6 Great Steps to Take During Coronavirus Lockdown to Become an Effective Angular Developer!

steps to take during Coronavirus to become an angular developer

Are you a fresher considering a career as a web developer in the post coronavirus or you’re already a developer stuck at home due to coronavirus lockdown and got bored? Just think? Can you get a perfect break from your busy schedule to uplift your developer skills to become a successful web developer and get a high salary as you expected? 

Furthermore, you will inevitably need to decide which languages, tools, and apps you want to use in programming. 

But if you are looking at developing front-end solutions fast, with Better User Experience, Time-saving, Faster Testing, cross-platform versatility, Code Stability with One-directional data binding, robustness and high scalability, then Angular should be your first choice. 

The new iteration of Angular introduces the component architecture, modularity, different expression syntax, TypeScript language, and dynamic loading, to name a few bonuses.

On top of all this, the new Angular is very much easier to use, an advantage for a beginner in programming and developers. 

Moreover, angular’s extreme popularity, the businesses, and organizations that use Angular include many heavy-hitters such as General Motors, Google, The Guardian, HBO, ING, Netflix, Nike, Wepay, Upwork, PayPal, and Sony. 

Furthermore, the IT industry has also warmly acknowledged Angular, and most of the top MNC companies are hiring people knowing Angular with a high salary. 

But the fact is, there is a much shortage of skilled Angular professionals today, which increases the huge demand in the marketplace.

Besides, the experts in Angular today are getting paid more than the industry standards. So do you wish to be in the list of high paid Angular experts? then remember to take these 6 Great Steps During  Coronavirus Lockdown to Become an Effective Angular Developer and start getting high pay from top MNC companies in the post Coronavirus.

Let’s get started,

What are the Essential skills an Angular Developer Should Have?

Before getting in-dive into the great steps that you need to take during coronavirus lockdown to become an effective angular developer.

You must know being an effective Angular developer requires you to develop several different skills and apply them at the right time and place to create a dynamic application your users love.

For that, here are the six essential technical skills you need to have to succeed as an Angular developer.

Additional Business Skills

Apart from the above technical skills, you must also possess the following skills to be an effective angular developer.

  • Having a good eye for detail:

Developers need to pay much attention to minor details and quickly spot out mistakes no matter how small they are more likely to write high-quality code. This saves time and effort later on down the line.

  • Exhibit good communication skills:

To be a successful web developer, you must know how to communicate with others. This includes having a good understanding of what your client wants or needs for the application. This is important in making sure all parties are on the same page.

  • Teamwork skills:

With communication skills, teamwork skills are also an essential skill to have in turn to work well with others, especially in a team environment.

This is separate from communication skills, here teamwork skills include sharing responsibilities, assigning tasks, and coordinating their efforts with others.

Is it important to have the Above-Mentioned Angular Developer Skills?

Of course, Yes as an Angular developer,  your daily job responsibilities include,

  • Delivering a dynamically functioning and complete front end application
  • You must check the high performance of mentioned application across different platforms, including desktop and mobile
  • Writing idiomatic, tested, and documented elements of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.
  • You must coordinate with the workflow between the Angular developers and the HTML coder and graphic designer
  • Furthermore, you should also work with the back-end developers while building the RESTful API
  • Always must be in close communication with external web services

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The 6 Great Steps You Need to Take during the Coronavirus Lockdown to Become an Angular Developer!

Everything you’ve read here so far leads up to one crucial question: What I should do to become an Angular developer? Follow these 6 great steps, and you’ll be on your way to achieving Angular Developer expertise and embarking on an exciting new career!

1. Learn JavaScript

Learning JavaScript is the foundation for starting your career as an Angular developer. This is due to the consideration of Angular’s first version- which was created using JavaScript as its foundation. 

Even though the new iterations of Angular are not based upon JavaScript as much as AngularJS does, it’s still a crucial skill to have. Furthermore, Learning JavaScript is easy, and there are a lot of resources and Javascript courses out there to make you skilled.

2. Learn TypeScript

Do you remember as I have mentioned above knowing TypeScript is an essential skill to have to become an effective angular developer? 

Well, here we are, reminding you of that point! You can learn also learn Typescript which is more important to become a full-fledged developer.

3. Learn yourself Angular

If you’re more interested in a career as an angular developer. Here’s where you finally learn the ins and outs of the framework itself. 

After all, it’s hard to become an Angular Developer if you’ve never even seen the angular tool! So to teach yourself, there are several staggering online resources available for learning Angular on your own.

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4. Take online classes

Today due to the Coronavirus Outbreak, many professional institutes started to provide Angular programming online classes out there, which help you to learn angular from basic to advanced level modules for a strong career.

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5. Practice Regularly

Just learning everything doesn’t work out until you‘ve put it into action. So take time to practice everything you’ve learned on your own and start writing your code. 

The best way to increase familiarity with a new tool is by trying to make someone with it, then learning through trial and error

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6. Join a community

There are many online communities devoted to Angular. Furthermore, you can also read blogs related to angular(which you’re doing now), watch angular tutorial videos, or listen to podcasts. 

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Joining an online community is an ideal way to form get connected with like-minded professionals as well as pick up useful pointers and get better acquainted with Angular best practices.

What is the future holds for Angular?

Today there is an upward trend in Angular interest among developers. According to this article, the employment outlook for Angular developers predicted to grow approximately 31% between 2016 and 2026.

This very much suffices to demonstrate the demand for generic software developers in the marketplace.

Incidentally, Angular is up to version nine now. Angular has just gone through different phases of acceptance during its lifespan, starting from being the darling of web developers to being despised, all this is only to identify its way back into favor, though not to the extent of its original glory.

Nevertheless, Angular is still extremely popular among developers and business to make it into the top five of many surveys of best frameworks.

All these exhibits there is a healthy future for Angular developers. Furthermore, it is also clear that this venerable framework still has a lot to offer to the world, which translates into sustained demand from a wide range of industries.

The salary for angular developers is high. Payscale cites Rs.487,886 as an average annual Angular developer salary in India, while MobilUnity reports the average annual salary of Rs 469,464. Glassdoor lists the average annual Angular developer salary in India as Rs 475K/yr

Bottom Line:

So far reading this, I hope you’re more convinced and eager to learn Angular easily? If it is Yes? then,

Zuan Education offers an Angular Online Training Course at a 50 % offer due to this Coronavirus Lockdown.

This enables you to master Angular front-end web development. It helps you gain in-depth knowledge of concepts such as TypeScript, Bootstrap Grid System, Dependency Injections, SPA (Single Page Application), Directives, Forms, Pipes, Promises, Observables, and understand the testing of the Angular class.

Once you complete the course’s requirements, you will receive your certificate of completion, an essential step in helping establish your credentials as a qualified Angular developer.

So give Zuan education a look, and start planning on a newer, better career, or add to your developer skill set during this Coronavirus Lockdown! Check it out today!

Angular online Training
Angular Online training

All the best for your future!

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