Top Digital Marketing Skills you Need to Land a High Paying Job in 2021

Top Digital Marketing Skills 2017

2017 had already aroused, and everyone now turns towards the core competencies that is required to excel in their respective field. As the digital marketing is continuously evolving, there is a must for every marketer to stay advanced along with the newest advancements and releases. But the survey says that there is talent gap in digital marketing, almost 90% of the marketers are the lack of the digital marketing skills and only 8% stay active in this arena. So knowing the outstanding competencies in the digital market is highly necessary to remain outstanding in your business.

Below are the top digital marketing skills that you need to know to craft yourself a preferred job applicant in this digital world.

# Search Engine Optimization

Almost, more than 90% of the online experiences starts with search engines. As well, whenever the company looks for digital professionals, 14% of them have mentioned SEO as the necessary skill. So, to become a candidate with high pay, you need to have technical SEO skills such as server side settings, XML sitemaps, response codes, and more. Other than this, you should be familiar with Moz and SEMRush tools to become the competitive applicant who can find out the customers behavior and background.

Search Engine Optimization Skills
Whatever it may be, whether you wish to become SEO specialist or outsourcing organic search marketing, you need to have a complete understanding of core functions and benefits which will help profoundly in analyzing the search results and take the necessary action.

SEO skills, it is a combination of innovative and technological elements, and so you need to know the best methods for getting quality links.

Do you know what exactly SEO is?

The goal of SEO isn’t to cheat or playing a game with search engines. The sole purpose is to create the flawless user experience and as well communicating to the search engines with obvious intention so that search engine will recommend your website to relevant searches.

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  • High-quality content based on the theme given including the title and description
  • Your website’s performance – does it work properly?
  • Do other authoritative sites use your site as a reference?
  • Should give higher user experience


  • Don’t do keyword stuffing
  • Be careful in buying links
  • Poor user experience

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# Data Analysis

Data is growing faster every day, and by 2020, it will be 1.7 megabytes of new information. Hence, data analytics has always been the most important and as well it’s an overlooked digital marketing practice. To become more targeted and precise, you need to enable a data-driven approach to implement everything under your digital marketing budget.

Data Analysis Skill
More than 70% of the customers end before they become a buyer. This makes the sales and marketing professionals rethink about the strategies, but the only effective way to revise the marketing will be deriving new plans and insights.

It is in the hands of digital marketing professionals to perfectly analyze the quantifiable metrics to cope up with the future improvement of Internet of Things. You should be capable enough to monitor, access and analyze the data with the help of different tools and techniques to inform that marketing decision skills are no longer optional for marketing teams.

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# Trend of Content Marketing

Content marketing holds its position in the top five positions for past years. So, there is an importance for creating the content with the help of advance marketing toolkit. So, this takes the same importance in 2017. Due to the enhancement of cost and competition inside the content marketing, it becomes mandatory for the digital marketers to focus on measuring the ROI of content marketing.

Content Marketing Skill 2017
For better content sophistication, go through this axis from a webpage, rich content, personalization and then to marketing apps. This is because web pages are the primary element of digital marketing. Later, enrich your website with rich content including infographics, responsiveness, HTML5, and videos. Then proceed towards personalization through energetically surrogated content based on visitor’s profile. Finally, market your apps which will bring interactive experiences with the programmatic flow. These apps will bring more accurate data about the visitors, that feeds better for the personalization profiles and as well help your visitors to get enriched by the data available in your web page.

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If you don’t have excellent writing skills as a backup for different platforms, then the skills you have in SEO, SMO and email marketing will be useless.

# Marketing Automation

Marketing automation is nothing but a software that meets the goals of the automated marketing actions. Some of the departments of marketing automate the repetitive tasks such as emails, social media, and other website operations. This allows the businesses to modernize, computerize, determine the promotion functions and as well workflows, so as to progress the operational effectiveness and revenue.

