Make Use of this Quarantine Period to Create a Perfect Digital Marketing Resume that Gets You 100% Job

digital marketing resume in quarantine period

Got bored staying at home in this Coronavirus Quarantine Period? Just wasting your valuable time? Then why don’t you want to make use of this Quarantine Period to Create a Perfect Digital Marketing Resume that Gets You 100% Job Offer with the highest salary?

Your resume is probably the most valuable piece of paper for starting your digital marketing career. But creating this document can be a daunting task for many of you. Hence, to make it easy and perfect to look alike. These five quick tips can help.

Here, we go…

5 Quick Tips to Create a Perfect Digital Marketing Resume that Gets You 100% Job!

Tip #1: Get Connected With Your Recruiter

Your resume is the initial point of contact between you and a hiring manager. Therefore, it is necessary to create a perfect digital marketing resume that connects well with your digital marketing recruiter. There are smart ways of doing so.

Firstly, research online about the company that you’ve applied to, its products, services, finance, and people. This gives you a good idea about the company’s culture and how it operates.

Secondly, the next important step to take is to connect with HR. For this, you are supposed to customize your resume for the company job role. If you draft your resume by highlighting the digital marketing job skills that the recruiter is looking for, there is a chance he finds your resume interesting.

Therefore, prefer a crisp executive summary at the top of your CV. This headline summary must be unique, ultra-specific, useful and must convey a sense of urgency.

Tip #2: Understand Your Target company’s Requirements

The main purpose of writing a digital marketing resume is not only adding information just about your education or previous digital marketing work experience. But it is more than that. You must also have the key focus on how you can showcase yourself as a potential job candidate compared to others.

The ideal way of achieving this is by adding more relevant digital marketing information that makes you fit for the offered job role. 

Read the hiring company job description thoroughly to understand what the company is actually looking for in you and plan your content accordingly.

Tip #3: Optimize to Job-related keywords

Employers most often follow the resume screening process to shortlist the right candidates for a personal interview. Therefore, take the best efforts to make your digital marketing resume easily searchable by adding digital marketing-related keywords in your resume.

Look for the relevant keywords in the job description shared by the hiring manager and see how you can fit them in your resume without stuffing them too much. 

Avoid adding many jargons and random keywords to increase visibility. Because you will be caught at the time of the interview if you are not able to answer any of the related digital marketing questions. Be honest and avoid providing false information.

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Tip #4: Highlight Your key Achievements

This tip is very crucial as showcasing your accomplishments directly impacts your candidature. It helps the hiring manager differentiate you from other candidates. 

Therefore, highlight the most recent and quantifiable successes. 

For example, as a digital marketer, mentioning that you generated a 200% uplift in organic traffic to the previous company website in 6 months. All this creates in boosting your visibility and acceptability among recruiters.

Of course, you can also add new feathers in your cap in terms of certifications, courses, and projects that add value to your resume.

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Tip #5: Formatting is Important

Anything difficult to read for the very first time always goes into the trash. The same thing happens to your digital marketing resume if it has wrong formatting, not easy-to-read and complex design. 

Remember, a resume is not a document where you can try your creativity by adding different fonts, colors, and graphs. Keep it simple, clean, and ATS friendly. 

If you are not sure how to write a professional resume perfectly, take the help of free online resume builders. Hence, create a perfect digital marketing resume that gets clicked and get you a job in your dream company.

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I hope the above-mentioned quick tips not only help you to create a perfect digital marketing resume in the novel Coronavirus (Covid-19) quarantine time but it also helpful for your lifetime to get a 100% job offer.

Further, it is always recommended that proofread your resume so that the hiring manager does not see any grammatical or typo errors, which is a major turn-off. 

Hopefully, the Coronavirus Outbreak reduces in the coming weeks and vanishes away completely. In the meanwhile, try not to socialize with others and wash your hands regularly at home.

All the best for your future!

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