Top 5 Certifications to Boost your Web Designer Skills

Web Designer Certification

Website designing is an essential part of website and it is a form of art. While majority of the job is to power on design and coding element know-how, the remaining of the work is having an intuitive knowledge of something seems right and something doesn’t. Any website designer worth his smartness will develop a solid core of fundamentals to make himself reach out for the rest of the pack.

In 2017, it’s challenging to produce sales of any kind and without a website. For several if not most customers, the site helps as the primary by which they collect data and make buying choices about a company and its goods. As a conclusion, it’s never been more necessary to have a website that is beautifully and functionally pleasant.

Do you need to grow your web designing profession? If you’re gazing out at any of the ultra-skilled website designers, it’s necessary to retain that no subject how skilled they are today, all of them held in your shoes at one spot. And all didn’t become champions overnight – they put in hard and smart work and exercise to get to wherever they are.

To be strong, web designers usually require a solid knowledge of web programming platform, an awareness of the primary web design applications, and excellent creative abilities. Also, web designers ought to have excellent problem-solving skills, the strength to have the step with innovations in software and technology, and excellent verbal and written communication skills.

So you must become the master in web designing. Your web pages look amazing, and also you are good-looking confident that is what you require to achieve for a living. If you are looking for a step front to earn your experience reach the pile of resumes on the table of a prospective employer, then you might require considering a webmaster certification. There are considerably some web designing certifications outward there that will examine your capacity to design, code, and complete web pages.

As in other IT fields, there are various certifications accessible to those looking to obtain or refine web designer skills. Here are some of the certifications useful to an aspiring web design professional as they grow in the field:

1. Microsoft Developer Certifications

Microsoft organization offers a valuable set of opportunities when it comes to the learning of new software development. Acquiring certification exams and endorsing your skill is one of the best steps to make a substantial knowledge foundation, enhance your knowledge, and get ahead with your profession in software development.

Microsoft Developer Certifications

In that broad range of certifications, where does one start off? Well, it depends on your advanced skills and works background. If you are fresh to software development with less than one year of job experience, there are two primary credentials level you can go with:

  1. Microsoft Technology Associate (MTA) level,
  2. Microsoft Certified Solutions Developer (MCSD) level.

MTA: HTML5 Application Development Fundamentals (98-375)

The Microsoft Technology Associate (MTA) is latest set of technology certification exams from Microsoft that validate fundamental skills required to begin establishing a career using Microsoft technologies. MTA certifications are an excellent place to start if you would love to get into the technology field. MTA certifications deliver a wide spectrum of fundamental technical ideas, evaluate and certify core technical knowledge, and improve technical probability.

HTML5 Application Development Fundamentals (98-375)HTML5 Application Development Fundamentals credential is a primary certification including full of the necessary skills, tools, and knowledge required to program websites and apps in HTML5, the most broadly used programming language in the website and web-based app design.

To succeed in the 98-375 exam, you should hold strong foundational knowledge of the topics in the preparation pattern, including Cascading Style Sheet and JavaScript. You should additionally be clear including the concepts of them and have some hands-on work background with the relevant technologies either by attending relevant training courses or by working with tutorials and examples available on MSDN and in Microsoft Visual Studio.

While you pass Exam 98-375: HTML5 Application Development Fundamentals, you finish the conditions for the Microsoft Technology Associate: HTML5 Application Development Fundamentals certification. At this time, MTA is only accessible to students, faculty, also the staff of an accredited academic institution that is an authorized MTA examination center. MTA exams are mainly available at academic institutions that have obtained an MTA Campus License or MTA vouchers. Those examinations are addressed through an internet-based measuring program that permits delivery of exams anytime in any workstation connected to the internet at an accredited academic institute. Instructors are allowed as exam representatives.

The MTA validates 80% familiarity and 20% skills. The next level in the Microsoft certification way is Microsoft Technology Specialist (MCTS) which needs hands-on work experience with the Microsoft platform. Microsoft Corporation makes its whole developer toolset open for scholars to download and install at no charge through the DreamSpark Program.

Each MTA Certification exam will include a broad technology area, including:

  • Manage the application life cycle (20–25%)
  • Build the user interface (UI) by using HTML5 (25–30%)
  • Format the user interface by using Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) (20–25%)
  • Code by using JavaScript (30–35%)

To obtain an MTA Certification, applicants must pass only one exam. The MTA Certification will get expired in five years.

Who should take this exam?

