Thinking of Becoming a Professional Youtuber during Lockdown? Here Are Some Smart Tips!

Become a Professional YouTuber

YouTube is becoming a leading social platform that has given wings to various artists in different genres.  Additionally, in 2020, there is an increase in video blogging culture, which has enticed many tech-savvy millennials or young adults to start a youtube channel and become a professional Youtuber. 

After all, it’s a very exciting, creative and interactive career to start where you meet many new people with added benefits of getting free stuff from companies, and of course, earn a pretty impressive income.

So, you are also one among them thinking of becoming a Professional Youtuber during Lockdown? Here are some Smart Tips to grasp.

These tips will help a newbie starting a career in Youtube to gain a steady increase in followers or at least publish decent content that gets a good number of views and likes.

Let’s get started,

Smart Tips to Become a Professional Youtuber during Lockdown!

1. Love What You Do:

Yes, the first and foremost tip to become a professional Youtuber is – You must love and enjoy the job that you do.

Question yourself that you really want to become a Youtuber?

This is because if you don’t love the job that you do. ​Then, there is no use of having tons of money in your bank. 

As a YouTuber, 

  • You must enjoy helping others and giving advice for free
  • You should love recording videos for fun
  • ​You must be getting excited by the thought of ​creating a community and ​getting to know new people every day

If the above said are not applied to you and you’re just getting into YouTube to make money. There are other ways of making money that is way more effective than starting a YouTube channel.

That’s why you should know that you’re looking in the right place. You need to know what you want.

You’re made to be a professional  YouTuber and love the YouTuber lifestyle, then keep reading.

2. Pick your Niche:

The next thing to consider is before starting a youtube channel is to choose the content for your channel. By which the people can come to know you. 

Choose the content that is engaging and interesting to show your subscribers. This increases your views and gains followers.

So pick a niche that the more people can relate to it, the more they’ll want to click on it and watch until the end.

Some of the interesting niche examples:

  • Gaming
  • Makeup
  • Sports
  • ​Music
  • DIY
  • Travel
  • Food
  • Tutorials
  • Inspirational and so on.

Protip: Try to add a personal touch and be real so that your audiences can identify and perceive your ideas.

3. Quality is More Important:

So, now you’ve chosen your topic for your channel and what’s next? To become a professional Youtuber, it is important to never compromise on audio/video quality. 

Start investing in the right equipment that other professional YouTubers use such as DSLRs or mirrorless cameras, along with other essential accessories for videography such as tripods, lenses, and studio lighting. 

Protip: Before recording, build a realistic timeline for your posting schedule, collect topics for your content, and make sure you follow this timeline consistently along your journey.

4. Have a Subscribing and Liking Channel Page:

Do you know what’s not attractive? An incomplete YouTuber profile. So if you want to become a professional Youtuber, your profile should speak professionally to others. Some tips to make your Channel Profile to look professional is,

  • Set your profile photo or logo in the right place
  • Your channel banner image needs to be the correct dimensions.
  • Other things to think about are the style of your video thumbnails. 

Yes, to become a professional YouTuber, you must have some basic designing and basic editing software skills.

But it’s not a very big deal, you can learn it pretty quickly.

To create clickable and good-looking thumbnails, You can use a website like ​Canva to design thumbnails for your videos.​​​

Moreover, You’d be able to design more professional thumbnails in Photoshop, but that’s a premium program that ​requires more advanced designing skills​.

However, Canva is an easier solution and is a free tool.  This is what most YouTubers start using before being able to pay a designer or learning Photoshop.

5. Start Practicing, Recording, Editing and Publish:

So far, you have learned some basic things to become a Professional Youtuber. Now it’s time to deploy it. 

Yes, Start practicing about your topic channel. In the beginning, you can also take inspiration from other youtube artists. List down your ideas. Check out other videos and build upon their ideas to make them your own.

Once you listed out the ideas to educate and entertain your fans, you should just focus on practicing talking to a camera.

No doubt, you feel weird in the beginning, but you will slowly start to become good at it.

​Do not get discouraged if you’re struggling, nobody was born with good camera presence.

The next one is to choose only your best shots from recording and edit your video that looks wonderful (and clip out moments of dead air) to keep your viewers interested and engaged throughout your entire video.

Now, you’re ready with your recording, so why are you waiting to publish? The main element for you to be able to grow a YouTube channel is being able to publish content often.

In the beginning, start to publish consistently a minimum of 1 video per week and slowly extend it to 3 videos a week. 

