Scope of SEO (Search Engine Optimization) as a Career in India is Bright! (5 Must-know Things for Every Fresher)

Future scope of SEO as a career in India is bright

Are you a fresher or newcomer who wants to make a career in digital marketing as an ‘SEO’ professional? You know the future scope of SEO (Search Engine Optimization) as a Career in India is bright.

If you’ve noticed, you would have seen a drastic change between individuals like you today are wishing to start their career in SEO compared to other digital marketing jobs.

Search Engine Optimization is becoming very popular in India because almost every small or big business today has its own website and now investing in SEO techniques to get top ranking in Google. The reason is today;

  • 93% of the customer’s online experiences start with a search engine.
  • 75% of users who search a query online in search engines don’t even scroll past the first page of the SERPs.
  • Every day, over 5.5 billion searches are performed by the users on Google.
  • Search engines alone drive 10 times more traffic to the shopping sites compared to social media.

Hence, the SEO statistics by Forbes cite Borrell Associates to emphasize that by coming years, businesses in the US will be spending as much as $80 billion on SEO services alone.

How SEO (Search Engine Optimization) emerged as a Career?

When we go back to the past, Search Engine Optimization was not even a professional choice. Web designers and website admins themselves used to optimize their sites for search engines.

Previously they just followed some simple SEO audit according to basic google algorithms and demonstrated their site in its top search results.

As Google began to improve its algorithm like Rankbrain, BERT algorithm for a better understanding of the user’s search query. This became troublesome for website admins to get their site ranked on Google’s 1st page.

All this eventually brought fresh career opportunities and prospects for freshers to start their career in SEO.

Besides, many of the professionals also began to search for the best SEO training institutes to improve their skills in turn to promote the quality of visits to their website in search engines.

To the whole, SEO(Search Engine Optimization) experts are now called as the pillars to help enhance visibility online in today’s E-Commerce world. 

Whether you’ve not yet satisfied with the future scope of SEO (Search Engine Optimization) as a Career in India? Keep Reading to know the 5- eye-opening things about Search Engine Optimization as a career.

SEO Course training by Zuan Education
SEO Course Training by Zuan Education

1. What and Why you need to Choose SEO (Search Engine Optimization) as a Career option today?

Before we move ahead, if you’re a newbie to SEO, you must first understand what SEO is?

In short SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is all about getting a top ranking in Google search results.

SEO gets processed in the way the companies optimized their website to increase visibility and ranking in search engines.

Why should you choose SEO (Search Engine Optimization) as a career?

  • We all know today many businesses are growing online and probably everyone wants to get their site ranked on the 1st page. So learning SEO course training can help you get a job easily and it is an in-demanding skill that every organization is looking for.
  • If you improve your skills in SEO, you can get a job anywhere in the country.
  • Earn the highest salary.
  • There are chances to become a couple of Indian SEO experts like Neil Patel and Dharmesh Shah who excel in SEO.
  • Wide range of job opportunities out there. 
  • You are the future for the Advertising or Marketing industry.

Hence, SEO is not just simply a career, it is a mixture of various skills that search-professionals use to get a site on the first page of search engines like Google or Bing. 

Following are the various skills and qualifications you must have to be a professional in the SEO field.

2. The skills and qualifications you need to be an SEO Analyst in India?

Are you a graduate just stepping out from your college or an individual restarting your career in SEO? You know Starting a Career in Search Engine Optimization does not require any qualification- just basic knowledge of the internet with English is much enough.

However, to work and to build a bright future in the SEO domain, just a degree is not sufficient, besides you require a diverse skill set that cannot be defined by the traditional examinations.

Below listed a few skills that are the prerequisite for you to work in SEO:

  • Good knowledge of HTML and CSS
  • Sound knowledge of how search engines such as Google works
  • Knowledge on Google Analytics, Google Adwords and logical skills
  • Good written and communication skills (such as writing blog comments, email, website blogs, etc.)
  • Basic knowledge of editing photos and videos 
  • Basic knowledge of creating reports and presentations
  • Sound knowledge of social media such as Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn
  • Basic understanding of user experience and customer behavior in the online world.

