How to Plan a Successful Career in Web Development?

How to Plan a Successful Career in Web Development?

Web development is expanding with the introduction of new technologies. Like, smartphones and tablets. Therefore, your career in web development opportunities will never die down.

Moreover, your knowledge to create new apps and programs will be valued more. To develop web pages or create websites, needs modern skills. Moreover, good web design is a factor to draw leads and conversions.

While web developer jobs are plenty in the market what skills should you possess?

You can bravo with the following mentioned skill sets that involve, programming languages and graphic editing.

Skills Required to Start your Career In Web Development

First of all, know what your employees are looking for

Some companies would wish, you have a bachelors degree in computer science. However, if you don’t have a degree you can have web development course training and certificate. If you are put up in Chennai, you can learn Web Development course in Chennai from premier IT institutes.

Moreover, you can also train yourself as a freelance web developer through self-learning.

Know what computer skills you ought to have

You should know how web works and how to program. Moreover, new programming languages and interfaces are appearing everyday. Therefore, you need to keep up with the trends in technology.

Furthermore, you will need to know some basic aspects of design such as color theory, grid blocking, fonts etc.

Likewise, you should also know how to make a website or app look attractive and user-friendly.

A career in Web Development is a very demanding job

Career in web development demands certain traits from you. They are,

  • You should have interpersonal skills
  • Know to handle people with varied personalities
  • Dealing with clients
  • Stress management and time management skills
  • Learn to work with deadlines

Know the Programming Languages to Develop your Career in Web Development

Some of the languages you need to be familiar with to develop your career in web development are,


  • HTML is a language that consists of multiple shortcodes typed into a text document. It has its own grammar and syntax just like any language.
  • HTML stands for HyperText Markup Language.
  • Hypertext is the method by which you move around the internet. You click on a link, which is hypertext that directs you from one page to another.
  • To use HTML, you can use a simple text editor or a powerful HTML editing tool like HTML Kit.
  • Other programming languages work similarly but have different syntax and tags.


Java is a common language you must learn to build your career in web development. Some of its features are,

  • You use Java to write a script or set of instructions for an application.
  • This language allows application writers to “write once, run anywhere”.
  • Websites using this language are Netflix, Edmunds, and Zappos.
  • JSON and CORE are popular tools for writing and coding in Java.

Developing skills using NET/C# to build your career in Web Development

  • This programming language was created for Microsoft platforms.
  • ExactTarget, Comcast, and XBOX are popular websites that use this as a development tool.
  • Development tools that will help you write in NET/C# are Flippy, SQL Helper, Imagehandler, and CodeSmith.

Learn PHP

  • PHP is the most commonly used scripting language.
  • Moreover, this language allows web developers to write quickly. This language is more flexible in its code than others.
  • Furthermore, Facebook, Tumblr, and Wikipedia utilize PHP as their programming language.
  • Interestingly, some of the top tools for using PHP are Slim.PHP, Secureimage, and Webgrind.

To develop your career in web development you should know to write C++ code

  • C++ is easy to use and has flexibility in its code.
  • JPMorgan Chase, DIRECTTV, and Sony are popular websites that use C++.
  • There are multiple tools that can help you code in C++, such as Doxygen, Graphviz, and Mscgen.

Learn to code in Python

Learning to code in Python is an essential skills to build your career in web development.

  • Python is a programming language known for its ease of use. It allows you to quickly create code and integrate systems.
  • Python has programming syntax that is easy to read and follow.
  • Some of the websites that you probably use every day are Python-based, such as Google and Youtube.
  • Some of the tools you can try for working with Python are Komodo Edit IDE, PyCharm IDE, and Eclipse with PyDev.

Learn Graphic Design to build your Career in Web Development

In order to build your career in web development learning graphic design is important.

  • You should know how to crop a graphic, resize it, change the color scheme, and add text.
  • There are many different graphic and photo editing apps and programs for you to use.
  • Moreover, each has their own interface and methods.
  • Free editing software suites such as GIMP and Inkscape are available for download.
  • Use your HTML coding skills to place simple images and graphics onto the website.
  • Furthermore, you can use GIMP or Inkscape to edit the images.

Launching Your Job As A Web Developer

Software developers and web developers are equally wanted in leading companies. Furthermore, entry level jobs in the field of web developing are much sought after.

Design and developer for web content in mobile devices especially require more specialized skills. Moreover, companies look for front end web developers and back end developers who can develop websites having knowledge in HTML CSS and javascript.

Prepare and update your Curriculum Vitae or Resume

The next step after your learning process is to prepare your CV or resume. Therefore, what are the core things that has to be present in your Profile or Resume?

Put some of the code you have written online

  • Put out a side project on collaborative sites like GitHub.
  • Likewise, contribute to open sourced projects on GitHub and similar websites.
  • A prospective employer will appreciate your collaboration with others on a web project. And you will be an attractive potential employee.
  • Put your highest quality code on your online profiles.
  • Once you have written some code or contributed to a project, you can put this on your resume.
  • Start and write blogs about projects you are working on or trends in web development. Furthermore, put a link to this on your CV. Eventually, potential employers will appreciate you keeping up to date on trends and projects in the field.

Before you go for the tests and interviews spend time on technical tests

Many companies require that you take a technical test before you move to the interview section.

You will be asked to prove your competency for coding in a particular language. Or develop a specific type of website.


According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the growth of job expansion in web developing is 15%. This growth is faster than the average.

Web developers are responsible and participate in the larger web applications and software programs development of a corporate. Lastly, it would be appropriate to conclude this article with a roundup of quick tips. Which will be useful to build your career in web development.

Let’s vroom past…

  • Build your own website
  • Do freelance projects
  • Contribute to an open source project
  • Put your code on GitHub
  • Participate is a hackathon
  • Practice
  • Be updated on the recent trends in web development
  • Do an internship
  • Build something with HTML and CSS
  • Work with JavaScript
  • Start a side project
  • Go to meetups
  • Answer Quora questions about learning to code
  • Work with a database
  • Try building responsive web applications
  • Start writing technical blog posts and
  • Watch tech conference talks on YouTube

“We don’t just build websites, we build websites that SELLS”. Be competitive in the market!

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