The more often you do it, the faster you’ll improve your “YouTuber skills”, and the more views you’ll get.

The YouTube algorithm ​cares A LOT about how often you publish content.

So you will not only get more practice but also your channel is going to get promoted to more people by the algorithm.​​​

6. Get Knowledge of YouTube SEO:

If you want to grow your channel and become a professional Youtuber, you will need to get the knowledge of what works and what doesn’t work for YouTube.

YouTube is a very sophisticated search engine, and people use it a lot to discover new content. This means that, by choosing the right keywords, you’ll better your chance to be found, seen, and enjoyed by the people.

So what you can do?

  • Try to use a title that your videos get attracted or you can get more viewers
  • Use relevant tags that will help put your video under multiple related categories. However, use the right amount of tags so you don’t confuse the algorithm
  • Create a thumbnail that increases CTR
  • Write a good SEO-friendly description with at least 200 words, and include your target keywords, synonyms, and long-tail keyword variations

All this, not only help viewers figure out exactly what your video is about, but it will also help your video rank in search engine results pages.

7. Build your community:

Until you came to know how to start a professional Youtube channel. Now start growing in it. 

Thus, to become a professional and successful YouTuber, you need to make an effort to build your community.

This is certainly critical in the YouTube community, as collaborations among creators have proven effective in helping a channel grow and gain new subscribers because it helps both collaborators gain exposure with the other’s subscriber base.

So, talk to other creators, make friends and don’t be afraid to contact larger YouTubers to inquire about a possible collaboration. It can certainly be intimidating, but you won’t get anywhere unless you try!

8. Cross-platform promotion is important:

The next step to grow in youtube and become a professional YouTuber is to try building a brand, being discoverable is a must. 

For this, You need to be active on many major social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Google Plus, Pinterest, Instagram, Snapchat, and all of the others.

Why not? You can also try Facebook Ads and Google Ads to promote yourself further on the web (I’d recommend trying Facebook Ads before Google Ads).

This is how successful brands are built.

By being visible in many places around the web, you set yourself up as an omniscient presence.

Protip: Hustle for your first 1,000 subscribers. Whatever you do, have an aggressive strategy to get out there and get your first 1,000 subscribers as quickly as possible.

For this, you need to promote your channel to your maximum abilities like sharing with your friends on WhatsApp, Instagram, Twitter, and so on and ask them to subscribe. 

A channel that’s quickly gaining buzz will also help you stay motivated to work even harder and create better videos for your audience.

9. Connect with your viewers and Upload Regularly:

The most important of all is connecting with your viewers. Because you make videos for your viewers…right? So get connected with your viewers as much as possible and try to read and respond to all the tweets, comments, and any other messages you get (as much as you are able).

Such interactions with help your subscribers to learn more about you and also by interacting with your viewers can also help you gain inspiration for new content ideas. 

Remember don’t put down yourself for negative comments, just ignore it. Because no matter how big or how small your channel is, there will always be negative comments. 

Instead of letting them affect you, take it as a simple reminder that you can’t please everyone, and don’t forget those who appreciate you and what you do.

Another important tip is to be consistent with your uploads. No matter how imperfect you think your content is, you must keep getting your videos out there.

10. Analyze your Channel Performance:

Last but not least, analyzing your youtube performance is most important. Your work is not finished just by uploading videos on YouTube. You are responsible to check its performance. 

Youtube offers up a dedicated analytics section for your channel so you can see how your videos are performing. 

Additionally, Analytics will allow you to get insight into the people who are watching your videos, which allows you to hone into your target demographic even further.

On top of all,  it will also give you a better idea as to why one video may have performed better than another. It’s a powerful tool you should take advantage of for your budding channel.

Bottom Line:

I hope the above-discussed tips will help you to work to become a professional Youtuber. 

YouTube is a growing offbeat career with humongous scope, with benefits like the flexibility of work and the opportunity to express yourself.

However, if you’re more serious about starting your career on Youtube and want to earn more. 

Zuan Education is there to uplift your set of skills to work as a successful YouTuber. Here you will be given practical business-oriented YouTube video marketing training.

Youtube marketing Online live training

In consideration of this Corona lockdown, Zuan Education has decided to walk the extra mile by providing online Youtube Marketing. This you can take from home online and get connected with our professional’s experts on youtube and clarify all your doubts on the one-one sessions.

Don’t hesitate, just ideate, create and shoot!

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