edit, extend source code and exercise their development capabilities and skills to create exceptional apps.

#3. Easy to learn:

So, if you are ready to start your career as an android developer, primarily, you must have knowledge of Core Java along with the ability to analyze problems and think logically. 

Since you already have these basic skills then it is very easy for you to create dynamic and successful Android applications.

In case, you don’t possess these skills, don’t worry it is easier to learn. For this, you can also opt for online courses or do you want a practical knowledge? Get Excellent developer training from accomplished trainers of reputed training institutes.

Start your Career as an Android developer:

Your first step of starting a promising career in Android app development, you must know the following things in your career path.

  1. What should be your minimum Educational Qualification?
  2. What is your Responsibilities as an Android app developer?
  3. What are some Technical Skills that you must possess as an Android app developer?
  4. What are some important mobile application development certifications available?
  5. What are some big organizations that are looking for an Android developers?
  6. What are your Job roles in Android?
  7. What is the Android Developer Salary?

1. What should be your minimum Educational Qualification?

Starting a career in mobile app development, most of the employers choose to hire qualified professionals to design their apps.

Thus, here you must be compelled to be fluent in widespread programming languages, and have a degree behind you.

As a result, most of the employers hire candidates with a minimum of degree in software engineering, mobile application development, mobile computing, engineering science or an analogous programming-centric field of study.

2. What is your Responsibilities as an Android app developer?

When you are working as an Android app Developer, your roles and responsibilities vary depending  on various factors like Organization needs, your experience, and the project you are working on.

The following is the general job roles and responsibilities performed by every android developer while working in a reputed IT Company.

  • As an Android developer, your  are responsible to design, develop, test and modify applications.
  • Being a great mobile app developer,  it is your duty to maintain quality and functionality of the product as per the client needs and the feedback.
  • Every Mobile app developer should be familiar with writing code in Java environment.
  • As an android app developer, you are responsible to design and develop the interfaces of apps.
  • You must be popularize in providing technical support to the application especially when some possible bugs arises in the mid.
  • In general, it is also  important to collaborate with other team members like like UI/UX designers, back-end developers, etc.
  • As a good android app developer, you must be  responsible in fixing and tackling bugs as soon as some issues arise.
  • You must also be responsible in unit testing- that is module testing, which is often an integral  part of software development cycle.
  • Also, to be a great mobile app developer, you must stay on up-to- date new technologies and master new skills and gain fresh knowledge all the time. 

3. What are some Technical Skills that you must possess as an Android app developer?

To be hired as an Android app developer in 2019 by the top organizations. The recruiters expect you to possess some technical skills , which is below discussed.


To start a career as an Android developer, you must  have an extensive knowledge in at least any one of the android  app development languages. Hence, you must be comfortable with Kotlin or Java programming languages.

In addition, you must also understand the following concepts, that include

  • Object-oriented fundamentals (e.g. inheritance, class, and static methods)
  • Variables
  • Lists
  • Loops


As an android engineer, you must also be aware of using vital Android software development kits. Those includes,

  • Fundamentals of Views,
  • View Groups, and Layouts
  • User input
  • Ways to get data from the web
  • Storing data
  • Action bars
  • Adapting apps for different screen sizes


To increase your chance of hiring, you must also have some hands on experience in SQL. This is because every Android app requires some storage data in some form, whether that’s the data of the app itself or user data.

So to manage your data, you must have knowledge in SQL.


XML stands for Extensible Markup Language and is most widely used in the development of web solutions. So as an android developer, you must have knowledge in basics of XML to transfer data to web services and vice versa.


This is to approve and publish your developed app into google play store, your app should be aligned with the material design language guidelines.  This covers the essential elements in apps like colors, shades, transitions, element placement, etc.


The important knowledge an android developer must have is Integrated Development Environment (IDE). This is having knowledge on Android Studio, which helps you to work more efficiently with bug-free codes.


Some recruiting companies clearly states that they hire candidates, only when they know back-end programming skills. For this, you must have knowledge on Python, Node.js, .Net, etc.

4. What are some important  mobile application development certifications available?

If you have passion on developing android mobile apps, but doesn’t possess the basic qualifications. Don’t worry, there are many number of training institutes out there to teach you about Android app development with certifications.

This helps you to develop your skills and in turn helps you to get into your dream company with the following certifications.

  • ATC Android Certified Application Developer
  • IBM Certified Mobile Application Developer – Worklight V6.0
  • SAP Certified Development Associate – SAP Sybase Unwired Platform a pair of.1 Mobile Application Developer
  • Mobile Development Institute Certified Developer (MDICD)
  • Logical Operations’ Master Mobile Application Developer (MMAD)
  • formerly Sun Certified Mobile Application Developer (SCMAD)
  • Google Associate Android Developer
  • Microsoft Certified Solutions Developer (MCSD): App Builder
  • OCP (Oracle Certified Professional) : Java ME Mobile App Developer

5. What are some big organizations that are looking for an Android developers?

There are many reputed organizations, which looks for a perfect android app developer with high technical skills. (source: Indeed)

  • Ford Motor Company
  • Stanley Black & Decker
  • Intel
  • Systel
  • Google
  • VMware
  • Deloitte
  • American Express
  • Marriott International, Inc
  • Tealium, Inc
  • Amazon Corporate LLC
  • Salesforce
  • Yahoo!
  • Groupon
  • Uber
  • AOL
  • VMware
  • Facebook

 6. What are your Job roles in Android?

As an Android professional, you  work under a number of different job designations. To be particular, below are some general job positions that are given to every Android professional:

  • Mobile Architect
  • Mobile Developer
  • Objective-C Developer
  • Mobile Lead Software Engineer
  • Mobile Embedded Software Engineer
  • Android Developer
  • Android Mobile Developer
  • Android Engineer
  • Mobile App Developer
  • Java Application Developer

7. What is the Android Developer Salary?

Many well-known organizations are ready to provide a huge salary package to their skilled Android professionals. So, according to, the average salaries for mobile application developers and its connected positions are:

Mobile software system Engineer: $94,000

Mobile Application Developer: $94,000

Android Application Developer: $97,000

Junior level android developer: $4,141 per year

Mid-level Android Developer : $10,672 per year

Senior Android Developer: $13,730 per year

Senior Mobile Developer: $111,000

Javascript Jquery Developer: $124,000

Final Thoughts:

The demand for creative, experienced and Outstanding Android developers continues to dominate the IT marketplace for next many years. It claims that the job marketplace for Android application development is anticipated to making over 135,000 new positions in the coming 2024.

So, why are you waiting for? Build your career option in Android Developer with Zuan Education right away!

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