5 Stunning Reasons to Switch to UX Design Career in 2021!

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If you are a new-college passed out student or pursuing your final year degree or working professional thinking about switching your career in UX? Fantastic, now is definitely the right time to get started. Excited to know why? Here are the “Top 5 Stunning Reasons to switch to UX design career in 2020– It’s really mind-blowing to know.

Today the world is entirely transferred to digital, and everything now we hold is digital products. In such a case, the demand for UX professionals has been growing tremendously.  In fact, concrete proof of this exponential popularity is the list of the 25 highest-paying entry-level jobs 2019 by Glassdoor, where the UX designer job category is in 6th position with $73,000.

Hence, UX provides excellent opportunities with quicker career development to those who show talent and have the right mindset. Today, almost 2,38,000 designers across 1,29,000 companies in the United States have sought a great career in UX design.

However, if you first require a brief insight into what user experience(UX) is, then continue reading this article to know that along with every piece of information and the reasons to switch your career towards a UX designer.

What is UX Design?

To put in simple words, UX- It’s all about the experience of the user while using a particular product, system or service. An experience that refers to the emotions and attitudes of the person.

Hence, User experience design (UX design) is not only fungible with user interface and usability but also constitutes other areas as well. 

The process undertakes some measures that needed to develop products and services rendering pleasing and meaningful experience to the users and customers by seamlessly integrating aspects such as usability, branding, design, and functionality, among others.

In fact, for the success of a mobile app, UX design plays a significant reason. The below stats reveals the importance of UX in mobile app development.

  • Using a mobile app, 52% of users claim that a bad mobile experience made them less likely to engage with an organization.
  • Mobile users are 5 times more likely to abandon a task if a site isn’t optimized for mobile (i.e not user-friendly)
  • 48% of users say they feel really frustrated and annoyed when on sites that are poorly optimized for mobile

Therefore, any mobile application is running successfully in the marketplace. Without any doubt, we would say UX design would be the major reason behind it.

The graphic below is a visualization of the integrating aspects that are necessary for creating a positive user experience.

UX design career
User Experience (UX)

UX Design Career: TOP 5 REASONS TO START IN 2020!

1. Become a UX Designer because it has enormous growth and opportunities

With the ever-growing market and need for digital products and services that tend to rise to the demand for more experienced and even fresher UX designers. So no worries, there are a bunch of growth opportunities that come to your doorstep.

UX design has high growth opportunities
UX design has high growth opportunities

Facts reveal that – people almost spend 2 hours and 51 minutes every day on their smart mobile device. In that 22% of users check their phones every few minutes while standing in a queue, sitting in transport, waiting for a person, listening to music, etc. suffice the need for proof of how prominent the job of a UX designer is getting.

It is because UX designers are responsible for an impeccable user experience which leads to the above facts to come true.

2. Become a UX Designer because you’re in demand by many top hiring companies

In this fast-paced recruitment environment, it can be hard to quantify exactly how huge is the demand for UX professionals. However, a report from entitled Mind the Gap: A Report on the UK’s Technology Skills Landscape says that there is a 289% increase in requests for UX interviews.

In the end, the report also commented that “Market appetite for these skills is far outstripping supply today.” Hence it’s time to develop your skills by undertaking a UX designer course to become a professional UX designer in 2020.

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UX designers are in High demand
UX designers are in high demand

Do you know? According to Onward Search Digital, Creative and Marketing Professionals Salary Guide, UX designer is the second most in-demand role after digital Product designer. Following this UI designer comes in at number three and the user researcher appears at number fourteen on the list.

Moreover, surprisingly many of these top ten in-demand job roles in the list typically involve some element of UX knowledge.

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Ken Clark, CEO of Onward Search says– “The great websites and apps always have a common theme – they’re easy to use and understandable by the user. “And that’s why the demand for UX designers is consistently growing compared to other professionals like graphic designers and product managers in this field.”

3. It’s time to Switch your career towards UX Designer to get high paying jobs

So, what’s really driving you to get the high paying jobs by developing your skill in UX?

Well, I truly believe that it’s an immense increase in interactive technology in our day-to-day lives.

With the rise in technology, today there are more websites, apps, smartphones, social media, and content at our fingertips than ever before.  Moreover, this massive increase has occurred mostly within the past ten years.

