What You Should Choose in 2021: Angular or React JS for In-Demanding Career Growth!

Angular vs ReactJS for in-demanding career growth

Javascript is one of the most familiar languages among web developers today. Furthermore, currently, there are a lot of developers, freshers and experienced people who love to build their own application or project using Javascript still confused to choose the right web development framework or library for their better career growth and project. So, to help them out, I came up with the key difference between Angular vs React JS-which one should they choose in the year 2020.

Moreover, between a list of available javascript web development frameworks available in the market such as Vue.js, Ember.js,  Meteor, and so on. Angular and ReactJs are listed in their topmost priority. But still, most of them are unable to decide which one would be good for their project. Freshers want to know which one is easy to learn and which one has more demand in the market for job purposes.

But before diving in deep to know the key difference between Angular and React JS, Let’s have a quick introduction of Angular and ReactJs.

What is Angular?

AngularJS was first developed by Google and was initially released in 2010. However, until 2016 it used to be called AngularJS.

Meanwhile, in 2016 Angular team released AngularJS 2 which was a complete rewrite of AngularJS. Furthermore, it was actually a completely new framework.

Hence, to reduce confusion from the previous one, the angular team decided to drop JS from the original name and they called this new framework Angular.

For example: In simple words, tell us take Angular has an entire kitchen that gives you all the tools that are required for you to build the meal that is your web app. Hence, Angular is a good choice for organizations with large teams and developers who already use TypeScript.

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What is React?

React is first developed and maintained by Facebook. It was released in 2013.

However, we need to keep in mind ReactJS is a library that is used to build interactive user-interfaces, on the other hand, Angular is a complete framework.

For example: To put in simple words, tell us take React is the oven. You mostly need more tools to bake that cake in the oven, hence it allows you the flexibility to pick and choose what tools you want based on your needs to bake the cake. Therefore, React is a good choice for someone getting started with front-end JavaScript frameworks, startups, and developers who like some flexibility.

Let’s see what the StackOverflowsurvey says about Angular and React.

Now let’s see what Google Trends says about Angular and React.

From the above two images, it’s clearly mentioned that ReactJS has a higher priority than Angular and Google Trends also says ReactJS is the most popular library. Now we will compare both of them based on certain factors to decide which one would be better to choose for the project as well or better career growth for beginners.

Know Every Difference Between React JS vs Angular- A Very Strong Comparison to Choose the Right one:



React is a JavaScript library, and it is a much older one when compared with Angular.

Angular is a complete web framework.

Use of libraries

React js can be packaged with other programming libraries.

Angular is a complete solution in itself.

Learning curve

It is easier to learn compared to Angular. However, it is difficult to learn when augmented with Redux.

Learning Angular is not easy for newcomers. Thus, it requires lots of training and practice.

Community support

React doesn’t offer much community support.

Angular has a viable and dependable community support system

Installation time

React takes a longer time to set up when compared to angular. But, it is really fast compared to angular while delivering projects and building apps.

Angular is easy to set up compared to React but may lead to an increase in coding time which also results in delayed project deliveries.

Freedom & Flexibility

It gives you the freedom and flexibility to choose the wide number of tools, architecture, and libraries, for developing an app.

Angular offers only a limited amount of freedom and flexibility.

Data binding

React language uses one-way data binding, which means that the Ul (User Interface) elements cannot be changed without updating the corresponding model state.

Angular uses two-way data binding method. It helps you to ensure that the corresponding model state changes automatically when any change is applied.

Testing & Debugging

It allows a set of tools to perform different types of testing.

With the single tool, the testing and debugging for a complete project is possible.


Even Though it is undergoing regular updates, the documentation process is relatively faster.

Due to the ongoing development process, the documentation is slower than react.


Updates in React are simple because scripts help in the migration.

It plans updates every six months, which gives some time to make needed changes for migration.

Application Types

Use this app if you want to develop native apps, hybrid apps, or web apps

You should use this framework If you want to develop a SPA(Single Page Application) and mobile apps.

Ideal for

React is fit for modern web development and native- rendered apps for Android and iOS devices.

Angular is best to use when you want to create large-scale, feature-rich applications.


It is based on Virtual DOM(Document Object Model)

Based on MVC (Model View Controller)

Written in

JavaScript Language

Typescript Language

Community Support

It  is supported by Facebook developers community

It is supported by a large community of developers as well as supporters

Language preference

JSX – JavaScript XML


Companies Using

Facebook, Uber Technologies, Instagram, Netflix, WhatsApp, Pinterest, etc.

Google, Wepay, Beam, Sony, Upwork, Auto Trader, Mesh, Streamline Social, Nike, General Motors, etc.


JSX + J% (ES5/ES6)

HTML + TypeScript


Github stars


46.6 K

Adding Javascript library to the source code
PossibleNot Possible


React gives you an option to choose without putting any performance penalty.

An angular framework is very sensitive, which means that it restricts you from using large models.

Use of code

According to your desired format, react allows you to manage the code.

Angular comes with many ready to use components. However, it mainly comes from a specific provider. So, there are priority collisions and namesDaces.

Github stars


80.8 K

30.3 K

48.2 K


Better User Experience, Time saving, Quick Development, Faster Testing, Code Stability with One-directional data binding

Cleaner Code, Higher Performance, Material Design-like Interface, Better Error Handling, Seamless Updates using Angular CLI (Command Line Interface)

Market Trends or Jobs:

If we try to search for the jobs on StackOverflow and Upwork for Angular and React we find below results.

Angular Jobs

React Jobs

From the above two results, it’s clear that React developers are more available than Angular and its demand is high.

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Ending words:

For Experienced People: 

When to Choose React for a Project?

React Native framework is the right choice for your app project when:-

  1. Your application development team has expertise in HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.
  2. You need a highly personalized specific app solution with multiple events.
  3. A myriad of components with different and often variable states – active/inactive navigation items, dynamic inputs, a user log in and access permissions, buttons enabled/disabled, etc. is involved in the development process.
  4. You want to create Components that are expected to be shared across multiple applications as the app project expands.
  5. You wish to spend time on pre-development preparation.

When to Choose Angular for a Project?

Choosing Angular framework is a good choice for your app when:-

  1. Your team has expertise with Java, C# and previous versions of Angular.
  2. You want higher productivity and ready-to-use solutions 
  3. Your app complexity ranges from Low level to Medium level.
  4. You wish to embrace Bundle Budgets in the CLI option, which informs the developers when the app bundle size exceeds the pre-decided value. In other words, selecting Angular is the right decision when you want to regulate app size.
  5. You need a large-scale feature-rich application.

I hope this will give an idea for the experienced person to choose whether angular or React JS as per the current scenario.

For Freshers:

What does the Future Hold for React and Angular for Freshers’ career Growth?

The exact one-line answer to this question is that none of the two frameworks will go out of the picture by the next year or even by 2025. While React has more searches and popularity, whereas Angular is highly considered by developers due to the availability of ready-made solutions – implying both are popular in the market.

Hence, both of these web frameworks are on a growth tangent. It is a great option for freshers to start their career in any of these web frameworks.

Furthermore, if you’re a beginner, want to learn React or AngularJS, There are many private IT institutions in Chennai that make the learning process much simpler through their experienced professional trainers.

In a meanwhile, read Why to Choose AngularJS Developer as Your Career for in-demand Career in Front-End Development!

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