12 Things to consider before joining a Digital Marketing Institute

joining digital marketing institute

The digital marketing industry is getting evolved, and this is apparently the start of the race! It certainly has opened an array of possibilities and opportunities in the job market. Digital marketing training institutes have come up with a booming speed, and taking a digital marketing certification course has grown to be almost a new trend among students.

Digital marketing is not a rocket science if you are already into marketing domain and it is a new concept for freshers who are unaware of it. It is a technique to boost your skills with the use of digital tools and digital media.

If you are the one who aims to make a career in digital marketing but confused in choosing the best digital marketing training institute in Chennai, then, this blog is for you!

Before enrolling in digital marketing training center you should be aware of some factors like what exactly you are going to learn, who will be the trainer, and how much will it cost for the course. It is because there are many students hooked up by study fishers with many promises.

Well, if you are looking to register for a digital marketing course, you need to understand few things before joining an institute. Following are a list of things you need to learn and consider before taking up a class. Below we recommend few things to research before joining digital marketing training or in fact any course from an institute.

12 Things to know before joining a Digital Marketing Course


Regardless of how different it sounds like, the zeal factor continues as the most significant in finding out the ideal career path. Discover your interests, skills, and confidence to make sure you are quite enough motivated to get ahead in the domain that interests you. Inside the Digital Marketing arena, you will find a lot of channels and learn about which channel you are looking for taking into consideration.

Feedback or Enquiry:

It has become a practice for some training institutes and coaching centers to advertise and influence people to get into their trap. Make sure you don’t get affected by their stunning ads as they are into money making industry. Always do research to inquire or get in touch with them directly or get the feedback of students who have taken part in their course before.

Institute’s Expertise:

It is incredibly important to have knowledge about the in and out of the institute you will be joining viz., the total number of years it has been in the training industry, the variety of courses they provide, the experience of their faculties, etc. The best way is to check directly about the institute’s online presence. Digital marketing courses are also taught online via tutorials, so it is also recommended that you check if the courses are online or classroom based.

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Trainer Faculty:

An essential thing to look before joining a digital marketing institute is the trainer who is going to teach you. The faculties in some training centers don’t have practical experience and can only train you the theoretical aspects. But, when it comes to digital marketing training, the trainers must have real world experience and working knowledge of the current market. So, to know his level of expertise, you want to check his work experience and the number of clients he is working for or worked previously. Even such faculty can easily witness your interest in digital marketing and help you out in upskilling in that particular area.

Review and Rating:

Nothing can beat the information that you get via ‘word of mouth.’ As said before, find if you can get any contacts of the previous batches who have done a course in that digital marketing institute. You may also user reviews posted online in Google business, Facebook or other review platforms. Also, check the rating or recommendations that institute has received for each course to decide if it’s good enough.

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Practical v/s Theory:

Digital Marketing is considerably more than precisely what the books or training session guides you in. It is undoubtedly more practical in general and acquiring a hands-on expertise in SEO, PPC, SMM, etc. So, make sure to check if your course in that digital marketing institute includes practical training sessions as it is as essential as project work or more.

Past Records:

Another essential thing you need to know before joining digital marketing institute is from their previous records. Inquire about 3 to 5 references who have already completed training from them and how they find it useful in regards to the job, career improvement or business growth. You may find the digital marketing institute’s previous records in Google, Facebook or other review websites.

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Fees Structure:

Undoubtedly, quality is bit expensive. But, some digital marketing training institutes work only for money. Well, not all the coaching centers are same. Some well-recognized name may ask for higher fees. So, it’s in your hand to decide which institute is worth the money you spend and gives you quality knowledge at an affordable cost.

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Batch Strength:

Do you think it is well and good if you join for a class that has a batch strength of 30 to 50 people? No. As a student, you need particular attention, and you have to expect that at any cost. Joining a digital marketing institute is probably not similar to getting trained in a school or college. You need to understand that you have to get well trained to crack required exams, interviews or practically implement some strategies for your business.

Course Material:

Another good thing you will be expecting when you join in training institute is the course materials. Be it an eBook, textbook, software or online portals; you have to get all those stuff when you receive a quality training. Try to get the training materials in the form of strategies, process, and steps to each activity you learn. Compare the course material and quality of training with different digital marketing training centers in case you get a chance to do so.

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Job Placement:

Obviously, if you have good knowledge, then there is nothing to worry about job placement. Because having a sound knowledge in the core concepts will drive your career with excellent job opportunities. However, some problems you will face is to finding out the companies and then giving interviews.

Nowadays, there are a lot of digital marketing training institutes in Chennai that offers you outstanding job placement opportunities for your successful career. So, it is a wise decision to join in such a training institute that gives you a job after training. Still, the digital marketing industry has a massive gap between demand and supply, and this is the right time to learn digital marketing course and get that dream job you always wanted to.

HR experts say, “About 1.5 Lakh jobs are to be created in the digital marketing space by 2020 as more and more companies are tapping into the internet and social media platforms to reinforce marketing in their businesses.”

So, check if your institute provides job placement support or is having tie-ups with digital marketing companies that can hire you once you complete the training and receive your certificate.

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Of course, certification does not have any value when compared to your skills. But as a student and job seeker, you will have to know the importance of having a course completion certificate from a best institute for digital marketing course.

In Digital Marketing you can avail a lot of certifications like Google AdWords, Google Analytics, Facebook Blueprint, and more. Having these certificates not only help you in getting a job easily but also can offer you a decent salary.

Of all, the good news is some certifications you can avail for free of cost. So, it is always better to join a digital marketing training institute that supports in these aspects of writing examinations and give proper guidance to earn those certifications.

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Winding Up:

Last but not least, the course which you enroll with should be the one that unveils a door of opportunities for you. You ought to acquire a set of skills that industry requires in the current scenario.

So choose the institute smartly and learn things in a way that suits you. Once you acquire the knowledge then there is no limit to explore stuff and become a dominant digital marketer in the industry.

What are you still waiting for? Quit the search, make a list of above said priorities and find the best digital marketing training institute that has years of expertise in the field with multi-level experienced trainers who can help you out in shining your career.

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