Applicants for this exam are exploring to show core HTML5 customer application development skills that order to run on today’s modern touch-enabled tools (PCs, Tablets, Laptops, and phones). Although HTML is usually thought of as a web technology that is contributed in a browser to render a UI, this exam concentrates on using HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript to develop custom applications. Before getting this exam, candidates should hold strong foundational knowledge of the guides described in the preparation pattern, including CSS and JavaScript. It is advised that applicants be familiar with the concepts of and should have some hands-on exposure with the related technologies, either by taking appropriate training courses or by working with tutorials and examples available on MSDN and in Microsoft Visual Studio.

Exam Details

Number of Questions: 30-50 questions

Type of Questions: Multiple choice

Passing Score: 70

Time Limit: 50 minutes

Price: 3,696.00 INR

2. MCSD: Web Applications Solutions Developer

(MCSD) The Microsoft Certified Solutions Developer certification program is intended for software and web developers to show their expertise to build solutions utilizing both individual specified and modern cloud technologies. This MCSD certification helps as the international standard for software developers, and specialists are looking to get this certification should have experience using various Microsoft tools and languages to examine and design enterprise solutions.

MCSD: Web Applications Solutions Developer

Programming in HTML5 with CSS and JavaScript

Microsoft Exam 70-480: Real-world ability of programming with HTML5, JavaScript, and CSS3. Designed for qualified developers who are able to develop their status, MCSD concentrates on the critical-thinking and decision-making intelligence required for success at the Microsoft Specialist level.

MCSD Programming in HTML5 with CSS and JavaScriptThe MCSD exam focuses on the user interface side of web and application development using HTML5 for structure, CSS3 for cascading styles and Javascript for dynamic interactivity. You must perform in all of these areas before trying the exam for yourself.

Concentrate on the expertise covered by these objectives:

  • Implement and manipulate document structures and objects (24%)
  • Implement program flow (25%)
  • Access and secure data (26%)
  • Use CSS3 in applications (25%)

Who should take this exam?

Candidates for this certification should have one plus years of experience in programming and the essential industry/application reasoning for a variety of application types and hardware/software programs using JavaScript. Applicants should additionally have a minimum of two plus years of experience developing with HTML5 in an object-oriented, event-driven programming paradigm.

Exam Details

Number of questions: 50 Questions.

Type(s) of questions: Tree Questions.

Passing Score: 700/1000

Time limit: 2 Hours

Price: 4,800.00 INR*

3. Adobe Certified Expert (ACE)

An Adobe Certified Expert is any individual who requires proved knowledge with Adobe software products by establishing one or more product-precise proficiency exams set by Adobe.

Adobe Certified Expert

Adobe corporation offers certifications for precise products such as Photoshop and Dreamweaver, as well as the professional track that experiments for a broader competency in the many sub-systems of website design. Experts including Design Specialist, Web Specialist, and RIA specialist certifications with specific level holding a total of three plus experience required exams.

ACE: Dreamweaver CC 2015 Certification

Typical candidates have minimum two and three years’ hands-on practice working with Adobe Dreamweaver on websites and application projects and co-operate as a web designer. Candidates have the responsibility of website structure, web page layout design, programming and styling page with CSS. This applicant must have expertise working with JavaScript codes. They can launch sites via FTP and are masters of web models. They can build and deploy pages that showcase in modern browsers across all devices.

Who can get this certification:

Web Designer, Web Developer

Exam Details

Part: 2 Parts

No. of Question: 55

Question Type: Multiple Choice

Timing: 75 Min

Passing Score: 63%

ACE: Photoshop CC 2015

The ideal candidate should have minimum two plus years experience using Photoshop in imaging, publishing and designing environments. He/she must have the capability for digital asset administration, production, and implemented projects in the areas of web, photographic art, photojournalism, advertising design, news, and media, video, social media, mobile, and 3-D.

Who can get this certification:

Designer, Photographer, Print Designer, Web Designer

Exam Details

No. of Question: 57

Question Type: Multiple Choice

Timing: 90 Min

Passing Score: 63%

4. W3 HTML5 Developer Certificate

The W3 HTML5 Developer Certificate is an internationally recognized credential that shows skills and ability in writing HTML5, XHTML, and CSS. Several web design specialists obtain the W3 HTML5 Developer Certificate as their primary web designing credential, as it examines the basic knowledge that is essential to proceed to more difficult and specialized fields of web design.

W3 HTML5 Developer Certificate

Who can get this certification:

Exam Details

No of Question: 70

Question Type: Multiple Choice

Timing: 70 Min

Passing Score: 70%


5. Google Mobile Sites Certification

The Mobile Sites certification is Google’s specialist accreditation that will be given to individuals who show knowledge in basic and advanced phases of mobile website design. This certification allows a person to show that Google recognizes them as a specialist in mobile sites.

Google Mobile Sites Certification

Exam Details

No. of Question: 65

Question Type: Multiple Choice

Timing: 90 minutes

Passing Score: 80%

Price: Free

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