Tips to Run Successful Facebook Marketing for Startups

Hope you will be one among those who love Facebook and have an account. Have you just started a business?  And you want more customers on your side? Well, Facebook can make it happen for you. This article will cover the following topics,

  1. What is Facebook Marketing?
  2. Why Facebook Marketing is important for Startups?
  3. Tips to Run Facebook Marketing for Startups?
  4. Conclusion

Let us first begin by understanding what is Facebook marketing.

What is Facebook Marketing?

Do you Know? Facebook is the world’s third most visited social media website.

Facebook marketing means promoting brand awareness among masses and maintaining its presence on Facebook.

Here, you actually create a Facebook business page, which gives you easy access to the target market and helps you connect with your customers.

Furthermore, Facebook provides an advertising platform through which you can create marketing campaigns to acquire new customers and helps in building long lasting relations with them. 

In other way, Facebook marketing can be referred as both organic (free) postings/interactions and paid or boosted posts.

Why Facebook Marketing is important for Startups?

Perhaps you have an idea to do online marketing through other social media channels. But why should you shift to Facebook marketing? Well, that’s what we’re going to discuss in this article.

Below are the stats that emphasis startups to use facebook marketing.

The above statistics explicit that there are more vibrant users in Facebook compared to those on other social networks.

The overall purpose of the reasons to use Facebook marketing for startups is,

  • Facebook as Specific Targeting Capabilities
  • You can easily find out your potential customers
  • Use life-event targeting
  • Use custom audiences to build leads and loyalty
  • Create “lookalike audiences” and
  • Layer targeting options to get super granular with your targeting

You have quickly heard about the benefits of Facebook. So what should you do now with Facebook to successfully run your startups?

Tips to Run Facebook Marketing for Startups?

As you started your business, you should know how to do Facebook marketing. Here are some tips for you to get worthy ROI. 

# Tip 1: Do you know? Impressive Videos and images that you post on facebook capture more attention from the reader. If your content devoid from either one of them, instead use questions to engage the audience in your posts.

# Tip 2: Remember Engaging with your target audience often on Sundays and other holidays is more effective.

# Tip 3: Having short, crisp and catchy content  is more crucial for Marketing. Because, Facebook users often pay more attention to short and catchy posts than the longer ones.

# Tip 4: Note: If your Facebook post mentions a link that is outside of Facebook, there are greater chances of more number of people to explore the link.

# Tip 5: Before awaiting for customers to engage in your page. Primarily Invite your friends to like and share your Startup business page.

# Tip 6: As a facebook lover, you know the advantageous feature of facebook is making live video. Don’t forget to use Facebook Live.

# Tip 7: If you want higher reach of videos and content to potential customers, use paid ads. It is one of the key objectives for you to reach success.

# Tip 8: If it is possible, at the beginning of your business introduce giveaways, which boosts the number of followers of your page.

# Tip 9: The other important thing for a  startup is to have consistency in publishing  new posts and blogs 5 times a week. This do not let your page run dry.

# Tip 10: Always have a purpose behind every post. But don’t forget to add value to your business by educating and entertaining your customers.


Facebook marketing can be an effective method for your Startup Business and it helps in  soon reaching your target audience. So take the above tips as primary and if you implement it correctly, it will give you increased traffic, reach and conversions.

Adhering to the above Tips will help your Startups to find the right path in marketing. If you want to practically learn the Facebook Marketing Strategies for your business, you can attend an exclusive event for Startups.

Learn the strategies and deploy them to increase your ROI.

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