8 Must-Know Website Design and Development Practices for Freshers Before starting any Projects!

Website Design and Development Practices for Freshers

Hello! Am so glad that you are ready to work in real-time projects that going to satisfy your clients? However, there are so many amazing websites out there on the web. How do you going to create a website that stands out from your competitors and inspires others? No worries…Just follow these 8 simple Website Design and Development Practices to deliver a successful project.

However, from functionality and appearance to navigation and coding integrity, a lot goes into creating an eye-catching, user-friendly website. But, fortunately, I composed some 8 Website Design and Development Practices for Freshers in 2020 to build a unique user experience that inspires viewers to become loyal brand advocates.

Let’s get started,

8 Website Design and Development Practices to consider for Freshers in 2020!

1. Ensure You Have Clean, SEO-Friendly Code, among the best web design and development practice for freshers

Whenever you develop new web pages or optimizing the existing web pages, it’s important to have a clear and SEO- friendly code. 

So, always ensure that you’re providing a clear picture of your site’s content to search engine, as it helps in improving your overall ROI. 

For this, you can use CMS services like WordPress, that provide plug-ins intended to simplify the process of cleaning up code and improving search engine rankings. 

Some of the best web development practices you can use to save a lot of time are – Use a CSS reset, Don’t use @import, “Smush” your images, Don’t mix CSS with HTML, Don’t mix Javascript with HTML, Use conditional comments, Place Javascript file at the bottom, Use HTML semantically.

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2. Provide Quality User-Experience, the essential Website Design and Development Practices for Freshers

Currently, in the modern technology world, Statistics show that the use of Smartphone devices to conduct online searches has increased significantly compared to laptops, tablets in the past two years. 

Approximately 95% of mobile device users count on their devices to search for local products and services. 

So, while developing your website, make sure your product is displaying perfectly on each of these devices that have different form factors and screen sizes. 

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3. Build High Performance and Download Speed, among the indispensable Website Design and Development Practices for Freshers

This is a critical objective for a large traffic website. However, users never wait or wish to get information from the page that has slow loading speed. 

Moreover, it is easier for them to close the tab that has low performance and go to the competitor’s website that appears in the search engine results for a specific keyword.

Therefore, it is significant to create a fast and reliable website that can properly handle the load when scaling is no longer a matter of choice. 

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4. Safety Is a Top Priority

Whatever companies you develop a website for, be it small or large corporations. Most ordinary users consider security challenges to be a top priority.

Therefore, if you ignore this issue, your website will become vulnerable to hackers, create risks of user data theft, and may cause important financial and reputational losses to your company.

Hence, you should take into account, some of the important data protection practices like Database protection, access permission allocation, and HTTPS connection and implement in the development process. 

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5. Try using Shorter paragraphs and Sentences, among the best Website Design and Development Practices for Freshers

The best website design practice to increase the dwell time and attract visitors- provide Short sentences and paragraphs that are easier to read.

If you straight away attack your visitors coming to your site with text all over the screen with larger sentences and long paragraphs that are hard to read, they won’t know where to start reading and won’t be able to digest your content.

They simply come out of your website even if you provide informative content than your competitors.

Therefore, always try to mix it up both with the longer and smaller sentences. 

Start each paragraph with the new information, so if someone is scrolling they can quickly tell if they need to read that paragraph.

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6. Have a Clear and Strong Call-To-Action, among the necessary web design and development practices for freshers

Why we create a website? To convert visitors to prospects to customers. In such a case, if you bury CTA. How can customers get connected with the provider? 

Therefore, the best website design practice is to have a big, bold, powerful, and stand out as the action your visitors should take next.

As per the survey made, it is found that only 47% of good websites have a CTA button that can be identified in less than three seconds. 

So, if you want to fall under this category and want to drive conversions, have an effective CTA button.

7. Opt for Simple Navigation

It shouldn’t be hard for a website visitor to get what they’re looking for on your site. For instance, if you’re having a website with confusing and difficult in navigating, your customers may leave and never return. 

So don’t try to provide something smarter and make complex website design navigation. Remember, all your visitors need is to find what they need from your website. 

Hence, stick with the standard format by limiting choices, where conversions were ten times higher than having a confusing one.

So, take a moment to put yourself in their shoes. Start browsing on your website for a reason. Maybe they want to purchase something, get more information, or see what you have to offer. If you find any difficulties, change it as soon as possible. 

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8. Use Visual Elements

One of the essential website design and development practices for freshers is to add Visual elements that are always eye-catching and add a lot to your website by keeping your users engaged.

Moreover, pages with graphics and photos are much more interesting to browse than those with only text.

So, make your website design more interesting by adding visual interest by incorporating relevant photos and graphics throughout your much-written content.

All these immediately attracts users’ eyes and make them more likely to keep scrolling through your pages.

You can also add photos to your website that speaks about your business by incorporating photos of your staff, your work, and your products. 

This will give your visitors an authentic feel for your business. 

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Hopefully, these 8 best website design and development practices described in this article will help you to deliver a successful project.

However, experience plays a very important part of website design and web development. 

The more experienced and knowledgeable you are, the fewer errors you will make in your code and design a beautiful website that higher the profitability. 

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