5 Steps to Successfully Clear Any Digital Marketing Interview!

5 steps to successfully clear any digital marketing interview

I hope you are a newbie in the need for a digital marketing job. Firstly, I appreciate you for taking a great decision in your life to start a career in digital marketing. You know clearing a digital marketing interview is not rocket science or a 24 hours surgery that will be performed on you. Many have gone through the same process before you and have cracked it. So don’t worry follow these 5 steps to successfully clear any digital Marketing interview.

Be it fresher or experienced, the interview process plays a significant role. Particularly if you’re a newbie to the digital marketing industry. Interviewing for a digital marketing job can be a daunting experience. Hence to make it easy I thought of providing some tips/steps to anyone looking to prepare for a digital marketing interview.

Steps to Successfully Clear Any Digital Marketing Interview

1. Hold an Outstanding Resume/CV, the first step to successfully Clear Any Digital Marketing Interview

Before attending any interview, it is important having an exceptional resume which acts as a ticket to enter into the next pace.

But here, the guidance that I intend to provide is based on, at which level you stand.

If you are an experienced digital marketing professional, you have to determine your command on the digital marketing skills by citing samples of your past digital marketing work experience in the field.

If you are a fresher applying for any digital marketing roles, you will be assessed based on your skills regarding articulation, communication skills, logical thinking and confidence level.

So, ensure having a clean and clear excellent digital marketing resume based on your level, that highlights your digital marketing skills, listing your credentials and sharing your achievements with your prospective employer.

Did you Know? In many cases, the skills and experiences that you mention in your resume play a major role in depicting the questions you’ll face from the recruiter.

Hence, before you apply for any digital marketing job role you are interested in, make sure that you have fully Informative, Readable and Self-explanatory CV 

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2. Research About the Company, the next step to successfully clear any digital Marketing Interview

Before going for any digital marketing interview, it is most important to do all the research about that particular company. So, don’t be afraid to analyze the company’s website/social media channels.

Really, is it important to do research? Yes, of course, I can even bet you there are companies that question the candidates- what you actually know about our company and what makes you choose our company and so on? This question is to see what fresh insights and perspectives you can bring.

For this reason, before attending any digital marketing interview, start reviewing the company’s website or social media profiles. This helps you to illustrate that you’ve done your research on the company and that you paid extra attention to the site/social profiles.

So, What actually you need to look into a company,

  • Go to the interviewing company’s web page and know some general information about the digital marketing company such as its products, services, culture.
  • Then, go through the social network details about the company’s, conferences and speeches, workshops, PowerPoint presentations, etc. on YouTube.
  • Research on the company’s target audience, annual data report, revenues earned per year, their latest news feed, the roles in the specific industry, and their competitors.
  • Further, look into the company’s online marketing activities and social media marketing strategy points, particularly through its several social media channels.

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3. Perfect your Social Presence, the other step to successfully clear any digital Marketing Interview

In the current era of the hiring process, employers tend to look at candidates’ social media networks.

According to a 2018 CareerBuilder survey, 70 percent of employers use social media to screen candidates during the hiring process

Interestingly, Data from an AdWeek survey also shows that 47% of employers look at a candidate’s social media profiles after receiving their application

27% check a candidate’s social media profiles after their first interview

This means even if you’ve successfully completed your interview process and if an employer checks out your social media posts and finds out any of your Facebook party hangout photos or a bad thought of tweet, all it takes to miss out the chance of getting a job.

Hence, avoid missing out on great opportunities by perfecting your social media online presence before you start the interview process.

Steps to undertake to perfect your online presence

  • Manage your Facebook account’s privacy settings so that anything apart from your name and location is invisible to the non-friends list.
  • Ready your Twitter account pages to be sounds good for your employer and delete any poorly thought of tweets that could damage your reputation.
  • Then, spend some time updating your LinkedIn profile with your current skills and also Google your name and scan the first two pages to ensure everything is impressive and there’s nothing wrong that could hurt your chances of getting a job.

What you Should showcase your employer

  • Exhibit your interest in digital marketing by showcasing your involvement in digital marketing social communities by posting comments, sharing, etc.
  • This is because, to be in the role of a digital marketer, it is important to create a brand for yourself online. Further, this demonstrates that you have a genuine passion for the industry.
  • Therefore, go ahead and prove that you can market yourself. Otherwise, it will be difficult for you to prove that you can market the company’s brand.

4. Showcase your Digital Marketing Hands-On Experience, step to successfully clear any digital Marketing Interview

As the saying goes, “Experience Matters”. Aside from hiring people with good skills and qualifications, companies today likely prefer to hire experienced people.

So, if you’re an experienced candidate attending a digital marketing interview, try to highlight your hands-on experience. Tell the employer about the previous campaigns you’ve worked on and explain how your insights helped improve the outcome of the campaign.

Further, if you’ve knowledge of the usage of following analytics tools in digital marketing will add more credit to you,

  • KissMetrics
  • Google Analytics
  • Google Search Console
  • Moz Pro
  • SEMrush
  • Optimizely etc.

Now comes the question, am a fresher what I can showcase to the employer to clear the digital marketing interview?

As a newbie to digital marketing job interviews, it is always good to have knowledge of the basics of digital marketing.

In most of the interviews, the questions are basically stereotypical in nature. The same type of questions makes rounds in most of the companies.

Have a look at the following essentials as your vital referral

Digital Marketing Interview Questions For Freshers and Experienced Candidates. Hope you will do your homework.

5. Be Up-to-date with Latest Digital Marketing Trends, the step to successfully clear any digital Marketing Interview

In the field of digital marketing, understanding social media or having relevant social media marketing skills is very much important.

In the same line, having knowledge of the fundamentals and latest digital marketing trends is also quite significant, before heading for the interview.

  • Therefore have a knowledge of how surveys are done. This includes Google algorithms like the BERT algorithm and its impacts. Think With Google: Marketer’s Almanac, American FactFinder, County Business Patterns, Business Dynamics Statistics, Survata, FedStats, Nielsen MyBestSegments, SurveyMonkey, Typeform and Loop 11
  • Various segmentation techniques and their relevance in creating brands and customers.
  • Important marketing tools, KPIs and metrics in digital marketing
  • Your understanding of digital media and execution, including search engine, creating content and displaying your knowledge accordingly to the brand world and brand platform.
  • Follow Eminent digital Marketing experts, leaders and their blogs
  • Try out a few online digital marketing course certifications with, HubSpot, Simplilearn, Coursera or Lynda
  • If you’re a fresher, try searching for the reputed Digital marketing training institutes for leveraging practical knowledge through industry experts.

Don’t Forget the Traditional Rules Of An Interview

Just like other interviews, the classic or the traditional interview rules applies to the digital marketing interview as well. They are,

  • Introduce yourself to the panel members  politely and make your first best impression
  • The way you dress reflects how seriously you consider the profession
  • Be punctual for the interview and try to bring extra copies of your CV and references
  • Avoid bad habits like slouching, fidgeting, chewing gum or mumbling during the interview session. Maintain the right posture, eye contact and listen keenly to the interviewer.

Are you ready to Successfully Clear your Digital marketing Job interview?

Finally, your preparation to clear the digital marketing interview is done. Now Whether you’re starting a career in digital marketing or preparing to interview for a middle-level position or hoping to step up the ladder into a senior job.

Stay relaxed because having followed the above five steps, you can be completely sure that you will crack your digital marketing interview. Best Of Hopes! 

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