All this increased the need for user experience support on web-based projects (such as websites, eCommerce sites, and landing pages), advertising campaigns (such as banners, email campaigns, video game, surveys, and social networks), and client-side applications (such as mobile apps) is at an all-time high.

UX designer Salary
UX designer salary

I hope this acts as greater evidence to shift your career towards UX designer, So, “Never put off until tomorrow what you can do today.”

Because there are plenty of job opportunities like UX researcher, usability analyst, information architect, visual designer, interaction designer and so on with high salary packages waiting for you.

Indeed lists the average yearly salary for a UX designer as $94,859. And the average yearly salary for a UI designer is $80,276 per year (these salary guides are updated regularly).

According to Glassdoor’s 50 Best Jobs in America 2020 report, a UX designer’s median base salary is $90,478.

 According to Creative Group Salary Guide 2020, UX designer salary ranges from $99,750 – $196,840

4. Become a UX Designer because there is an emergence of design-centric organizations

There are many design-centric organizations including Coca-Cola, Apple, Nike are now one of the main attractions for many who want to pursue UX as a career. 

For these organizations, the design has come to the forefront because it is beneficial for organizations.

Ux design is teh emergence of design-centric organizations
The emergence of design-centric organizations

According to Userzooom, the fascinating UX and user research stats for business reveals,

  • The design has Improved business retention rates (cited by 51% of respondents)
  • The design has Increased business lifetime value, due to repeat visits, personalized marketing and the trust of the individual (cited by 45%)
  • The Design has Increased business sales (cited by 41%)

Thus, making design a prominent one. It automatically increases the need for proficient UX designers because the design is always focused on what users want and what kind of experience it can impart. And analyzing it all is what UX designers are famous for.

5. Switch to UX Design career because you have a huge scope of innovation and creativity

With every new technology emerging in the digital world, there is a huge scope and need for innovation and creativity. Hence, there are a lot of niches in the market that UX designers, you can target, something that gives you a scope to experiment and innovate.

Moreover, UX is a very happening career in 2020, where you get to dive into the minds of users and empathize with them to deliver something out-of-the-box they needed.

UX /UI designer have a huge scope of Innovation and Creativity
UI/UX designer always have a scope of Innovation and Creativity

So, if you are someone- To whom empathy comes naturally and eager to innovate and be creative, then UX designing can prove to be an ideal career option for you.

Not only there are plenty of opportunities and scope for you, but there are tons of great training institutes available, where you can develop your skill sets that many top companies are seeking to hire.

What is the future holds for UX design career:

The popularity of this trend has been growing ever since its establishment, so naturally, it is expected of one to wonder what the future of UX design looks like and holds for you? 

Here are all the probable trends and options on the table for UX design career. 

Automotive UX

For the UX design industry, this remains the other big thing of this decade. We all would be already aware that by the coming years 2029, every computer will more likely become as smart and intelligent as humans (with the support of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning). 

So consequently, they would change the way things are performing as of now. In terms of UX design, automation is likely to impact the areas from optimizing the process by offering design feedback to transform and even smoothen the system of how product teams work. 

User’s digital well-being promoted through healthy  UX design 

According to the recent scenario of Havoc created by digitization – says that mobile phones are something that is a concerning issue for many organizations.

Moreover, Big company names like Google and Apple are also becoming more concerned about the digital wellbeing of the users and are repeatedly trying to deliver more healthy app experiences. 

According to the CEO of Brainspin Caleb Kingston, says that design will take a healthier turn in the coming years and the future of UX designer career is bright.

Therefore, Designers of the future should focus more on the quality of time spent on the app that delivers better user-experience rather than the amount of time spent itself.

Wrapping up:

“UX is one of the most difficult job roles for many companies to fill,” says John Dennehy.

As I said earlier, “There is a shortage of experienced professionals in UX design. Moreover, the demand is currently outstripping supply and this leads to many of the UX job roles to remain unfilled.”

So what can you do? If you are interested in expanding your skillset as a designer, developer, or marketer. I encourage you to take a deeper dive into the career opportunities and roles that come under UX outlined above.

You may even consider enrolling in a UX designer course if you’re an absolute beginner.

Whether you are a data-driven marketer more focused on analysis and research or a creative designer who loves to make things function smooth. Then, take the leap and get yourself involved in UX, it may just change your career forever!

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