Won’t you possess the above skills? Don’t panic, there are leading SEO training institutes near you. Once equipped with the above skills, then below are the Job boards waiting for the in- demanding skilled individuals like you to apply for the desired job role in SEO.

3. Apply for SEO/SEM Job with these boards:

For those who are interested in entering the SEO and SEM fields, there are a wide variety of interesting careers for you to choose from. 

Some of the best jobs for freshers as well as experienced candidates could be found in as most of these jobs are through referrals. The following are some references for you to search for and apply for SEO jobs.

  • The SEMPO Job Board, which posts a variety of search engine marketing related jobs.
  • The DMA Career Center, that advertises a large number of job openings in the field of SEO/SEM.
  • In other ways, you can also search by keywords and/or location and job titles in a search engine.
  • The popular job board like Indeed provides a web page devoted to available SEO jobs.
  • Twitter also offers timely messages about available search engine optimization (SEO) jobs.
  • Simply Hired, this offers a web page that is focused on SEO jobs.
  • SEOmoz lists a number of SEO related jobs.
  • The popular job board like Naukri provides a web page devoted to available SEO jobs.

Getting into these Job portals, you will see a wide range of SEO job designations/opportunities by the top organization recruiters.

Below mentioned are the job profiles with Salary in SEO, the recruiters will be calling you to attend the interview.

4. Your SEO (Search Engine Optimization) Job Profiles/ Designations with Salary in India:

Role and salary are always the greatest motivation for everyone doing or wanting to have a job. It has been observed that most of the SEO/SEM firms, majorly the bigger firms, possess employees in the below-mentioned job categories:

  • SEO Trainee – The average salary in India is: 10K – 15K
  • Jr. SEO Executive- The average salary in India is: 15K – 25K
  • Sr. SEO Executive-The average salary in India is: 30K – 45K
  • SEO Analyst- The average salary in India is: 25K – 35K
  • Link Building Expert- The average salary in India is: 20K – 25K
  • SEO Consultant- The average salary in India is: 60K – 90K
  • SEO Content Marketer- The average salary in India is: 25K – 50K
  • SEO and SEM Specialist-  The average salary in India is: 30K – 45K
  • Digital Marketing Manager- The average salary in India is: 1L and above

Note: The salary mentioned above are per month and in Indian Rupees (INR). It can vary according to geography, years of experience and the demands of a company. 

5. Future Scope of SEO (Search Engine Optimization) in India:

Today, SEO has emerged one of the hot career opportunities and the demand for SEO professionals in India is growing rapidly. This is due to an increase in digital awareness, growing online competition, increasing internet and mobile users in India.

According to Internet Live Stats, there are 4,454,802,450 internet users in the world in 2020 and it is increasing day by day.

Hence, Companies are now realizing the potential of SEOs for their business and how these professionals can play a crucial role in decision-making.

But, never forget that SEO continues to evolve. So, you should also continually refresh your insight about SEO, Marketing, and Algorithm changes and so on.

Thus, Learning SEO (Search Engine Optimization) from a reputed SEO training institute is a great way to start for your career- if you are passionate about marketing, websites, writing, blogging, analytics and learning new skills.

I hope, all this would have clearly demonstrated that job-related to SEO will never die or decay. Therefore, the future scope of Search Engine Optimization analysts in terms of opportunities and career growth is high. 

Final words:

Recent analysis has proved that SEO is essential for producing leads for every organization. It will also stay critical for many advertising channels in generating new clients and converting them. 

So, by coming years, more organizations will start investing their marketing budget in SEO. This will eventually generate more demand for adept SEO experts in India. 

Reading this, if you are more serious about your career and looking for a stable career with growth+ handsome salary + benefits? then it’s time for you to consider a career in SEO and act now.

Zuan Education SEO (Search Engine Optimization) Training
Zuan Education SEO (Search Engine Optimization) Training

Zuan Education SEO certification will help you show that you have enough knowledge and skills to achieve the search engine results. We also provide certification to all of the students who complete the SEO training.

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