What Are The Ionic Developer Skills Required To Build Your Career In Ionic Mobile App Development?

You’d like to design and develop hybrid mobile applications that looks and feels like native- mobile apps? This is actually becomes pretty easier with Ionic, which is the dominant HTML5 mobile development framework today.

As Ionic uses HTML, CSS and JavaScript and converts them into native code. This makes the application available for a wide range of mobile devices.

And Do you Know? Most of the Developers are now more crazy on Ionic. This is because it enables them to use a single codebase to build apps for various platforms like iOS, Android, and the web. Currently,the total number of Ionic-built apps exceeds 4 million.

Also, you must know that why most of the developers switched to Ionic framework than others?

As I mentioned above,  Ionic is the best HTML5 mobile framework available today. This is Known to be the best due to the following reasons.

1. Ionic is completely free and open source :

The best thing about Ionic is, it is totally free and open source for anybody around the world. 

By this, it made many potential developers to start creating their own websites and mobile apps with no cost.

2. Ionic is build on Angular :

AngularJS is one of the most popular and powerful JavaScript frameworks, which we use today and is backed by Google. If you are familiar with AngularJS, then you will have a super easy time learning Ionic.

In case you’re not familiar with AngularJS, then you can learn it through using Ionic. So, that it will then be able to use it to build web apps as well as mobile apps.

If you’ve already used Ionic before, then you must be Knowing  that Ionic is built on top of the AngularJS framework.

3. Ionic looks most Native-like framework :

It is notable that all Ionic apps are super-fast, smooth and responsive on a mobile device.

The highlights of Ionic’s native like performance is its sliding menu functionality which is provided by default.

4. Ionic has the customization beautiful default UI :

As Ionic comes with a lot of default JavaScript components and CSS components, that mostly covers the basic things that are needed for building a  mobile application. This includes Buttons,Lists, Navigation, sliding function, Form inputs, tabs, Popups and prompts.

Thus with Ionic, you can create default styles which are very sleek and simple,through pre-defined CSS classes.

5. Ionic provides Tools and Services :

As, Ionic provides a range of tools and services which makes the framework just that much nicer.

Some Ionic tools and services include Ionic View, Ionic Lab, Ionic Playground, Ionic creator,, Ionic deploy, Ionic push, Ionic analytics.

6. Ionic integrates easily with native functionality:

By using Cordova, almost every HTML5 mobile framework integrates easily with  native functionality. This actually provides access to native API’s like the camera, contacts, GPS and so on.

So with ngCordova, this becomes pretty easier in Ionic. ngCordova is the collection of AngularJS services and extensions which makes it easier.

So, do you want to increase the ionic-built apps count to more than 5 million? Then, you must have the following Ionic mobile application development skills to start your career as an Ionic app developer.

Skills required to start  a career in Ionic app development :

As a perfect Ionic app developer, you should have strong knowledge of the following given technologies along with the skills.

#1 AngularJS

One of the foremost skills for an Ionic app developer is to know Angular JS. As Ionic frameworks sits on the Angular JS platform, which is a JavaScript-based technology.

So, an ideal Ionic JavaScript developer, you must possess strong knowledge of Angular JS and JavaScript language.

In addition, you must also know that Ionic framework, that uses the most robust functionalities and capabilities for the development of cross-platform hybrid mobile applications.

#2 Apache Cordova

Following AngularJS, the other necessary one is the Apache Cordova. This is  one of the core components of the Ionic framework.

As Apache Cordova , which is used as the wrapper for the native applications to run as the cross-platform hybrid applications on various operating platforms.

So, it is very essential for any ideal Ionic developer to have in-depth knowledge of Apache Cordova to succeed in the marketplace.

#3 Third Party Plugins & APIs

Do you know ? Through third-party plugins, the Ionic platform gets access to the capabilities of the mobile devices.

So, as a good Ionic developer, you must have a strong command over multiple third-party plugins to use and access the mobile capabilities.

This is because, in some cases like the new custom API(Application Programming Interface) may be required to access the phone capabilities in the absence of a suitable third-party plugin.

Therefore, as an ideal Ionic app developer, you  should also know how to create API with third party plugins and work with them for integration.

#4 Basic Web Technologies

As we know, Ionic framework is designed in such a way for developing high quality progressive web applications(PWA), which can run in browsers on multiple operating System platforms simultaneously.

So, to start your career as ionic app developer, you must have deep  knowledge of basic web technologies such as CSS3, HTML5, and JavaScript. These are considered as the critical fundamentals for every Ionic developer.

#5 Back-End Technologies

We all know that Ionic framework is a front-end platform, which is used to design and develop good UI/UX for hybrid mobile applications.

But in some cases, you are supposed  to integrate your front-end with many back-end or server-side applications through either server-side scripting languages  or some other general purpose languages.

So it is better to have knowledge on back-end technologies language like Python, PHP, Java, JavaScript, Node JS,  and others.

Learning this, would be an added advantageous skills for an ionic app developer. Also have some better understanding of SASS language, but it’s optional.

Combinations of Technologies with Ionic Framework :

Different combinations of technologies are used to achieve the desired goal of the Ionic framework. The details of the combinations of technologies and their effective uses are described below.

  1. Combination of Ionic Framework with Other Technologies– This is used in possible industries.
  2. Ionic framework 1x + Angular 1x + Apache Cordova– Used for the development of fundamental hybrid mobile application based on web technologies to access the application APIs
  3. Ionic 2x + Angular 2x + Apache Cordova– Used for the Advanced PWA development with support to native access, a new form of navigation, strong hybrid app themes, support for Google Material Design and other features
  4. Ionic Javascript + HTML + CSS,  Ionic Typescript– This is for the Creation of high-quality and cross-platform code for hybrid applications to access the capabilities of mobile devices
  5. Ionic framework + Native app APIs– This provides access to the device capabilities like GPS, flash, camera, and other capabilities
  6. Ionic Node JS platform– This is to integrate with the back-end data developed in server-side JavaScript programming

Final Thoughts :

Apart from the above technical skills, you should also have certain soft skills. Moreover, to be a successful ionic app developer.

Thus, the popularity of Ionic framework and the demand for hybrid application developers are increasing very rapidly today. So, to shine in the industry, develop your skills in a right manner from a reputed Ionic app development training institute in Chennai.

All the best for your future of creating number of dynamic Ionic apps!

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