Top 7 Steps to Perfecting Your App with App Store Optimization


With over 2.5 million apps in the popular app store discovering your app is the biggest problem. So, how to keep your app more relevant to the searches, and how to get loyal users who not only visits your app page but continues to install it and use it on a regular basis?

Here are some wise techniques followed by some major app developers. Before we start, let us know what ASO is all about.

App Store Optimization (ASO)

What is app store optimization? ASO is the method of increasing the visibility of your mobile app in the app store (like iTunes for iOS, Google play for Android, Windows Store for Windows Phone). Simply say like SEO for websites, it is ASO for mobile apps. Let’s dive deep into the seven steps to perfecting your mobile app with the app store optimization:

Keyword optimization

Keyword optimization is also termed as keyword research which is the process of researching, analyzing and using the best keywords to your app. Keywords are helpful to monitoring competitors in order to realize how you compare week to week.

App description

Keywords research is not only great for developing the best results out of Google and Apple’s algorithm but to those who will really read your app description and choose either or not to install your App. That’s why stuffing your content with full of keywords, will make it a confusing app description, and is a terrible (yet very common) approach for ASO.

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Video Trailer

Your video trailer allows users to see not only what your product can do for them, but also how creative the people behind it are. Keep future users both informed and cherished with attractive trailers. Candy Crush Saga adds a graphic overlay to its video to advertise its new update.

Competitive Research

It’s always positive to see what the modern standard is, and then do something entirely individual to become an App Store Lead. The finest way to learn what you should and shouldn’t be doing in the Appstore is to have a focus on what your competitors are up to and explore certain keywords you might be missing on your list.

Reviews and Ratings

Users visit your app page always tend to check-out carefully about your earlier user’s experience. In addition to this point, Google Play also has reviews section that is very noticeable and outstanding. Make sure to highlight certain reviews and reply to negative ones quickly.


App developers and marketers must deliver their users’ language, exactly. The UK App Store and the INDIAN one need separate keyword analysis, and if your target audience speaks Japanese so should your app information. Remember there’s no one size fits all in App Store Optimization. Add local catchwords, language and social references to match each particular location.


We hate to alarm you, but your ASO works are never really over. In fact, once your description videos and title are all in place – you can get started. Make sure to regularly cover and optimize your results, try various keywords and modify the description and original content equally.

For app developers to completely realize what makes potential users to install your app, think of your application as a storefront on the active streets in your city and apply every part of this steps as if were a way of attracting window-shoppers. Focus on planning an enthusiastic shopping experience for users and you will be clear to see the results right away.

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