Best Websites To Learn Java For Beginners

Java for beginners

There are some websites that not only improve your Java programming skills but are the responsible for improving skills in you that you will never have before. If you’re searching to find best platforms that can enhance your programming skills, these websites will definitely support you reach the top of Java programming tower. The best way to make that chance to you is to make sure you are on the best website.

Listed here are 8 best programming websites for Java beginners. Have a look!


Udacity also provides Java Programming course. This free course is made to fit for absolute beginners, not just in Java but will also in programming by itself. This course will offer beginners with a solid basis in computer science and Object Oriented Programming concepts guided by expert Java programmers.


Codecademy’s free working tutorials for basic Java. Students will study the basics of this introductory course. Upgrade to Pro, and users will receive access to the rest of the course about conditional and control flow, data-oriented Java, data structures, and more. More than 60,000 students have registered in this course, and it’s one of the most taken online courses for learning Java today.

3. Udemy:

Udemy’s Java Programming for Beginners is advisable for everyone who needs to build a sound foundation in Java. It comes together with working files split into 14 sections. Daunting as it seems, this is specially made for beginners for no-frills high-quality Java training.

4. Coursera:

Coursera is the richest source for online education, and you will select from hundreds of courses about Java and programming. One of the best complete is Duke University’s Java Programming: An Introduction to Software program Specialization. Along with a total of 4 chapters plus one Capstone Project, total beginners will gain details about foundational techniques of Java at the end of the complete course.

5. Tutorialspoint:

This tutorial is for the beginners which help in learning through simple examples and doing practical using facility for online compiling and executing the code. It will assist in learning essential as well as advanced concepts of Java.


This site tutorial is also another online resource that gives helpful learning information with strong examples including exercises for the beginners. It definitely helps in learning fundamental and also advanced concepts of Java.

7.Java Beginners Tutorial:

This website is also one of the sites that will guide the beginners in learning Java. This website is split into three sections. The first part will help in learning the fundamentals of Core Java. In the second section, one can learn with the help of examples and implement the concept. In the third section, it will help one to go through the concepts learned in the first and second part.


Here one can get easily explained lessons for every topic and related tests for what one has learned. It’s a good tutorial for Java that provides topic wise examples.


If you’ve made it into this complete list, you’re probably excited, overwhelmed—or both. Zuan Education provides classroom training, and it also offers online Java training course. We offer the quality and best Java training that will get you the experience you need to land a top Java developer role.

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