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Data Science With R

2 Days Workshop with Lunch and Refreshment

Date: Feb 02-03, 2019 (Sat & Sun)

Early Bird Price: Rs.4500/- (Zero Cost-Effective)

Venue: Liberty Park Hotel, Kodambakkam , Chennai.

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What Will You Learn In This Workshop?

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Basics of Data Science, Types, Variables, Charts

Introduction to Programming with Tool R

Work pro-efficiently with R, advanced skills & techniques

A boost in your career opportunities

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Data Science Introduction: Data Statistics – Data Visualization - Machine Learning Algorithm - Supervised – Unsupervised learning Algorithm.

R Introduction: What is R? And Why R?: Different “flavors” of R-Installing - R Studio Desktop - Understanding R Studio-Installing Packages and Libraries in R Studio - Setting Your Work Directory

Implementation Data Variables: Data Types - Operators – Keywords – Exceptions-Functions
R Data Structures Vectors and Lists: Strings and Matrices - Arrays and Factors - Data Frames – Packages.
R Interfaces: R- CSV files Read and Write and analyze the data - R- Excel files Read and Write and analyze the data
Data Visualization: Bar Graph and Line Graph - Area Chart and Pie Chart - Scatter Diagram and Histogram - High-Low Graph - Box Plot and Dual Axis Graph

Correlation Analysis Using R: Formulation of Regression Model - Bivariate Regression using R - Multiple Regression using R - Mapping Bivariate Regression with Real Time Example Linear Regression

Descriptive Statistics: Central Tendency - Mean and Weighted Mean and Geometric Mean - Median, Mode, Percentiles and Quartiles - Dispersion - Variance, Standard Deviation, and Range
Logistic Regression using R: Estimated Equation for Logistic Regression

Factor Analysis using R: Factor Analysis Model-Factor Analysis Method-Principal Component Analysis-Rotation Method -Mapping Factor Analysis with Real Time Example

Cluster Analysis using R: Cluster Analysis Introduction - Statistics associated with Cluster Analysis - Conducting Cluster Analysis - Classification of Clustering Procedure - Hierarchical Clustering - Non-Hierarchical Clustering

Association Rule using R: Association Rule Introduction - Apriori Algorithm - Multiple Association Rules - Market Basket Analysis (MBA) - Application of Apriori Algorithm and Market Basket Analysis

Note: It is strongly recommended that you bring your own LAPTOP for the workshop so that you can easily practice further at Home/Company/College.

Who's Training?

M. Dinesh Babu

Data Modeler and Data Analyst

Mr. Dinesh Babu has gained enough acumen and expertise over 6+ years as a Data Modeler and Data Analyst. He has rehearsed and gained proficiency in requirement gathering and data modeling including design and technical knowledge. His experience spreads wide in the fields of OLTP, Data Warehousing, OLAP and ETL Environment. He is thrilled and swift enough to get adapted to new technologies and actualize them in his field of practice.


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