Simple SEO tips to Hunt your Next Job like Never Before

If you are the one who is looking for a job in the current competitive world, it’s quite essential to start your job hunting with a stellar resume. But what makes you stand out from the crowd? It is through search engine optimization (SEO). Take advantage of SEO to ensure you are being visible to your potential employers!!

Have a Personal Website:

A main advantage of SEO is your web presence will impact on the search engine’s result which is like owning your space online! For many people, having a website with their name would be the best start since will offer the #1 result in the search engine when people search for your name. So make sure you create some content about you, by you and for you.

Keyword Research:

The main component of your SEO effort is the keyword strategy. Have a thorough research on the keywords that suits you, your profession, and job skills and apply the same on your website. Also, give your expertise over the skills with an opt title that fits the corporate job duties and salaries matching your hunt.

Have Personal Headline:

What do you actually want to be? What do you want to be in your designation? These questions can be answered when you have an ambition! Websites like LinkedIn gives you the option to create a personalized headline describing not only about your job but also allows you to mention the skills which helps to take your career to the next level.

Optimize your Online Space:

In addition to your personal website, your social media profiles are also often get popped up in your search results. So, this can be another good way to further brand yourself! Make sure you take full advantage of built-in optimization on your social profiles including LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and customizing it with your personal details including your website.

Reverse Process to Research Company:

The above mentioned techniques can be reused in reverse as well to research about the company you are looking for. You may also get connected to HR managers and get to know about them before speaking. Could you find more information about the company that could help you find the right job and potential you want to gain!

You can also use related or targeted queries to search for jobs that may come up in company website which usually not appear in job boards!

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  • Neelima

    November 8, 2017

    Nice tips to search job in a more formal way. I’ve come to know that self digital branding is also essential for a professional life in order to get our dream career.


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