Marketing Automation Skills 2017
By the name marketing automation, digital marketing experts should understand it clearly that

# It is not a fancy name for email marketing or something

# It is not a way of sending spam messages to the users in a bulk

# It is a solution that benefits only the marketing

The right process with good content, data, and people delivers the perfect results with no efforts.

 Marketing automation is very much valuable for small and medium-sized businesses. The standard features that it includes are Email Marketing, Landing pages, social marketing, Lead Management, Campaign Management, Marketing Analytics and more. Though, to utilize these technologies possibly for business, the team should have an expert who knows the perfect ways to make use of them.

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# IOT (Internet of Things)

The significant growth of IOT is evolving day by day which is recognized by the government, businesses and consumers regarding the importance of connecting the inert devices to the internet. It is expected to be the largest device market in the world.

Internet of Thinks
This is one of the biggest technology trends nowadays, and this brings up the connectivity of the internet facet into our life. The smart product roadmap in IOT comprises of products as media, products as a service and as well the right ecosystem connected products. Uber- Spotify is the best example for connected ecosystem products.

These are more relevant to device makers and retailers, so this relatively high up in the ranking of priorities. There will be ten times double the size of devices available all over the world thus transforming the way of life we live by the help of IOT.

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There are even lots of digital marketing skills that you need to look over such as video content marketing, community management, paid search marketing, display and affiliate marketing, social media and more. At any point, if you feel the talent gap in your digital marketing team, just do analyze and match them with the required digital marketing skills that are needed to get success in this fresh year.

# Video Content Marketing

You could have known that a video is a powerful storytelling medium. It is not only for your business promotional campaign, powerful ideas, content effort rather it’s the best medium for developing the best relationship between the brand and its audience. This acts as the biggest reason for the businesses to gather behind this video marketing strategy. But in the making of the video, most of them concentrate only in marketing, but the real fact lies in doing other strategies other than the content marketing.

Video Marketing SkillsYouTube is one of the largest search engines in the world consume and generates the enhanced level of engagements. But due to scarce of necessary skills, many of them fail to make success in video content marketing. If you uprightly spend the time to learn about this, then it is for sure that you will get a larger audience and as well can expand your brand all over and make it memorable.

Make use of meta descriptions and as well tag your videos using keywords which may help you to optimize yours for search. Tagging is not only for YouTube but also for Google and its peers. Learn the best ways to storyboard and execute it that anticipate the required audience as well convey the brand in completely creative and innovative way.

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# Mobile Marketing

Three years ago, mobile was in the top three position, but now every business owners have started creating mobile responsive web designs other templates, so the opportunities are fewer for growth. Anyhow, research shows that there are five key predictions that mobile marketing needs it.

Mobile Marketing Skill
#A serious boost in voice search.

#Making use of messaging and chat apps to communicate

#Support marketing through on-demand capabilities

#Multimedia connectivity with other platforms

#Popularity of digital wallets

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# Community Management

It is undeniable evidence that social media drags nearly one-quarter of new customers for most of the small businesses. But, there is even more than optimizing the images in Facebook and other social media ads. Social channels create optimistic consumer familiarity. You will have the duty to raise and sustain your community.  Whatever may be the community, whether branded niche or vertical communities.

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# Social Media Marketing

There is a still huge interest for many of the businesses towards social media as they play a significant role in encouraging audience. Anyhow, it is believed that social media is continued to grow.

Social Media Marketing

Social networking is never a passing trend. In 2017, there are lots of chances for social media to dominate the world through,

# Snap’s evolution with several new opportunities

# Twitter Fatigue

# Need more sensational experiences

# Emerging of different areas of communication

# Ad Renaissance

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# Basic HTML/CSS

One of the leading digital marketing skill in 2017 is having basic experience and knowledge in basic HTML and CSS. It is not required to have a marketing team that creates the website from scratch, but having a person skilled in a flock will help to provide messages very clear when compared to visuals. Even they have the ability to look after everything from design and updates.

At any point, if you feel the talent gap in your digital marketing team, just do analyze and match them with the required digital marketing skills that are needed to get success in this fresh year.

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