Simplistic 10 Non-Technical Skills that are in Demand

Many students suffer from the lack of Non Technical skills, because our education system gears up students with only technical skills. This is one of the major reasons for unemployment prevailing in India.

Do you think non-technical skills are not needed to get expertise in? Actually, the truth is vice versa, if you are a job seeker, student, or professional, you must enhance such non-technical skills that are high in demand these days.

The non-technical skills can make your career path successful, if you enhance these skills you can surely excel in any field.

You may be aware of technical skills which are considered as a part of your qualifications and work experiences, but non-technical skills can be developed from any stage irrespective of your qualifications.

Here is a list of the top 10 non-technical skills that recruiters usually search for candidates.

1. Strong Communication skill 

The key to success is effective communication at your workplace, as companies look for potential candidates who can communicate better with clients and teams. 

Students or professionals must have extraordinary communication skills to effectively convey ideas and information with team leaders, clients, and colleagues.

The most important fact is, be confident while communicating your ideas and suggestions to the team.

Also, learn to listen to other professionals with an open mind.

Of course, Listening can be crucial sometimes for an effective communicator. But you must build these skills to level up your career path.

2. Approachability skills 

Approachability is one of the tough non-technical skills to develop, as you can’t learn this skill naturally.

Also, it’s not possible to acquire this without showing empathy towards other workers. 

For instance, you can progressively be approachable just with a smile. By doing this, you are setting people’s mindset that they can approach you for work-related issues without hesitation.

By showing nice gestures and thanking peers for bringing you information which can help you to improve the cooperation within your team. 

Ensure to solve any problems as quickly and efficiently as possible within your team which is a part of approachability skill.

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3. Empathy and understanding skills 

If you’re working in IT companies, there will be pressure and deadlines. So, it’s important to empathize with your team for sharing ideas and opinions before making any decisions. 

If you learn to use this non-technical skill, your team members will understand your opinions and appreciate your ideas even more. 

While working for clients, it’s essential to think from their perspective, just think right from their needs. 

By knowing their needs, you will be able to meet their expectations and assist them better with their problems.

Ali Spittel says, “empathy is helpful for being a team member and a mentor”.

Empathy is not so popular and mostly forgotten by professionals in this fast-moving world. But it’s one of the most important non-technical skills to have.

If you show empathy towards others, it will make the people to be inspired, innovative, and convenient in their role.

4. Teamwork skills 

Teamwork creates dream work! Teamwork is never less, it’s one of the most essential non-technical skills that play a vital part across industries.

Even if you want to work independently as a freelancer or be your own boss, still teamwork is an essential skill to develop.

It’s really hard to meet deadlines without proper teamwork, so make sure to collaborate with different individuals in your environment.

If you’re already working as a part of a team, try to make it more fun and engage with colleagues to create lively projects.

You can also gain more knowledge from experienced peers through teamwork.

5. Creativity key skills 

Creativity, as you all know it’s all about finding different ways to approach a problem/task.

However, a resume can make an ideal candidate to stand out from the crowd through his creative talent.

For instance, If you’re a developer, you will be asked about a GitHub, Portfolio, or web page that helps to showcase your creativity to clients. 

Creativity is the king of non-technical skills, especially for web applications developers, creative designers, and content creators.

Along with creativity, it’s important to understand the information about new features and developments, to enhance your skill.

6. Curiosity minds skills 

Within your community, there will be professionals with a strong desire for learning new skills.

All this curiosity helps to gain new technologies and keep yourself updated. 

In many non-technical jobs, recruiters look for passionate learners who can learn new things easily.

To learn these modern new skills, it’s essential to have the curiosity of any subject. That’s the reason why curiosity is an important non-technical skill.

To solve problems, you need to have some curiosity. If you are just a beginner, improve your skills to answer any type of questions that establishes your knowledge.

If you are an experienced candidate, it is important to be curious rather than being judgemental and critical of other opinions. 

If you listen to colleague’s ideas it will help you to be more curious and produce successful projects. The best ideas come from curious minds and innovative thoughts! 

7. Problem Solving skills 

In work life, you will be dealing with different situations daily. So you must be capable of solving all the problems individually or with support.

Learning problem solving non-technical skills will help you to handle everything at any point in your life.

You must enhance high aptitude skills for better problem solving, which increases your ability and helps you to work comfortably in any environment.

You can easily handle any situation by deconstructing big problems into smaller ones. 

Working as a team can also boost up your problem-solving skills, which gives you multiple options to solve every problem.

While working, try to figure out the pros and cons of all your solutions to make the perfect decision. 

8. Patience and situation awareness skill 

As we discussed earlier, it’s important to show empathy for new candidates, the major fact is to be patience.

Learning to think from others perspectives can be hard sometimes, but it helps you to achieve your goal. 

Patience is a crucial part of non-technical skills, if you are impatient then it will reduce your confidence and will not allow you to learn new skills.

Moreover, not just your colleagues but towards clients also you have to maintain patience.

You may work with clients, or non-technical colleagues, they will not understand technical terms easily. 

In order to convey certain technical terms, you need to build this type of non-technical skills.

Don’t get frustrated, just take your time and explain things in a good manner. A frustrating situation can also break your patience.

To handle things in a non technical way, you need to demonstrate all the reasons clearly behind your work.

9. Prioritization and decision-making skills 

Starting from teamwork, prioritization helps individuals to easily schedule tasks according to their skills, abilities, and weaknesses.

While working as a team, it’s essential to know how to prioritize each task, and that’s how you can meet the business goals much easier.

However, if you get a better understanding of this nontechnical skill, then it will be easy for you to do tasks effectively. All these non-technical skills can provide more value to your hard work. 

The important step is to analyze each and every individual’s values then you will master the art of prioritization.

Try to commit yourself to learn new things and prioritize your team accordingly.

To build your confidence and determination, you can focus on your goals and keep self-motivating to be an expert in your field. 

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10. Resilience and motivation skills

These non-technical skills open doors for you to avoid any small errors in your work.

By learning to code, you can acquire this skill. However, career life may be frustrating at times so it’s important to keep work-life fun and interesting.

The key is to never give up, actually working professionals or freshers, just be motivated, and keep learning new skills.

The non-technical skills also help in job hunting, don’t be set back by unsuccessful applications, try to better yourself, and use feedback to improve you across every employer.

Wrapping up 

To reiterate, non-technical skills are no doubt important, that can give you the ability to handle the work that’s waiting for you. 

However, non-technical skills are needed to create a successful project that runs smoothly, efficiently, and harmoniously.

You can develop these non-technical skills that can complement your technical abilities with passion and hard work.

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